Brave Agent Pubeit, Agent Pubeit was very brave Watch ye friends and ye shall see that he will win the day Deep underground with stone and trains, Vaseline was applied We handed him pubes, so many pubes, so he may complete his guise The path to victory and win, paved with pubes accumulated from the anonymous horde they came to him, fail he could not afford the various pubes they stuck to him from the Vaseline he put on before

Brave Agent Pubeit came up from underground Covered in Vaseline and pubes, he emerged proud 40 degrees in the streets, the streets here's where we got the call, Agent Pubeit the brave was on his way, free of delays and stalls verily he traveled on his way, the brave the brave the quick to the Church of Scientology to tell them to suck his dick the many they stared afraid they were for a thing they have not seen slippery and covered in pubic hair was the way it had to be

Meanwhile back at our the base the attack had already begun Prank calls and our various faxes would ensure the battle was won A dozen proud preceded him serving to distract Incessant and vicious our calls they were, offensive and horrible our fax

BRAVE Agent Pubeit, he was about to arrive At the Church of Scientology, his target could not hide Touch everyone and everything once he runs inside Pubes on their hands as they go to grab the gross slippery pube-covered guy

Brave Agent Pubeit, Agent Pubeit ran away He knocked over shit and he got our pubes all over the place He touched three guys and they found out, how slippery one man could be He spread confusion and our dickhair, with his touch of Vaseline

His mission complete it may seem, but there was more Three blocks away awaited another Scientology org The buildings two he strikes at thee, as he has once before The CLO headquarters did not know what they had in store

Radioed in we attacked our target number two Let the enemies know that with them, Anonymous was not through Off the hook their phones rang as we directed our second push Agent Pubeit will soon come their way and deliver upon them some bush

Brave Agent Pubeit, safely got away Scientology we strike at thee because you're fucking gay Your buildings both we hath spread, our agent covered in pubes Remember this day we have delivered Operation: Slickpubes.

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