Lt. Cmdr. Alex Sibersky with his wife Maggie were one of the most forceful Flag Missions to hit the UK. ~In January 74 they launched the Battle of Britain, an amusing section of UK Scientology History. He berated and shamed downstats nightly sticking skull and crossbone stickers on them, upstats being rewarded with a Union Jack. A massive circus tent was erected by the Castle and UK Scientologists pretty much forced to attend an almost Hitlerian rally for arm-twisting regging. Alex was strikingly handsomeNOT, terribly impressive,NOT Tone 40 personified. Said he was verbally briefed for the mission by The Commodore.

Rumour was that he was a millionaire from betting on horses he used his OT Tone 40 Intention to make win. Not even Jane Kember could stand in his road. CROCK OF SHIT

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