Name:Brighton Org
Type:Class V org
Registered as:N/A

79-83 North Street, Third Floor, Brighton, England BN1 1ZA, United Kingdom



Time zone:GMT +0



Hours open:M-F 8:30am - 10:00pm
S,Su 8:30am - 6:00pm
ED/In charge:?
Contact:Ask for post
# F/T staff:10?
Training level:?
Sup training:?
Case level:?
12.5 hrs cost: See Price
Level 0 cost: See Price
Services delivered:Usual CofS training and auditing up to Clear
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Brighton is the name and location of a Class IV/Class V org in the UK Cont, possibly split into a Day Org and a Foundation Org.

Brighton Org started out as a Class IV Org with three people, Michael Moore, the ED, John Whipp the PES, and another guy. Sometimes there were more staff and sometimes less. This was in the early 1970s. It was basically a shop front in Preston Street, Brighton. There was no auditor and they did OCA graphs on people passing by, most of which were never seen again. They would sell comm courses and deliver them in the basement Academy.

Sometimes they sold some auditing and an auditor would have to travel down from Saint Hill to audit. Peter Buttery, a Class IV auditor at that time, came down more than once and audited PCs who had been sold auditing. Many attempts were made by missions coming from Saint Hill, East Grinstead, to get the org expanding, people such as Alan Vos, John Axcel and many others. But as the org did not have the facilities or the resources its expansion was always in the future, and the staff lived on a pittance as there was no support from Saint Hill.

Eventually Diana Hubbard did an evaluation on Brighton Org and found that it was actually operating as a City Office feeding people to Saint Hill. This was a relief all round when this was found and after it was changed to a sort of feeder to Saint Hill the staff there did better. Some time later the "Brighton Office" became a Class IV/Class V org again.

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