This article contains data that in the CofS would be labeled "Confidential" and restricted to those with a case level of Clear or above.

This information is freely available on the Internet. Some critics seem to delight in repeating this data in e-mails they post broadly, like on the Usenet group alt.religion.scientology.

This data was written openly in earlier HCOBs, but it was not pointed up at the time, so it was "hidden in plain sight", as it were.

It is not recommended that someone continue to read this article who has not genuinely achieved the state, as it could mess up the person's future auditing. No kidding.

The reason that premature knowledge of this data could be harmful is this: in normal auditing, the state of Clear occurs in the normal course of events. It happens more or less suddenly, and is marked by a cognition, a sudden realization as well as the presence of certain meter phenomena and pc indicators. One of the ways that the auditor or C/S recognizes the state has been achieved, or the possibility of it having been achieved, is that the preclear has a specific cognition, and voices it in various ways.

If the person being audited knows ahead of time the cognition he is supposed to have at some point, he could have some ordinary cognition and think that it is the cognition, so he could change his wording of what he just realized to match it to the "correct" cognition. Alternatively, he could just lie about it when he has not had any cognition at all, although that one would be very easy for an auditor to pick up. Or he could do something else.

The pc would only be harming himself in doing this.

!!!Spoiler Warning!!!

Clear occurs at the point a being realizes he is mocking up his own bank, his own reactive mind. This automaticity may continue on for a while after the realization, but he doesn't have to do it any more.

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