This article contains data that in the CofS would be labeled "Confidential" and restricted to those with a case level of OT III or above.

This article is about the state of Clear, but contains information from the level of OT III.

This data basically comes out of the OT II theory pack, but it cannot be properly understood until the individual gets into OT III. So there is not also a Confidential OT II article on the state of Clear.

!!!Spoiler Warning!!!

Charge has been getting released from the B/Cls all through the lower grades as well as auditing actions after that. At the point of Clear the thetan backs out from his composite case, he separates out, he's not in the middle of it all any more and becomes an individual to some extent. He is still able to be influenced by other beings in his vicinity, and he can still get confused as to who he is.

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