Name: Clive Nicol
Type: Individual
Registered as:
Address: Bristol, England, UK
Time zone: GMT
Hours open:
ED/In charge: Clive Nicol
Contact: Clive Nicol
# F/T staff: N/A
CofS training: up to Class IV C/S
FZ training: + Class V
CofS auditing: up to New OT V
FZ auditing: Pheonix at Ron's Org Frankfurt
25 hrs cost: £1500 100 hrs  : £4000
Level 0 cost: N/A
Services delivered: Intro, Grades, etc.
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Clive Nicol started in Scientology in 1970 with some friends at Bournemouth College.

He did his first auditor training in Birmingham in 1971. Then he did academy training to Class IV at Saint Hill in 1973, completing his student auditing requirement in the Saint Hill Foundation HGC. Later he trained as a Class IV C/S, interning at Saint Hill.

He completed his own auditing to Clear in 1975, and then to New OT V in 1989. He is currently studying on lines at Ron's Org in Frankfurt.

His CofS staff history includes being an auditor at the Bournemouth Mission in the late 80s and on staff in Brighton Org from 1994-1998 as auditor, C/S and the word clearer.

Bristol is in the southwest of England on the junction of the M4 and M5 motorways about 120 miles due west from London, near the Welsh border.

As a Freezone Scientologist Clive practices alternate delivery of the grades in the field. The tech used is per LRH as up to the early 80s. Clive has a Senior C/S line to Ron's Org Network via Frankfurt.

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