In the CofS, the label "Confidential" is applied to information that is assumed to be detrimental to the individual if he/she is not of the correct case level. It is not used on Scienowiki to refer to administrative or corporate things that might be considered secret in a normal sense. In Scientology, it refers to the Advanced Technology, which has never been broadly published by the Church, although thousands of authorized persons have studied these materials at the proper time. On the Grade Chart, this would be from R6EW on up.

Years ago most of this information leaked out into the field and later appeared on the Internet. The Church's Legal Department works hard to get any copies of the Advanced Technology removed from the Internet.

Some people contend that there is no danger in reading these materials; others maintain there is. For Scienowiki we are using the following policies on confidentiality:

  • Any article that would be classified in the CofS as confidential, in the technical sense, will be clearly labeled as such at the very top. To insert one of these labels into an article you are editing, just write at the top of the edit box you are working on:
{{Confidential OT III}}

A label like this will then appear at the top of the page:

This article contains data that in the CofS would be labeled "Confidential" and restricted to those with a case level of OT III or above.

If that level is not appropriate, substitute the exact text of one of Clear, OT I, OT II, New OT IV, NOTs, L Rundowns, OT VIII.

Then someone can heed or ignore the warning at their choice.

  • If the article contains data from different levels, use the Confidential template for the highest level in the article.
  • If the article is discussing concepts from NOTs, say, whether or not any specific NOTs procedures are mentioned, label it with the NOTs tag.
  • Please keep the labeling accurate.
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