Congress Lectures is the audio lectures, produced by Bridge Publications, Inc as 18 CD-audio sets in 2005[1].

Historically, Scientology and Dianetic Congresses are organized by L. Ron Hubbard or his instructors to teach scientologists, to lecture and to try new research .

Congress Lectures CD-sets Edit

# Full title Place Date of beginning # of lectures
1 Anatomy Of The Spirit Of Man Congress Washington, DC June 1955 15
2 Games Congress Washington, DC August-September 1956 13
3 London Congress On Human Problems London, England October 1956 12
4 Washington Congress on Anti-Radiation and Confront Washington, DC December 1956 13
5 London Congress On Nuclear Radiation Control & Health London, England April 1957 12
6 Freedom Congress Washington, DC July 1957 16
7 Ability Congress December 1957 Washington, DC 9
8 Clearing Congress Washington, DC July 1958 9
9 London Clearing Congress London, England October 1958 6
10 Success Congress Washington, DC January 1959 6
11 Theta Clear Congress Washington, DC July 1959 6
12 Melbourne Congress Melbourne, Australia November 1959 6
13 State Of Man Congress Washington, DC January 1960 9
14 London Congress On Dissemination & Help And The London Open Evening Lectures London, England June-August 1960 7
15 Anatomy Of The Human Mind Congress Washington, DC December 1960-January 1961 5
16 South African Anatomy Congress Johannesburg, South Africa January 1961 6
17 Clean Hands Congress Washington, DC December 1961-January 1962 9
18 Clearing Success Congress Washington, DC September 1962 8

Reel-to-Reel sets list Edit

NOTE: 11th to 14th ACCs are international numbering corresponding to London ACCs 1 to 4. Therefore, the American ACC following the 10th is the 15th.

Abbreviature Full title Place Date of beginning
OAK PLS Oakland Public Lecture Series Oakland September 1950
STP Standard Procedure Lectures 1950
CAC Completed Auditors Course June 1951
HEV Human Evaluation Course June 1951
OCTSER October Series September 1951
FAC Foundation Auditors Course Wichita, Kansas October 1951
DCL First December Conference Lectures Dec 1951
HPC Hubbard Professional Course Lecture February 1952 & March 1955
HCL Hubbard College Lectures Wichita, Kansas March 1952
T80 Technique 80 Lectures May 1952
T88 Technique 88 Lectures June 1952
SOP SOP for Theta Clearing October 1952
L&A Logics and Axioms Lectures November 1952
LPC London Professional Course London, England November 1952
LS Lecture Series November 1952
PDC Philiadelphia Doctorate Course Philiadelphia December 1952
PDSC Philiadelphia Doctorate Course Supplementary Lectures Philiadelphia January 1953
LGC London Group Course London, England January 1953
SPRL Spring Lectures London, England March 1953
BL Birmingham Lectures Birmingham May 1953
ICDS International Congress of Dianeticists and Scientologists Philiadelphia September 1953
1ACC First Advanced Clinical Course. Also called Advanced Indoctrination Course Lectures (AICL) Camden, New Jersey Sept-Nov 1953
AICL Advanced Indoctrination Course Lectures Oct 1953
2ACC Second Advanced Clinical Course November 1953
PHC First Phoenix Congress, also called 2nd Congress of Scientologists and Dianeticists Phoenix December 1953
3ACC Third Advanced Clinical Course (American) January 1954
4ACC Fourth Advanced Clinical Course (American) February 1954
5ACC Fifth Advanced Clinical Course (American) February 1954
GPSPEC Group Processing Special April 1954
6ACC Sixth Advanced Clinical Course (American) May 1954
7ACC Seventh Advanced Clinical Course (American) June 1954
UPC Universe Process Congress June 1954
CONF Conference July 1954
PIP Printed Intensive Procedure Lectures October 1954
8ACC Eighth Advanced Clinical Course (American) October 1954
PPS Public Processing Series October 1954
HCAP Hubbard Certified Auditors Course Phoenix November 1954
UC Unification Congress December 1954
9ACC Ninth Advanced Clinical Course (American) December 1954
ICGB International Congress of Great Britain England Jan 1955
3ICGB Third International Congress of Great Britain England January 1955
10ACC Tenth Advanced Clinical Course (American) January 1955
PLPS Phoenix Public Lecture and Processing Series Phoenix February 1955
ASMC Anatomy of the Spirit of Man Congress Washington June 1955
HCA LECT Hubbard Certified Auditors Course Lectures July 1955 & May 1957
ALS Academy Lecture Series Aug-Sep 1955
LPS London Public Lecture Series London, England October 1955
4LACC Fourth London Advanced Clinical Course London, England October 1955
HCP N5 Hubbard Professional Course Novermber 1955-July 1956
LAM London Auditors Meetings London, England December 1955
GC Games Congress August 1956
HPC A6 Hubbard Professional Course August 1956
LCHP London Congress on Human Problems London, England October 1956
15ACC Fifteenth Advanced Clinical Course (American) -- The Power of Simplicity Washington, DC October 1956
ARC Anti-Radiation Congress Dec 1956
16ACC Sixteenth Advanced Clinical Course (American) January 1957
17ACC Seventeenth Advanced Clinical Course (American) February 1957
ATE Auditors Training Evening April 1957
LCNRH London Congress on Nuclear Radiation and Health London, England April 1957
FC Freedom Course July 1957
18ACC Eighteenth Advanced Clinical Course (American) -- Illusion or Truth Washington, DC July-August 1957
AC Ability Congress December 1957
19ACC Nineteenth Advanced Clinical Course (American January 1958
CC Clearing Congress July 1958
20ACC Twentieth Advanced Clinical Course (American) July 1958
LCC London Clearing Congress London, England October 1958
5LACC Fifth London Advanced Clinical Course London, England Oct 1958
WST Washington Staff Talk Washington Dec 1958
SC Success Congress January 1959
21ACC Twenty first Advanced Clinical Course (American) January 1959
SHPA Special Hubbard Professional Auditors Course London, England April 1959
6LACC Sixth London Advanced Clinical Course May 1959
TCC Theta Clear Congress July 1959
MC Melbourne Congress Melbourne November 1959
1MACC First Melbourne Advanced Clinical Course Melbourne November 1959
HCS Hubbard Clearing Scientologist Course January 1960
SMC State of Man Congress January 1960
LOE London Open Evening Lectures London, England June 1960
LCDH London Congress on Dissemination and Help London, England August 1960
1SHACC First Saint Hill Advanced Clinical Course London, England August 1960
AHMC Anatomy of the Human Mind Congress Dec 1960
ACSA South African Anatomy Congress South Africa January 1961
22ACC Twenty second Advanced Clinical Course (American) January 1961
3SA ACC Third South African Advanced Clinical Course South Africa January 1961
SHSBC Saint Hill Special Briefing Course London, England May 1961
CHC Clean Hands Congress Dec 1961
SH TVD Saint Hill TV Demonstration London, England March 1962
CSC Clearing Success Congress Sep 1962
PAC Professional Auditors Congress April 1963
SHSC Saint Hill Staff Course London, England December 1963
SHSpec Saint Hill Special Briefing Course London, England December 1963
FEBC Flag Executive Briefing Course November 1970
SO XDN Sea Org Expanded Dianetics March 1972
ESTO Establishment Officers Course March 1972

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