David Mayo

David Mayo lecturing in the AAC in 1984

David Mayo -- Class XII, Senior C/S International (from 1978 to 1983). Personal auditor of LRH in 1970s, developed NOTs (New Era Dianetics for OT) with L. Ron Hubbard. Declared SP in 1983. Founded first Freezone center called Advanced Ability Center. David Mayo was an important figure in what was then called "The Independent Field," and did not wish to be identified with the term, "Free Zone," nonetheless, these days, many "Freezoners," against his wishes, choose to identify him as one of the "Free zone founders" along with Captain Bill Robertson.

David Mayo spent 25 years in the Church of Scientology, making him one of the most experienced people to have served in that organisation; most do not stay longer than 3 years. His long experience as auditor to the most senior Scientologists, including L. Ron Hubbard and his wife, gave him considerable status. Following factional infighting in the early 1980s, he was subjected to physical maltreatment and psychological humiliation till he was forced to leave, [1] then he was expelled[2] in 1983 and was subsequently denigrated as a "Squirrel" par excellence. He nonetheless remained loyal to Hubbard's tenets and started an "Advanced Ability Center", using Hubbardian techniques and derivatives thereof. The AAC now appears to be defunct[3].

Website DAVID MAYO - What Do We Know? contains articles and open letters of David Mayo, his video- and audio-lectures. You can also read there what people who knew him personally have to say.

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