In a regular Scientology org, this department has the awareness level of Realization. It is called the Department of Public Services and is headed by the Director of Public Services or Dir Public Services. It is part of Division 6.

In some versions of the organization board, this has been expanded to a division with different departments, along with the other Division 6 departments. As a division, the title of the executive in charge is Public Services Secretary.

This department has as a main function the delivery of entry level courses and auditing.

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Division 6 has 3 sub-Divisions ( 6A - Public Planning, 6B - Public Activites,  6C - Success), and 9 Departments. Under 6A are Departments 16,17, and 18; under 6B are Departments 19, 20, and 21 and under 6C are Departments 22, 23, and 24.  Each  sub-Division has a Director head [6A Director of Public Contact, 6B Director of Public Services and 6C Director of Public Clearing]. The EXECUTIVE of  Division 6 is the PUBLIC EXECUTIVE SECRETARY or PES. The PUBLIC SERVICING SECRETARY or PSS  is under the PES. Div 6 is the largest Division in Scientology.
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