Type:Motor Vessel
Registered as:N/A
Address: Freewinds Relay Office, 118 North Fort Harrison Avenue Clearwater, FL 33755
Telephone: 1-800-876-SHIP
Time zone:GMT -5 (Florida)
Description:The Flag Ship Service Organization (FSSO) is a unique church of Scientology which is located aboard the Motor Vessel Freewinds.
# F/T staff:ca. 100
Training level:Class VIII/IX
Sup training:HPCSC
Case level:OT VIII
12.5 hrs cost:See Price
Level 0 cost:See Price
Services delivered:All Church services. Exclusive delivery of New OT VIII
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The Flag Ship Service Organization is aboard the Church ship Freewinds, usually based at Curacao in the Caribbean.

It is where the Church of Scientology delivers OT VIII and where conventions are held.

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