'Fundamentals of Scientology' is a book by Jack Ferris Horner, published in 1956. This book was dedicated to L. Ron Hubbard. Publisher: Static Publications, Johannesburg, 1956. ASIN: B0007J6LZC, 133 pages. Also published as 'Summary of Scientology: A New Understanding of Life' by Hubbard Association of Scientologists International, Washington, D.C., 1956. Size: Octavo, stapled paper covers, 91 pages, yellowed paper, ASIN: B000XIPSTM.




J. F. HORNER, D.D., D.Scn.

Static Publications
508 Safric House
Plein and Eloff Streets

About author Edit

Jack Horner is an early Scientology instructor, after split from Hubbard he founded Dianology movement (see Dianology, a Better Bridge to Personal Crreative Freedom 1970 book).

History of publishing Edit

From the "A History of Dianetics, Scientology and the Development of Eductivism" by Jack Horner:

I wrote a book when I was in Scientology that was published in 1956. Its origianl publication was in South Africa. I was called "Fundamentals of Scientology." I gave Ron the right to also publish it, although I held the copyright, under the name "Summary of Scientology", and it was subsequently published in England, the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, and so on, and it sold well over 60,000 copies, and got a lot of people into Scientology. That book is out of print. But you would never know of its existence in Scientology.
So, when I left Scientology, all of the remaining books they had of mine in stock were burned, by ORDER.

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