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key in or key-inEdit

Is a moment where an earlier upset or earlier incident has been restimulated and affects pc in a negative way.
The action of recording a lock on a secondary or engram; the moment an earlier upset or earlier incident has been restimulated.

key out or key-outEdit

The action of a reactive incident (or many related incidents) dropping away without the mental image pictures being erased. The picture is still there but now far away. The pc feels released or separate from his reactive mind or some portion of it. An action of an engram or secondary dropping away without being erased. Released or separate from one's reactive mind or some portion of it.

Know to Mystery ScaleEdit

The scale of affinity from Knowingness, down through Lookingness, Emotingness, Effortingness, Thinkingness, Symbolizingness, Eatingness, Sexingness, Mystery and extended on through Waitingness, Unconsciousness to Unknowable.


KRC is an acronym for Knowledge, Responsibility and Control. By steadily increasing knowledge, responsiblity and control in a given area, things can be made to go more and more right so that the individual is more able to be at cause over the area instead of finding himself to be the adverse effect of it.

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