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narrative chain (narrative)[edit | edit source]

A chain of similar "experiences" rather than similar somatics. A chain of incidents of similar description or event. In such a chain there may be hundreds to millions of events or incidents. Narrative chains can be run in Engram Running but sometimes the narrative chains are very long without reaching the basic of the chain. More specifically, a chain in which the similarity of content is of "events" or "story" content ("falls downstairs," "fight with brother").

narrative item[edit | edit source]

One which will land the pc in a single incident for which there is no chain. You run recent accidents and losses as narrative items.

natter[edit | edit source]

Criticalness; unnecessarily and ineffectively talking about someone or something in a negative way; the word is coined from negative chatter.

Non-Interference Zone[edit | edit source]

The rule that preclears and pre-OTs from R6EW to OT III (if preclear did not go Clear on Engram Running) or OT I to OT III if pre-OT did go Clear on Engram Running, may not be audited on anything else but those levels or necessary repair to get them back on those levels and through OT III.

not-is, not-is-ness, not-is-ing[edit | edit source]

The effort to reduce an unwanted condition of existence by force. It can cause the person 'to forget about it' or make a thing look smaller, but does not handle the underlying difficulty. See also As-is

null[edit | edit source]

  1. To nullify or to reduce the value or effect of something to nothing.
  2. Means there was no reaction of the needle on the needle dial of the meter when the auditor asked a question of the preclear; or simply it didn't read.

nulling[edit | edit source]

  1. The auditor's action in saying items from a list to a preclear and noting the reaction of the preclear's bank on a meter.
  2. In Listing & Nulling: The auditor reads back the list of items the pc just gave him in order to find only one item that is still reading. This is done under the Laws of L&N.

null item or null list[edit | edit source]

An item or list of items which when called out by the auditor, as in an assessment, produces no meter needle reaction.

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