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Quad flows (Quad, Quads)Edit

(Four flows) To run a process Quad flows means, the four flows--another to self, self to another, another or others to another or others, and self to self--are run on a preclear by an auditor.

Q and AEdit

Stands for Question and Answer. A failure to complete a cycle of action; to fail to complete a cycle of action; to deviate from an intended course of action; questioning the preclear's answer; in auditing, it's a failure to complete a cycle of action on a preclear. (Abbr. Q&A, Q & A)


The Qualifications Division - the office taking care of quality control. Students, auditors, and pc's can receive different services here: Students and auditors are examined and they may receive cramming or special assistance. Also where students and pc's are awarded a certificate upon completion of training and auditing (see also Review).

Qual SecEdit

Qualifications Secretary, the head of the Qualifications Division.


Means omitting actions, for whatever reason, that would satisfy all demands or requirements and instead doing something superficially and accomplish less than could be achieved.


The Qs are another name for the Prelogics. They are a set of 5 axiomatic statements published by LRH in 1951. They are concerned with self determinism and underlie The Logics.

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