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In Engram Running: As a basic is not at once available on any chain one usually unburdens it by running later engrams (closer to present time), secondaries and locks. The act of unburdening would be digging off the top to get at the bottom as in moving sand. As you run off later incidents, the ability of the preclear to confront the chain also increases and basic is easy to run when finally contacted.


Composed of affinity, reality and communication. These three things are necessary to the understanding of anything. One has to have some affinity for it, it has to be real to him to some degree and he needs some communication with it before he can understand it. Greater understanding comes about by increasing any one of these three factors.


Attempting to reduce or make disappear, making nothing of.

upper indoc TRs or upper indoctrination TRsEdit

These are TRs 6 to 9. The purpose of these four training drills is to bring about in the student the willingness and ability to handle and control other people's bodies and to cheerfully confront another person while giving that person commands. Also to maintain a high level of control under any circumstances. (Abbr. upper indocs)


At a high level of survival or state of being, as plotted on the tone scale. A person who is uptone, or high-toned, has a greater ability to handle his facsimiles, to control his environment and has a greater degree of survival than someone who is downtone, or low-toned.

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