A large chart that shows a series of auditing actions that a person can go through and the desirable prescribed general sequence in which to do this.

The theory behind it is that the various levels on it are the buttons of the bank, and the subject addressed at each level must be handled before the preclear can usefully benefit from the next one.

The areas addressed on the Standard Grade Chart, are shown with the earliest steps at the base and the subsequent ones at the top.

Grade Chart (Confidential OT8)

Grade Chart (Confidential NOTs)

Grade Chart (Confidential OT3)

Clear: A person who no longer has his own reactive mind.

New Era Dianetics:Addresses engrams

Grade 4:Addresses Service Computations and Service Facsimiles

Grade 3: Addresses ARC Breaks

Grade 2: Addresses Overts and Withholds

Grade 1: Addresses Problems

Grade 0: Addresses Communication

ARC Straightwire: Addresses recalls

Earlier items as needed to get the preclear up to being ready for ARC Straightwire.

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