The office of Guardian World Wide was created by LRH in 1966 to deal with all the top Legal and Intelligence gathering operations of the Church of Scientology International. By 1975 a large number of administrative and operational support staff had been added forming the "The Guardian's Office".

GO World Wide was based at Saint Hill Manor and several adjacent office buildings and was later built up to over 2000 operatives by 1982 attending the training centre and undertaking missions around the world under the overall direction of Mary Sue Hubbard. Jane Kember was Guardian WW and David Gaiman was DG UK. None of them were Sea Organisation members. The two organisations were often at odds with each other due to the superiority of the Guardian WW. Sea Org staff were essentially 'hobbled' and could do nothing unless sanctioned through GO WW.

The GO held much of the executive power directed by LRH and MSH over the other church authorities. In 1981 it was alleged that LRH himself ordered the dismantling of the GO as a direct result of the failures of 'Operation Snow White' and the eight principals going to court in the USA. Hubbard ordered the Commodore's Messenger Organisation to wield its axe and remove perceived legal and financial threats posed by the former GO agents and also the major US Mission Holders who were making more money than the Class 5 Orgs controlled by the Hubbards. The Safe Environment Fund was set up to funnel nearly $250 million in "Tithes to the Mother Church" through shell organisations directly to Hubbard and also his foreign bank accounts in Lichtenstein.

Hubbard's plans for the future structure of the Church of Scientology and his own retirement required huge sums of money because of his failing book sales and falling church revenues and increased GOWW and HASI costs in general. He was desperate to remove any evidence that he was still legally in full executive command of the scientology organisations. The Founder became medically incapacitated in late 1983 with yet another stroke whilst he was in permanent hiding at Whispering Winds Ranch near San Luis Obispo in California where he subsequently died after a final stroke in 1986. His surviving family were left nominal amounts in the 1986 Hubbard Will. The vast wealth was bequeathed to various church authorities.

It still has not been established whether LRH actually appointed David Miscavige as his legal successor despite the current dictatorship's denials of alleged collusion in falsification of Hubbard's signature using one of the two well-known signature-signing machines and the church management's legal articles of incorporation produced within days of Hubbard's passing. Mary Sue Hubbard had been removed from all offices she held and the Hubbard children were no longer involved in church management from 1980 onwards.

NB: Klaus Buchele held the post of Guardian WW for a short time before the GO was disbanded completely by David Miscavige and replaced with the Office of Special Affairs, Watchdog Committee, RTC and other new structures directly under the secretive control of Miscavige as Chairman of the Board of RTC after he had removed all the former long-term heads of the Church Authorities.