In the mid-60s, Herbie was a well-known Instructor for the Saint Hill Special Briefing Course at Saint Hill.

In the late 60s he became the Deputy Guardian for Finance Worldwide, DGFWW, where he remained until he was busted along with the rest of the GO in the early 80s. He had a small office next to the Finance Bureau WW in the "Monkey Room" in the manor at Saint Hill. Like Ron, he enjoyed suddenly interrupting his staff for a long anecdotal pep-talk, indulging himself as a wit, mimic and policy stickler. On becoming DGF he had successfully rescued Scientology from insolvency by ruthless application of selected finance policies, including billing and deducting staff wages for any petty error. He hated the Sea Org vehemently after humilation by an early SO Mission to SH/WW. He got his own back in 1974 by introducing the Beans and Rice diet and the practise of cutting SO pay severely or altogether on FP, while leaving non-SO pay intact, which led to the best SO members at Saint Hill jumping at 'promotion' into the GO, which allowed them to move out of SO quarters and have some sort of 'home' around East Grinstead. Herbie was very much in Ron's valence, carrying on for years around Saint Hill the kind of behaviour he had personally witnessed in LRH and MSH. He would call six to ten staff into his little private office off the monkey room and while his sexy young Communicator kept him stocked with coffee, he would roar and humiliate the hell out of whoever had goofed, till they were crying in shame and worrying about expulsion. Then out of the kindness of his heart he would reach down to the shivering souls to gradually teach them what they should have done, demonstrating his wizardry to all present.

A wonderful account of one thetan's reminiscences of Herbie may be read here in a tremendously amusing style reminiscent of the great Wodehouse!

In 1983-1984 he was working as a booker in "Gatwick Cars" a mini-cab firm at the airport, serving the business flying into Gatwick Airport. He never returned to Saint Hill. Herbie Parkhouse died in 2008. His death was recorded in the London Gazette:

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