The term Int Mgmt in its short form, as opposed to the spelled-out term International Management is being used here in Scienowiki to mean this: The controlling power right at the top of the Church of Scientology. It could be considered to be synonymous with David Miscavige and those very closely associated with him whose commands align with his. Almost all of the staff in the orgs and in the Sea Org are well-intentioned, persons of good will. If they want to stay in the Church, they have to go with the flow, which means that a churchie sometimes finds himself doing something he would prefer not to but he feels that he doesn't have much choice. The Nuremberg Trials dealt with the ethical decisions involved in following destructive orders, as did an LRH Policy Letter in Vol 0 entitled Orders, Illegal and Cross, but it can be difficult while in the Church to think matters through like this.

It is convenient, although an oversimplification, to broadly look at things like this:

Note that none of these terms are intended to be derogatory, merely descriptive. Except maybe the last one.

It is anticipated that contributors to Scienowiki will broadly fall into the categories of churchies and ex-churchies, freezoners, Scientologists generally. A critic is not likely to feel at home here, nor is anyone in Int Mgmt.