L. Ron Hubbard audio tapes list Edit


Ref Nr.  Date Code Lecture Code  Lecture Title
1  	 xxxxCxx  	 	 Effort - Axioms - Thought - Emotion  
2  	 xxxxCxx  	 	 Electrophychometer  
3  	 xxxxCxx  	 	 Group Auditor's Course  
4  	 xxxxCxx  	 	 How to handle a PC  
5  	 xxxxCxx  	 	 Science Fiction  
6  	 50xxCxx  	 	 Scientology and Health  
7  	 50xxCxxA  	 	 Emergency measures (when unfamiliar with the case) - Talk to Students  
8  	 50xxCxxB  	 	 Push Buttons  
9  	 50xxCxx  	 	 Lecture on Valence  
10  	 50xxCxx  	 	 Discussion on Valence (cont.)#2  
11  	 50xxCxx  	 	 Standard Procedure  
12  	 50xxCxx  	 	 Emotion - ARC - The Tone Scale (Probably the same as 5011C21)  
13  	 50xxCxx  	 	 Outline of Dianetic Standard Procedure  
14  	 50xxCxx  	 	 Prenatal Engrams  
15  	 50xxCxx  	 	 Standard Procedure Steps  
16  	 50xxCxx  	 	 Tone Scale Emotion (Probably 5011C21)  
17  	 50xxCxx  	 	 The Triangle Puzzle  
18  	 5006C07  	 	 LRH audits Mike McClurg  
19  	 5006C07  	 	 LRH audits Mrs McChintock  
20  	 5006C07  	 	 LRH audits Gloria Manchenburg  
21  	 5006C08  	 	 LRH audits Gloria Manchenburg  
22  	 5006C08  	 	 LRH audits Gloria Manchenburg (cont.)  
23  	 5006C08  	 	 LRH audits Joe on a Chronic Somatic  
24  	 5006C08  	 	 LRH audits Gloria Manchenburg  
25  	 5006C08  	 	 LRH audits Gloria Manchenburg (cont.)  
26  	 5006C09  	 	 LRH audits Gloria Manchenburg  
27  	 5006C09  	 	 LRH audits McClurg  
28  	 5006C09  	 	 LRH audits McClurg  
29  	 5006C10  	 	 Dianetics - First Lecture of Saturday Course  
30  	 5006C10  	 	 First Lecture Saturday Course - Dianetics (continued)  
31  	 5006C10  	 	 LRH audits Gloria Manchenburg  
32  	 5006C10  	 	 LRH audits McClurg  
33  	 5006C12  	 	 A: Auditors Code B: LRH audits G. Manchenburg  
34  	 5006C12  	 	 LRH audits Gloria Manchenburg  
35  	 5006C12  	 	 A: LRH audits G. Manchenburg B: Auditors Code  
36  	 5006C14  	 	 Diagnostic Procedure  
37  	 5006C15  	 	 Sound and Aberration  
38  	 5006C16  	 	 LRH audits Mike McClurg  
39  	 5006C16  	 	 Memory and Diagnosis  
40  	 5006C17  	 	 Recognising Contact of Engram-Use of Repeater  
41  	 5006C19  	 	 Handling of Cases, Amnesia Trance  
42  	 5006C19  	 	 A: LRH audits Dobbs B: LRH audits Mrs Kearing  
43  	 5006C20  	 	 Valences, Analytical Mind  
44  	 5006C21  	 	 Engrams  
45  	 5006C21  	 	 To Auditors about Diagnosis  
46  	 5006C23  	 	 Psychotics  
47  	 5006C23  	 	 Psychotics  
48  	 5006C24  	 	 Birth  
49  	 5006C26  	 	 Hypnotism  
50  	 5006C26  	 	 Demon Circuits  
51  	 5006C26  	 	 Demon Circuits  
52  	 5006C27  	 	 Birth  
53  	 5006C28  	 	 Conception  
54  	 5006C28  	 	 Reduction of Engrams  
55  	 5006C29  	 	 Vocabulary and Case  
56  	 5007C01  	 	 Address of Auditor to PC  
57  	 5007C03  	 	 Entering a Case, Reducing Somatics, Diagnosis  
58  	 5007C03  	 	 Entering a Case, Reducing Somatics, Diagnosis  
59  	 5007C04  		 Handling Somatics - The Time Track  
60  	 5007C05  		 Application of Procedure  
61  	 5007C05  		 Application of Procedure  
62  	 5007C05  		 Types of Cases  
63  	 5007C06  		 Vicissitudes of the PC  
64  	 5007C07  		 Review of Material  
65  	 5007C07  		 Review of Material  
66  	 5007C08  		 How to become an Auditor(In One Easy Lesson?)  
67  	 5007C08  		 A: How to become an Auditor (In One Easy Lesson?) B: About Psychosis 
68  	 5007C10  		 Psychocomatics  
69  	 5007C10  		 Standard Procedure  
70  	 5007C11  		 Standard Procedure  
71  	 5007C11  		 Standard Procedure  
72  	 5007C12  		 Review of Standard Procedure  
73  	 5007C12  		 Review of Standard Procedure  
74  	 5007C13  		 Checking Data - Straightwire - Dramatizations  
75  	 5007C14  		 Conception - Sperm Sequence  
76  	 5007C14  		 Things You Must Not Do  
77  	 5007C15  		 Erasures  
78  	 5007C15  		 Processing Children  
79  	 5007C15  		 Child Dianetics (Probably same as Processing Children, same date)  
80  	 5007C17  		 Derivation of Laws  
81  	 5007C19  		 Actuality - Parts of an Engram:functions and interworkings of the analytical, reactive and somatic minds  
82  	 5007C19  		 Somatic Strip, File Clerk, and Getting a Case Started (Friday)  
83  	 5007C22  		 Demon Circuits  
84  	 5007C22  		 Demon Circuits  
85  	 5007C24  		 Diagnosis Data: using the dramatization as a key to understanding and unlocking the pre-clears engram bank 
86  	 5008C02  		 Standard Procedure: The Importance of Getting Engrams. Techniques on finding and erasing them 
87  	 5008C04  		 Affinity, Reality, Communication: what they are, how they relate to one another, how they apply to auditing and life  
88  	 5008C04  		 Relation of Affinity, Communication, and Reality - Part I  
89  	 5008C04  		 Relation of Affinity, Communication, and Reality - Part II  
90  	 5008C05  		 Line Charge, PC Lamer Dye  
91  	 5008C7?  		 Black and White Processing: LRH was travelling N.J. to L.A., see July 8 52 
92  	 5008C10  		 Shrine Auditorium, Los Angeles  
93  	 5008C15  		 Anatomy of the Engram  
94  	 5008C15  		 Analytical mind (Tuesday)  
95  	 5008C16  		 Affinity, Reality, Communication: how breaks affects adversely, how  
97  	 5008C18  		 Demonstration and Talk on Denyers, Bouncers Holders (Friday)  
98  	 5008C18  		 Engrams - Two Parts of the Mind (could be same tape as above)  
99  	 5008C21  		 SOP Step 1; PC Inventory: Finding and making use of psychiatric  
100  	 5008C22  		 SOP Step 2; Opening the Case - Engrams and Part of the Mind  
101  	 5008C22  		 Demonstration of getting a case moving on the Track (cont)  
102  	 5008C23  		 Engrams and Parts of the Mind: boil-offs, file clerk, mind's filing systems 
103  	 5008C24A  		 Engrams and Parts of the Mind: action phrases walking engrams  
104  	 5008C24B  		 SOP Step 2; Running Engrams and Step 3, Demon Circuits and Valence  
105  	 5008C25  	 	 Step 3 - Holders, Bouncers, Denyers, Taking Inventory, Psychotics  
107  	 5008C28  	 	 Engrams and Types of Cases (psychotic to clear) (Monday)  
108  	 5008C29  	 	 Educational Dianetics (Tuesday)  
109  	 5008C30  	 	 Preventive Dianetcs (Wednesday)  
110  	 5008C30  	 	 Preventive Dianetics (cont.)  
111  	 5008C31  	 	 Educational Dianetics  
112  	 5008C31  	 	 Engrams and Parts of the Mind  
113  	 5008C31  	 	 Medical Dianetics (Thursday)  
114  	 5009C01  	 	 Child Dianetics (Friday)  
115  	 5009C01  	 	 Drugs: Effects in Auditing-(Sedation?)  
116  	 5009C04  	 	 Advertising Dianetics - Propaganda - Pushbuttons (Monday)  
117  	 5009C05  	 	 Political Dianetics (Tuesday)  
118  	 5009C06  	 	 Aesthetics (Wednesday)  
119  	 5009C07  	 	 Language Adjustement - Definitions of Words in a Language  
120  	 5009C08  	 	 The Complete Auditor (relations to other fields and to the public)  
121  	 5009C23   OAK PL-1  	 General Dianetics - Part 1 (Introduction to Dianetics) Historical  
122  	 5009C23   OAK PL-2  	 General Dianetics - Part 2"What Dianetics Can Do" Part 1 & 2  
124  	 5009C26   OAK PL-3  	 The Auditor's Code - Standard Procedure  
125  	 5009C26   OAK PL-4  	 Demonstration  
126  	 5009C27   OAK PL-5  	 Different Types of Cases and Methods  
127  	 5009C27   OAK PL-6  	 Demonstration  
128  	 5009C28   OAK PL-7  	 Stalled Cases and How to Resolve with Standard Procedure  
129  	 5009C28   OAK PL-10  	 Demonstration (Running a Secondary)Part 1,2,3  
130  	 5009C29   OAK PL-8  	 Demonstration (Coitus Engram) Part 1 & 2  
131  	 5009C29   OAK PL-9  	 GUK and Free Wheeling #1 & #2  
132  	 5010C09  	 	 Standard Procedure #6 - 700-0012E  
133  	 5010C25   STP-1  	 Standard Procedure #1 - 700-0012A  
134  	 5010C25   STP-2  	 Standard Procedure #2 - 700-0012B  
135  	 5010C25   STP-3  	 Standard Procedure #3 - 700-0012C  
136  	 5010C25   STP-4  	 Standard Procedure #4 - 700-0012D  
137  	 5010C25   STP-5  	 Standard Procedure  
138  	 5011Cxx  	 	 Standard Procedure - Step II & III  
139  	 5011Cxx  	 	 Standard Procedure - Step III, reel I  
140  	 5011Cxx  	 	 Basic Course 1  
141  	 5011Cxx  	 	 Processing Children  
142  	 5011C02  	 	 Standard Procedure Tools - Accessibility - Starting Case  
143  	 5011C04  	 	 Affinity, Communication and Reality  
144  	 5011C07   STP  	 Standard Procedure  
145  	 5011C07   STP  	 Standard Procedure#7 - 700-0012G  
146  	 5011C08   DEMO  	 Insulin Shock Demo  
147  	 5011C08  	 	 Child Dianetics (LRH?)  
148  	 5011C09  	 	 Group Dianetics  
149  	 5011C10  	 	 Handling Psychotics  
150  	 5011C11  	 	 Educational Dianetics  
151  	 5011C15   DEMO  	 Demonstration Research  
152  	 5011C20   STP-1  	 Thought, Life and the Material Universe  
153  	 5011C21   STP-2A  	 Spectrum of Logic - Tone Scale ; The mind as a computer the use of  
154  	 5011C21   STP-2B  	 Spectrum of Logic - The Tone Scale (cont.)  
155  	 5011C22   STP-3A  	 Auditor's Code and Beginnings of Standard Procedure (also known as  
156  	 5011C22   STP-3B  	 Standard Procedure (cont.) -Accessibility - ARC (also known as STP-6) 
157  	 5011C24   STP-4A  	 Case Entrance - Accessibility (also known as STP-7A)  
158  	 5011C24   STP-4B  	 Case Entrance (cont.) - Point of Entrance - Non-Verbal Factors (also  
159  	 5011C25   STP-5A  	 ARC and the Four Dynamics-Accessibility Chart  
160  	 5011C25   STP-5B  	 ARC and the Four Dynamics (cont.) - Circuitry (also known as STP-8)  
161  	 5011C25  	 	 Standard Procedure  
162  	 5011C26  	 	 SOP "Access"  
163  	 5011C27   STP-6A  	 Sttandard Procedure - Chronic Somatics -Stuck on the Track  
164  	 5011C27   STP-6B  	 Straight Memory - Affinity, Reality & Communication - Tone Scales  
165  	 5011C28   STP-7A  	 Valences and Demon Circuits (morning lecture) (also known as STP-10 
166  	 5011C28   STP-7B  	 Title Unknown (probable continuation of Valences and Demon Circuits)  
167  	 5011C29   STP-8A  	 Circuits, Valences, Accessibility, ARC (also known as STP-11)  
168  	 5011C29   STP-8B  	 Straight Memory Techniques  
169  	 5011C30A  STP-9  	 Rudimentary Data on Groups - Lect I,II,III  
170  	 5011C30   STP-9B  	 Completion of Lecture on Groups and Q & A. Lect V, VI, VII  
171  	 5011C30   STP-12  	 Standard Procedure Step 3  
172  	 5011C30  	 	 Groups  
173  	 5012C01   STP-10  	 Group Dianetics  
174  	 5012C07  	 	 A C R  
175  	 5012C19  	 	 Chain Scanning  


Ref Nr.  Date Code Lecture Code  Lecture Title
176  	 5101C09  	 	 An Essay on Management  
177  	 5101C18A  	 	 Accessibility - Part 1  
178  	 5101C18A  	 	 Accessibility (cont.) Part 2 - Hurdy-Gurdy Straughtwire and Haywire  
179  	 5102C07   R/BRCST  	 Group Dianetics - How to straighten out a Group - the Group and the Individual 
180  	 5102C08   R/BRCST  	 Dianetics - It's Ability to handle Community's, Individual's and Nation's Problems 
181  	 5102C09   R/BRCST  	 Valence - Straight Memory  
182  	 5102C12   R/BRCST  	 Valence - Grief and Valence  
183  	 5102C13   R/BRCST  	 Husbands and Wives (etc) Auditing Each Other  
184  	 5102C14   R/BRCST  	 Communication Breaks: Seeing, Hearing, Speaking, etc.  
185  	 5102C15   R/BRCST  	 Tone Scale of Individuals and Nations  
186  	 5104C09A  	 	 Time  
187  	 5104C09B  	 	 Motion  
188  	 5105C01  	 	 L. Ron Hubbard's May 15th Message  
189  	 5105C21  	 	 Introduction to SCIENCE OF SURVIVAL  
190  	 5106Cxx  	 	 Validation Processing (11 or 18th June)(or27)  
191  	 5106C04  	 	 All Possible Aberration - 1  
192  	 5106C04  	 	 All Possible Aberration - 2  
193  	 5106C12  	 	 Theory behind Theta and MEST  
194  	 5106C12  	 	 Demonstration  
195  	 5106C22  	 	 Introduction to Conference and New Book (3 reels) (Reels 1 thru 6)  
196  	 5106C25  	 	 Techniques - Tone Scale (Parts 1,2,3,4,6)  
197  	 5106C25  	 	 Theta-Mest (Survive and Succumb)  
198  	 5106C26A   HEV-1  	 Chart of Human Evaluation  
199  	 5106C27A   VP-1  	 Validation Processing - Intro to Self-Auditing - GUK  
200  	 5106C27B   VP-2  	 Chronic Somatics  
201  	 5106C27C   VP-3  	 Demonstration (Validation Processing)  
201.1   5106C27D  	 	 Outline of Civil Defense and other Booklets  
202  	 5106C28    CAC-1  	 The Completed Auditor, Part 1 - Auditing Techniques  
203  	 5106C28    CAC-1B  	 The Dynamics - Interior and Exterior  
204  	 5106C28    CAC-2A  	 Standard Procedure - Auditing - Lock Scanning - ARC Straightwire  
205  	 5106C28    CAC-2B  	 The Completed Auditor, Part II - Intro,Extroversion - Past Deaths and Lives 
206  	 5106C29    HDA-1  	 HDA Conference No. 1  
207  	 5106C30    HDA-2,3  	 MEST, Theta, ARC - Part 1  
208  	 5106C30    HDA-4,5  	 Final Lecture at Conference (Questions and Answers)  
209  	 5107C09    VMP-1  	 Validation Processing  
210  	 5107C09    VMP-2  	 MEST Processing  
211  	 5107C09    VMP-3  	 Addenda - MEST Processing  
212  	 5107C16    VMP-4  	 Some Educational Material  
213  	 5107C16B   VMP-5  	 More on MEST Processing (same lecture as Validation Technique, Parts 1-5) 
214  	 5107C16  	 	 Advice to the Auditor  
215  	 5107C21  	 	 Validation Processing  
216  	 5107C23A  	 	 Time Track  
217  	 5107C23  	 	 Basic Processing  
218  	 5107C30A  	 	 Basic Reason, Part I  
219  	 5107C30B  	 	 Basic Reason, Part II  
220  	 5108C06A  	 	 Survival Processing, Part I  
221  	 5108C06B  	 	 Survival Processing, Part II  
222  	 5108C13  	 	 What is Dianetics  
223  	 5108C13  	 	 What Dianetics Can Do  
224  	 5108C13A   HEV-2  	 The Value of the Chart of Human Evaluation and its Application  
225  	 5108C13B   HEV-3  	 The Dynamics of Existence - Derivation and Uses of the Chart of Human Eval 
226  	 5108C14A   HEV-4  	 Conquest of the Physical Universe - Life Force Endowment, Personality  
227  	 5108C14B   HEV-5  	 Parts of the Mind - Behaviour and Punishment - Evolution on Theta and  
228  	 5108C15A   HEV-6  	 Tone Scale, Part I - How to Talk About the Tone Scale to the Non- 
229  	 5108C15B   HEV-7  	 Tone Scale, Part II - Chronic Position on the Tone Scale (Wed. evening,  
230  	 5108C16A   HEV-8  	 Motion and Emotion and Its Relationship to Man and the Tone Scale  
231  	 5108C16B   HEV-9  	 Motion and Emotion (cont.) - Physiology (Thurs. evening, second half)  
232  	 5108C17A   HEV-10  	 Motion and Emotion (cont.) - Physiological Aspects (Fri. evening, first  
233  	 5108C17B   HEV-11  	 Review of Motion and Emotion - ARC Triangle (Friday evening, second  
234  	 5108C20  	 	 Motion  
235  	 5108C21  	 	 Standard Procedure  
236  	 5108C27  	 	 Motion and Emotion - Line Charge, Parts 1-5  
237  	 5108C28A  	 	 Psychotics  
238  	 5108C28B  	 	 Analytical Mind  
239  	 5109C04    PLS-12  	 Time and Motion (Geriatrics)  
240  	 5109C04B  	 	 Illusion  
241  	 5109C05  	 	 Correspondence about Foundation  
242  	 5109C10    PLS-14  	 Arithmetic  
243  	 5109C10    PLS-13  	 Mimicry  
244  	 5109C10  	 	 The Cellular Postulate  
245  	 5109C14  	 	 Effort Processing (Tues.)  
246  	 5109C17A  	 	 Black Dianetics  
247  	 5109C17B  	 	 The Cellular Postulate  
248  	 5109C20  	 	 Introduction to Survival  
249  	 5109C20  	 	 Effort Processing  
250  	 5109Cxx  	 	 Resolution of Effort and Counter-Effort (possibly same tape as 5203C08 HCL-11 or 5211C01) 
251  	 5109C23  	 	 A Lecture on Dianetics  
252  	 5109C24A   OCTSER-0A  	 Effort Processing - Description of Effort and Life Energy as it  
253  	 5109C24B   OCTSER-0B  	 Effort Processing (cont.) - Behaviour Bands on Tone Scale explained  
254  	 5110C01    OCTSER-0C  	 Self-Determinism - Effort Processing  
255  	 5110C01    OCTSER-0C  	 Self-Determinism - Effort Processing (cont.)  
256  	 5110C08    OCTSER-1A  	 Axioms and Effort Processing - Demo of Effort Processing  
257  	 5110C08    OCTSER-1B  	 Axioms and Effort Processing (cont.)  
258  	 5110C09    OCTSER-2A  	 Effort Processing - Statics and Motions -Difference between Belief  
259  	 5110C09    OCTSER-2B  	 Dianetic Axioms, 1-14  
260  	 5110C10A   OCTSER-3A  	 Dianetic Axioms, 14-32  
261  	 5110C10B   OCTSER-3B  	 Theory of Epicenters - 1  
262  	 5110C11A   OCTSER-4A  	 Dianetic Axioms, 33-51  
263  	 5110C11B   OCTSER-4B  	 theory of Epicenters - 2 - Self-Determinism  
264  	 5110C12A   OCTSER-5A  	 Dianetic Axioms - Randomity and Motion,Part 1  
265  	 5110C12B   OCTSER-5B  	 Dianetic Axioms concluded - What to Look for in an Effort Engram  
266  	 5110C15A   PAC-1A  	 Postulate Processing, Part 1 - ARC Processing  
267  	 5110C15A   PAC-1B  	 Postulate Processing, Part 2  
268  	 5110C15B   PAC-2  	 Postulate Processing, Part 3 - ARC Postulate Processing (Postulate  
269  	 5110C15    PAC-2B  	 Postulate Processing, Part 4  
270  	 5110C22A  	 	 The Human Mind Versus the Electronic Computer  
271  	 5110C22B  	 	 The Human Mind Versus the Electronic Computer (continued)  
272  	 5110C23A   PAC-3A  	 Foundation Auditor's Course, Part 1 - Three Methods of Processing  
273  	 5110C23B   PAC-3B  	 Foundation Auditor's Course, Part 2 - Three Methods of  
274  	 5110C24A   PAC-4  	 Foundation Auditors Lecture, Part 1 - Overall Processing: Conclusion  
275  	 5110C24B   PAC-5  	 Foundation Auditors Lecture, Part 2 - The Dynamics, Self-Determinism  
276  	 5110C25A   PAC-6A&B  	 Chronic Somatics and the Service Facsimile  
277  	 5110C26A   PAC-7  	 Evolution of Man According to the Facsimile,1  
278  	 5110C26B   PAC-8  	 Evolution of Man According to the Facsimile,2  
279  	 5110C26    PAC  	 Evolution of Man, Part 3  
280  	 5110C29A  	 	 The Theta Facsimile, Part 1  
281  	 5110C29B  	 	 The Theta Facsimile, Part 2  
282  	 5111Cxx  	 	 Search for Incidents on the Track  
283  	 5111C04  	 	 A C & R  
284  	 5111C05  	 	 Notes on Postulates  
285  	 5111C12A  	 	 Basic Postulates  
286  	 5111C12B  	 	 Prime Thought  
287  	 5111C19A  	 	 Cause an Effect, Part I  
288  	 5111C19B  	 	 Cause an Effect, Part II  
289  	 5111C26A  	 	 An Analysis of Memory, Parts 1 & 2  
290  	 5111C26B  	 	 An Analysis of Memory, Parts 3 & 4  
291  	 5112C03A  	 	 Discussion of Advanced Procedure, Part 2  
292  	 5112C03B  	 	 Advanced Procedures and Cause & Effect  
293  	 5112C10    PLS-7  	 Dead Man's Goals (E-Meter use in Dianetics)  
294  	 5112C10    PLS-8  	 Resolution of Cases (Actually 2nd half of PLS7)  
295  	 5112C17A  	 	 Regret and Seriousness - Counter Efforts  
296  	 5112C18  	 	 Counter-Effort, Counter-Emotion, Counter-Thought  
297  	 5112C21A  	 	 Regret and Seriousness, Part 1  
298  	 5112C21B  	 	 Regret and Seriousness, Part 2  
299  	 5112C21C  	 	 On Handbook for Preclears - Service Fac 1  
300  	 5112C27A   DCL-1A  	 First December Conf Lect, Part I  
301  	 5112C27B   DCL-1B  	 First December Conf Lect, Part II  
302  	 5112C27A   DCL-1A  	 The Handbook for Preclears  
303  	 5112C27B   DCL-1B  	 Definition of Terms, Scientology and Milestone 1 defined  
304  	 5112C28  	 	 The Handbook for Preclears  
305  	 5112C28  	 	 Don P. auditing LRH  
306  	 5112C28A   DCL-2A  	 Chart of Atttitudes  
307  	 5112C28B   DCL-2B  	 Chart of Attitudes, Part 2 - Life Continuum Theory  
308  	 5112C29A   DCL-3A  	 The Goal of Processing (The Ideal State of Man), Part I  
309  	 5112C29B   DCL-3B  	 The Goal of Processing (The Ideal State of Man), Part II  
310  	 5112C29  	 	 Resolution of Life Continuum Problem  
311  	 5112C29C   DCL-4A  	 Cause and Effect and Remarks on the Second Dynamic  
312  	 5112C29D   DCL-4B  	 Use of Handbook for Preclears and Self Analysis  
313  	 5112C30A   DCL-5A  	 Effort Processing - Notes on Children's Illnesses  
314  	 5112C30B   DCL-5B  	 Effort processing - Yes, No, Maybe Remarks  
315  	 5112C31  	 	 Counter-Efforts  
316  	 5112C31  	 	 Discussion at Ron's Home  
317  	 5112C31  	 	 Discussion at Ron's Home (cont.)  


Ref Nr.  Date Code Lecture Code  Lecture Title
318  	 52xxCxx    LONLECT  	 Activity of an Auditor  
319  	 52xxCxx  	 	 Attention Units, Tone Scale of  
320  	 52xxCxx  	 	 Confusion - Mest Bodies  
321  	 52xxCxx  	 	 Phenomena of the Thetan  
322  	 52xxCxx  	 	 Entities  
323  	 52xxCxx  	 	 Service Facsimiles  
324  	 5201C01  	 	 A Service Facsimile  
325  	 5201C07A  	 	 Survival  
326  	 5201C07B  	 	 Question and Answer Period  
327  	 5201C11  	 	 The Service Facsimile  
328  	 5201C14  	 	 The Emotional Curve  
329  	 5201C14A  	 	 Some Aspects of Dianetics on Society: the Time Element required for Body to repair after Dianetics 
330  	 5201C14B  	 	 Some Aspects of Dianetics on Society (cont.)  
331  	 5201C21  	 	 The Anatomy of the "Overt Act", Part I  
332  	 5201C21  	 	 The Anatomy of the "Overt Act" (cont.), Part II  
333  	 5201C28A  	 	 The Anatomy of "Service Facsimile", Part I  
334  	 5201C28B  	 	 The Anatomy of "Service Facsimile", Part II  
335  	 5101C29    HDFL  	 Anatomy of Service Facsimiles (evening lecture)  
336  	 5202C02  	 	 Psychogalvanometer, Mysticism Groups  
337  	 5202C06  	 	 Address by L. Ron Hubbard, Arcadia Theatre, Wichita Kansas  
338  	 5202C06  	 	 Dianetics, The Modern Miracle  
339  	 5202C08  	 	 Summary of Service Fac Chain  
340  	 5202C08  	 	 Motive of SLP 8  
341  	 5202C08  	 	 Application of Games to Processing  
342  	 5202C18A  	 	 Code of Honor  
343  	 5202C18B  	 	 Care of the Body (and the cycle of birth, growth, decay and death)  
344  	 5202C25A   HPC-1  	 Review of Progress of Dianetics and Dianetics Business  
345  	 5202C25B   HPC-2A,B,3,4 Summary of Aberrative Incidents (before time begins, fac 1, helper...  
346  	 5203C03    HCL-1  	 Introduction to Scientology: Milestone One  
347  	 5203C03    HCL-2  	 Introduction to Scientology: Outlining of Therapy  
348  	 5203C03    HCL-2A  	 Demonstration by Ron of E-Meter, Running Entities  
349  	 5203C04A   HCL-3  	 Axioms and How They Apply to Auditing  
350  	 5203C04B   HCL-4  	 Thought, Emotion and Effort, and the Tone Scale  
351  	 5203C04C   HCL-Spec  	 Description of Facsimile One  
352  	 5203C05A   HCL-5  	 Thought and Preclears  
353  	 5203C05B   HCL-6  	 Emotion  
354  	 5203C05C   HCL-6A  	 Question and Answer Period  
355  	 5203C05D   HCL-6 Spec   Demonstration of Auditing  
356  	 5203C06    HCL-7  	 Effort and Counter-Effort  
357  	 5203C06    HCL-8  	 Attack on the Preclear  
358  	 5203C07A   HCL-9  	 How to Handle Facsimiles  
359  	 5203C07    HCL-10  	 Indoctrination of the Preclear  
360  	 5203C08    HCL-11  	 Resolution of Effort and Counter-Effort, Overt Acts  
361  	 5203C08A   HCL-12  	 Indoctrination in use of the E-Meter, Part 1 & 2  
362  	 5203C08    HCL-12A  	 Indoctrination in use of the E-Meter, Part 3  
363  	 5203C09A   HCL-13  	 Thought, Emotion and Effort, and Counter-Effort  
364  	 5203C09B   HCL-14  	 Demonstration:Effort, Counter-Effort (Straightwire)  
365  	 5203C10    HCL-15  	 Training Auditors: The Anatomy of Facsimile One  
366  	 5203C10    HCL-16  	 The Anatomy of Facsimile One (cont. demo)  
367  	 5203C10C   HCL-17  	 Three Demonstrations - Running Effort and Counter-Effort  
368  	 5203C10    HCL-18  	 Entities (demo cont.)  
369  	 5203C10A   HCL-19 (15E) History of Man Series I: Organization of Data  
370  	 5203C10A   HCL-19 15A (E)History of Man series II: Main Theta Line & Sub-Theta Line
371  	 5203C10B   HCL-20 - 16E  History of Man Series III: The Theta and the Genetic Lines of Earth  
372  	 5203C10B   HCL-20-16A (E)History of Man Series IV: Principal Incidents of the Theta Line  
373  	 5203Cxx    HCL-21       Anatomy of the Theta Body (Theta Body Entities)  
374  	 5203Cxx    HCL-22       How to Audit a Theta Line  
375  	 5203Cxx    HCL-23       Theta Bodies  
376  	 5203C22    HCL-23A      Impulses of a Thetan (first morning lecture)  
377  	 5203Cxx    HCL-24       Demonstration: Electropsychometric Scouting (see HCL-6 Spec)  
378  	 5203Cxx    HCL-24A      Theta Bodies  
379  	 5203C25    HCL-25  	 An Analysis of Memory and Human Aberration and Psychosomatic Illness, Part I 
380  	 5203C25    HCL-26  	 An Analysis of Memory and Human Aberration, Part II  
381  	 5203Cxx    HCL-27  	 How to Search for Incidents on the Track - I  
382  	 5203Cxx    HCL-27A  	 How to Search for Incidents on the Track - II  
383  	 5204Cxx    HCL-Spec  	 Electropsychometric Scouting - Battle of the Universes (MSH audits Ron) 
384  	 5204C15A  	 	 Phoenix Talk about Wichita and Purcell  
385  	 5204C15B  	 	 Theta Body Lecture  
386  	 5204C15C  	 	 Demo and Brief Explanation (whole track and bodies in pawn)  
387  	 5204C16A  	 	 Anatomy of the Theta Body  
388  	 5204C16B  	 	 "Theta-Psychometer": Theta Body Demo (last on series)  
389  	 5204C20  	 	 The Goals and Purposes of Theta and MEST  
390  	 5205C06  	 	 Anatomy of Thought  
391  	 5205C19    T80-1A  	 ARC Triangle in Relation to Infinity, Beingness Along the Dynamics  
392  	 5205C19    T80-1B  	 Definition of Technique 80, Emotional Wavelengths  
393  	 5205C19    T80-1C  	 Tone and Ability  
394  	 5205C19    T80-1D  	 Wavelength and Tone Scale  
395  	 5205C20    T80-2A  	 Decision: Maybes, Time, Postulates, Cause and Effect in Relation to Dynamics
396  	 5205C20    T80-2B  	 Early Methods of Dealing with People, Entities  
397  	 5205C21    T80-3A  	 Therapy Section of 80: Clearing up Overt Acts, Dependencies  
398  	 5205C21    T80-3B  	 Therapy Section of 80 (cont.)  
399  	 52xxCxx    T88  	 Technique 88: MEST, Counter Emotion, Part I & II (possibly included in  
400  	 52xxCxx    T88  	 Technique 88: Thought, Emotion, Effort (possibly included in the T88  
401  	 52xxCxx    T88  	 Technique 88: Prediction Speed, Overts, Motivators, DED (Lecture 3,  
402  	 52xxCxx    T88  	 Technique 88: Group Auditing, Tone Scale, SOP 8-C (Lecture 4)  
403  	 5206C23A   T88-1A (1) 	 Technique 88: Thetan/Body, Anatomy of Maybe  
404  	 5206C23A   T88-1A (2) 	 Technique 88: The Time Scale, Decision to Be  
405  	 5206C23A   T88-1A (3) 	 Technique 88: Course Outline, Disentangling Body from the Thetan  
406  	 5206C23A   T88-1A (4) 	 Technique 88: Wide Open and Occluded Case, What are Entities  
407  	 5206C23B   T88-1B (1) 	 Technique 88: Erasing Law on Time Scale, Incidents, Space and Time,  
408  	 5206C23B   T88-1B (2) 	 Technique 88: Matter, Solid Thought, Home Universe, Theory of Origin  
409  	 5206C23C   T88-1C (1) 	 Technique 88: Mechanics of Aberration, Tone Scale and Maybe, Axioms,  
410  	 5206C23C   T88-1C (2) 	 Technique 88: Nowness and Thenness  
411  	 5206C23C   T88-1C (3) 	 Technique 88: Axioms of Knowingness, Pervasion, Q & A  
412  	 5206C24A   T88-2A (4) 	 Technique 88: Motion and Maybes  
413  	 5206C24A   T88-2A (4) 	 Technique 88: Attention Unit Flows, Flares, Hypnosis, Control, Shock  
414  	 5206C24B   T88-2B (5) 	 Technique 88: Tone Scale of Attention Unit Behavior  
415  	 5206C24B   T88-2B (5) 	 Technique 88: Formation of Ridges, Around Hollow Spots, Attention  
416  	 5206C24C   T88-2C (6) 	 Technique 88: Concept Running  
417  	 5206C24C   T88-2C (6) 	 Technique 88: Deds, Aloneness, Obsession and Motion  
418  	 5206C24D   T88-3A (7) 	 Validation and Invalidation  
419  	 5206C24D   T88-3A (7) 	 Validation and Invalidation (cont.)  
420  	 5206C24E   T88-3B (8) 	 Overt Acts, Motivators and Deds  
421  	 5206C24E   T88-3B (8) 	 Overt Acts, Motivators and Deds (cont.)  
422  	 5206C24F   T88-3C (9) 	 Overt Acts, Motivators and Deds  
423  	 5206C24F   T88-3C (9) 	 Overt Acts, Motivators and Deds (cont.)  
424  	 5206C25A   T88-4A (22)	 Aberrated Thought, Overt Acts, Motivators, Deds  
425  	 5206C25    T88-10  	 Invalidation, Simplicity of Data, Counter-Effort  
426  	 5206C25B   T88-4B (23)	 Technique 88 and the Whole Track  
427  	 5206C25B   T88-4B (24)	 Technique 88 and the Whole Track (cont.)  
428  	 5206C25C   T88-4C (25)	 Technique 88 and the Whole Track (cont.)  
429  	 5206C25C   T88-4C (26)	 Technique 88 and the Whole Track (cont.)  
430  	 5206C26A   T88-5A (27)	 The Anatomy of Dramatization, the Actions of Energy  
431  	 5206C26A   T88-5A (28)	 The Anatomy of Dramatization, the Actions of Energy  
432  	 5206C26B   T88-5B (29)  Acquisition of Bodies  
433  	 5206C26B   T88-5B (30)  Acquisition of Bodies  
434  	 5206C26C   T88-5C (31)  Theta and Genetic Lines  
435  	 5206C26C   T88-5C (32)  Theta and Genetic Lines  
436  	 5206C27A   T88-6A (16)  Confusion, Action of Track as Result of Energy Behavior  
437  	 5206C27B   T88-6B (17)  Symbological Processing  
437.1   5206C27B  	 	 Validation Processing  
438  	 5206C28A   T88 (34)  	 Q & A Period  
439  	 5206C28A   T88-7A (34)	 Individualism - Q & A Period (cont.)  
440  	 5206C28A   T88-7B (35)	 Q & A Period (cont.)  
441  	 5206C28B   T88 (35)  	 Q & A Period (cont.)  
442  	 5207M04A   T88 Supp #7	 Where We Are at  
443  	 5207M04B   T88 Supp #8	 Creation and Use of Energy (remedy for over or under abundance)  
444  	 5207C08    T88 Supp #1A Standard Process of 88, Black and White, Part A  
445  	 5207C08    T88 Supp #1B Standard Process of 88, Black and White, Part B  
446  	 5207C08    T88 Supp #1C Standard Process of 88, Black and White, Part C  
447  	 5207C08    T88 Supp #1D Standard Process of 88, Black and White, Part D  
448  	 5207C24A   T88 Supp #2A Behavior of Energy as It Appliesto Thought Flows  
449  	 5207C24B   T88 Supp #2B E-Meter Behavior Versus Flow Lines and Patterns  
450  	 5208C07A   T88 Supp #3A Straightwire Tech 88 Supp #3  
451  	 5208C07B   T88 Supp #3B Standard Process of 88 Tech 88 Sup #4  
452  	 5208C07    T88 Supp #3C A Straightwire Process Lect I Tech 88 Sup #5  
453  	 5208C07D   T88 Supp #3D A Straightwire Process Lect II Tech 88 Sup #6  
454  	 5208C08  	 	 TITLE UNKNOWN  
455  	 5208C28  	 	 Talk to Associates about Fellowships, etc (20 mins.)  
456  	 5209C21A   T88 Supp  	 Basis of Scientology and Dianetics, Lecture 1, Part 1  
457  	 5209C21B   T88 Supp  	 Basis of Scientology - Nature of Flows (elasticity of flows) Lect 1, Part II 
458  	 5209C21C   T88 Supp  	 Basis of Scientology - Stuck Flows, Lecture 3, Part III  
458.1   5209C21  	 	 Lecture 101 - London  
459  	 5209C22A   T88 Supp  	 Scientology - Tone Scale Characteristics, Lecture 2, Part I  
460  	 5209C22B   T88 Supp  	 Scientology - Flows, Tone Scale, Lecture 2, Part II  
461  	 5209C23A   T88 Supp  	 The Resolution of the Second Dynamic - Case Level V, Lecture 3, Part I  
462  	 5209C23B   T88 Supp  	 Blanketing - Exteriorization, Lecture 3, Part II  
463  	 5209C24A   T88 Supp  	 Scientology - The Three Types of Energy Flows, Lecture 4, Part I  
464  	 5209Cxx    Supp 9  	 Black and White Processing  
465  	 5209C24B  	 	 Activity of the Auditor (in Theta Clearing), Lecture 4, Part II  
465.1   5209C29  	 	 On the 2nd Dynamic Part II  
466  	 5210Cxx    SOP-1  	 Title unknown  
467  	 5210Cxx    SOP-2  	 Title unknown  
468  	 5210Cxx    SOP-3  	 Title unknown  
469  	 5210Cxx    SOP-4  	 "Summary of Technique 8-80" (Thetans, G.E.Line)  
470  	 5210Cxx    SOP-4B  	 Present Time Use of Energy Manifestations  
471  	 5210Cxx    SOP-5A  	 Theory of Flows - Counter Elasticity  
472  	 5210Cxx    SOP-5B  	 Flows  
473  	 5210Cxx    SOP-5C  	 Basics of Scientology - Black and White Processing, Discharging Flows  
474  	 5210Cxx    SOP-6A  	 Basic Summary on SOP of Technique 8-80  
475  	 5210Cxx    SOP-6B  	 Phenomena of the Thetan  
476  	 5210Cxx    SOP-7A  	 Service Facsimile Chain (Section E, Act 5. SOP, Scn 8-80 Making a Theta Clear) 
476.1   5210C11    Prof Crse  	 Continuation of Definition: Dn & Scn  
477  	 5210C30A   SOP-8A  	 The Role of Earth (incidents from the fourth and fifth invader forces - 
477.1   5210C30  	 	 On Using Thetans to Control Other Bodies  
478  	 5210C30B   SOP-8B  	 Illusion Processing and Therapy  
479  	 5211C01A  	 	 Resolution of Effort and Counter-Effort (incomplete Lecture)  
480  	 5211C06A   LS-1  	 Methods of Research, the Thetan as an Energy Unit, Part I  
481  	 5211C06    LS-1  	 Methods of Research, the Thetan, Part II  
482  	 5211C06B   LS-2  	 Creating Different Space and Time - Responsibility - Code of Honor 1  
483  	 5211C06    LS-2  	 Creating Different Space and time - Responsibility - Code of Honor 2  
483.1   5211C06  	 	 Lecture Series 22: SOP for Theta Clearing  
484  	 5211C07    LS-3  	 Have as Homo Sapiens and as Thetans, Clearing by Communication  
485  	 5211C07    LS-3  	 Have as Homo Sapiens and as Thetans, Part II  
486  	 5211C10    LPC-1A  	 Introduction to the Course - Definitions of Dianetics and Scientology 1  
486.1   5211C10    LPC-1A  	 Introduction to the Course - Definitions of Dianetics and Scientology 2 
487  	 5211C10A   L&A-1&2  	 Introduction - The Q List and Beginning of Logics  
488  	 5211C10B   L&A-3&4  	 Logics 1-7  
489  	 5211C12A   L&A-5&6  	 Precision Knowledge -Necessity to Know Technology and Law  
490  	 5211C12B   L&A-7&8  	 Logics 7-9 and 10-23  
491  	 5211C12C   LPC-2  	 8-8008 Continued, Time and Space  
492  	 5211C14    LPC-3  	 Time, Create, Destroy, Have  
493  	 5211C14B   LPC-4&5  	 Standard Operating Procedure, Issue 2, Steps 7, 6 & 5  
494  	 5211C14C   LPC-6&7  	 SOP Issue 2, Step 5, (cont.) and Creative Processing Assessment  
495  	 5211C14D   LS-4A  	 Be, Have, Do (time, space, energy in relation to do), Part I (1017A?)  
496  	 5211C14E   LS-4B  	 Be, Have, Do (cont.), Part II  
497  	 5211C16    LS-5  	 MEST-Self-MEST Universe in Connection with Creative Processing  
498  	 5211C17    LPC-8  	 A R C  
499  	 5211C17    LPC-8A  	 A R C (cont.)  
500  	 5211C17A   LPC-9  	 ARC, Motion, Emotion, Tone Scale, Flows, Ridges, Part I  
501  	 5211C17A   LPC-9  	 ARC, Motion, Emotion, Tone Scale, Flows, Ridges, Part II  
502  	 5211C17B   LPC-10  	 Creative Processing - the basic Anatomy of Creative processing, MEST  
503  	 5211C17B   LPC-10  	 Creative Processing, Part II  
504  	 5211C17C   LPC-11  	 Ridges  
505  	 5211C17C   LPC-11  	 Ridges, Self-Determinism, Tone Scales  
506  	 5211C19A   LPC-12  	 Attention, Part I  
507  	 5211C19B   LPC-13  	 Attention, Part II  
508  	 5211C19C   LPC-14  	 The Control of the Individual by an Unknown (Sound)  
509  	 5211C19C   LPC-14A  	 What is Cause?  
510  	 5211C19D   LPC-15  	 Responsibility (see 2197)  
511  	 5211C19D   LPC-15  	 Responsibility (cont.), Tone Scale of Responsibility  
512  	 5211C20A   LPC-16  	 Creative Processing, Lecture 1, Validation of MEST, Have and Agree  
513  	 5211C20B   LPC-17  	 Creative Processing, Lecture 2, Validation of MEST, Have and Agree  
514  	 5211C20C   LPC-18  	 Creative Processing Directed Toward Breaking the PC's Agreement  
515  	 5211C20    LPC-18A  	 Creative Processing (cont.)  
516  	 5211C20D   LPC-19  	 Creative Processing (cont.), Lecture 4  
517  	 5211C20    LPC-19A  	 Creative Processing Directed Toward...(cont.)  
518  	 5211C21    LPC-20  	 Assessment of PC - The Dynamics: Be, Have, Do  
519  	 5211C21    LPC-21  	 Creative Processing - How Different Levels of the Tone Scale React in  
520  	 5211C21    LPC-21A  	 Structure and Function as Regards Mechanisms of Processing - 
521  	 5212C01A   PDC-1  	 Scientology: How to Understand and Study It  
522  	 5212C01B   PDC-2  	 E-Meter: Description, Demonstration  
523  	 5212C01C   PDC-3  	 Creative Processing, Demo of E-Meter Auditing  
524  	 5212C02A   PDC-4  	 Locks, Secondaries, Engrams, How To Handle  
525  	 5212C02B   PDC-5  	 Gradient Scales of Handling Space, Energy and Objects  
526  	 5212C02C   PDC-6  	 The "Q": Highest Level of Knowledge, Axioms, Energy Phenomena of  
527  	 5212C02D   PDC-7  	 A Thetan Creates (MEST) by Postulates - Q2  
528  	 5212C03A   PDC-8  	 The Track of Thetan/G.E., Space/Time  
529  	 5212C03B   PDC-9  	 Anatomy of Processing - Energy Phenomena/Sensation  
530  	 5212C03C   PDC-10  	 Specific Parts of Self-Determinism, Spacation  
531  	 5212C04A   PDC-11  	 Spacation: Energy Particles and Time  
532  	 5212C04B   PDC-12  	 Spacation: Locating, Space, Time  
533  	 5212C04C   PDC-13  	 Spacation: Anchor Points, Origin  
534  	 5212C04D   PDC-14  	 The Logics: Methods of Thinking  
535  	 5212C04E   PDC-15  	 The Logics: Infinity-Valued Logic  
536  	 5212C05A   PDC-16  	 Cycles of Action  
537  	 5212C05B   PDC-17  	 The Tone Scale: Moving the PC up the Scale  
538  	 5212C05C   PDC-18  	 The Conditions of Space/Time/Energy  
539  	 5212C06A   PDC-19  	 Axioms and Logics - Further Data  
540  	 5212C06B   PDC-20  	 Formative State of Scientology: Definition of Logic  
541  	 5212C08A   PDC-21  	 ARC/Cycles: Theory and Automaticity  
542  	 5212C08B   PDC-22  	 More on Automaticity  
543  	 5212C08C   PDC-23  	 ARC, Force, Be/Do/Have  
544  	 5212C09A   PDC-24  	 What's Wrong With This Universe: A Working Package for Auditor  
545  	 5212C09B   PDC-25  	 Flows: Reverse Vector of Physical Universe  
546  	 5212C09C   PDC-26  	 Flows: Characteristics of  
547  	 5212C09D   PDC-27  	 Flows: The Part Force Bears in Clearing  
548  	 5212C09E   PDC-28  	 Flows: The Part Force Bears in Clearing  
549  	 5212C09                 Plus and Minus (could be the same as 4 above)  
550  	 5212C10A   PDC-29  	 Flows: Patterns of Interaction  
551  	 5212C10B   PDC-30  	 Flows: Rate of Change, Relative Size, Anchor Points  
552  	 5212C10C   PDC-31  	 Flows: Basic Agreement and Prove It!  
553  	 5212C10D   PDC-32  	 Flows: Dispersals and Ridges  
554  	 5212C10E   PDC-33  	 Anatomy of Genetic Entity  
555  	 5212C11    	         Single Data and Its Evaluation  
556  	 5212C11A   PDC-34  	 8-8008: Understanding the Phenomena  
557  	 5212C11B   PDC-35  	 The D.E.I. Scale  
558  	 5212C11C   PDC-36  	 Structure/Function: Selective Variations of  
559  	 5212C11D   PDC-37  	 Chart of Attitudes: Rising Scales Processing  
560  	 5212C11E   PDC-38  	 Rising Scale Processing'  
561  	 5212C12A   PDC-39  	 Game Processing  
562  	 5212C12B   PDC-40  	 Games/Goals  
563  	 5212C12C   PDC-41  	 SOP Issue 3: Postulate, Creative Process  
564  	 5212C13A   PDC-42  	 Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)  
565  	 5212C13B   PDC-43  	 On Auditing - How to Succeed/Fail, Assess  
566  	 5212C13C   PDC-44  	 SOP: Assessment (cont.)  
567  	 5212C13D   PDC-45  	 Development of Scientology: Characteristics of Living Science  
568  	 5212C13E   PDC-46  	 Goal: Rehabilitation of Thetan, Case Step 1  
569  	 5212C15A   PDC-47  	 SOP Issue 5  
570  	 5212C15B   PDC-48  	 SOP Spacation  
571  	 5212C15C   PDC-49  	 SOP Spacation (cont.)  
572  	 5212C16A   PDC-50  	 SOP Spacation Step 3, Flow Processing  
573  	 5212C16B   PDC-51  	 SOP Issue 5  
574  	 5212C16C   PDC-52  	 Memory (Not Human Memory)  
575  	 5212C16D   PDC-53  	 Memory and Automaticity  
576  	 5212C17A   PDC-54  	 Summary to Date: Handling Step 1 and Demo  
577  	 5212C17B   PDC-55  	 Demonstration on Step One (cont.)  
578  	 5212C17C   PDC-56  	 Discussion of Demo: Above Agreement With Flows  
579  	 5212C17D   PDC-57  	 Continued Demonstration Step 4  
580  	 5212C18A   PDC-58  	 About the "Press" Tone Level: Psychometry  
581  	 5212C18B   PDC-59  	 Chart of Havingness  
582  	 5212C18C   PDC-60  	 How to Talk About Scientology  
583  	 5212C18D   PDC-61  	 How to Talk to Friends About Scientology  
584  	 5212C18E   PDC-62  	 Your Own Case: To You The Student  


Ref Nr.  Date Code Lecture Code  Lecture Title
585  	 53xxCxx         	 Exteriorization - Interiorization  
586  	 53xxCxx    GR/PROC  	 Group Processing  
587  	 53xxCxx  	 	 Power of Choice  
588  	 53xxCxx  	 	 Raising Abilities  
588.1   53xxCxx  	 	 Cycle of Action 817 5312C28  
589  	 53xxCxx    LGC-1  	 Educational System, How to Group Process  
590  	 53xxCxx    LGC-2  	 History of the Organization, Self Analysis  
591  	 53xxCxx    LGC-3  	Mechanics of the Mind, Source of Data, Group Auditing and the Tone Scale
592  	 53xxCxx    LGC-4  	 Gradient Scale, Admiration Particle  
592.1   5301C10  	 	 IIIA Q & A - Demo  
593  	 5301C12A   PDC Sup-A  	 Agree and Disagree - Have, Not Have  
594  	 5301C12C   PDC Sup-B  	 Anchor Points - Driving Them In and Out  
595  	 5301C13    LGC-5  	 Creative Processing  
596  	 5301C14         	 Group Processing and Individual Processing  
597  	 5301C14A   PDC Sup-1  	 SOP 5 Long Form Step I: Quality of Mock-ups at Different Levels of Tone Scale 
598  	 5301C14B   PDC Sup-2  	 Processing of Step I: Cyclic Aspect of Scientology Research  
599  	 5301C15    LGC-6  	 Mock-Up, Certainty, Group Processing  
600  	 5301C16A   PDC Sup-3  	 SOP 5 Long Form Step II: Stage Fright, Commanding People  
601  	 5301C16B   PDC Sup-4  	 Demonstration  
602  	 5301C19A   PDC Sup-5  	 SOP Clearing Long Form Step III: Differentiation on Theta Clearing  
603  	 5301C19B   PDC Sup-6  	 SOP Long Form Step III (cont.): Spacation  
604  	 5301C21A   PDC Sup-7  	 SOP Long Form Step IV: Gita, Case Conditions  
605  	 5301C21B   PDC Sup-8  	 SOP 5 Long Form Step IV (cont.)  
606  	 5301C23A   PDC Sup-9  	 SOP 5 Long Form Step V  
607  	 5301C23B   PDC Sup-10 	 SOP 5 Long Form Step VI  
608  	 5301C23C   PDC Sup-11 	 Concluding Long Form of Step V - Admiration Processing  
609  	 5303Cxx    GR/PROC  	 Group Processing  
610  	 5303Cxx  	 	 Notes on 18 Hours  
611  	 5303C23A   SPRL-1  	 Review of Dianetics/Scientology and Para-Dianetics/Scientology  
612     5303C23B   SPRL-2  	 What's Wrong with the PC  
613  	 5303C24A   SPRL-3  	 SOP Issue 5: Steps 1 to 7  
614  	 5303C24B   SPRL-4  	 SOP Issue 5: (cont.)  
615  	 5303C25A   SPRL-5  	 The Elements With Stress on How to Run Matched Terminals  
616  	 5303C25B   SPRL-6  	 The Elements With Stress on How To Run Matched Terminals  
617  	 5303C26A   SPRL-7  	 How and When to Audit  
618  	 5303C26B   SPRL-8  	 Present Time  
619  	 5303C27A   SPRL-9  	 SOP Utility  
620  	 5303C27B   SPRL-10  	 SOP Utility (cont.)  
621  	 5303C27C   SPRL-11  	 Beingness, Agreement, Hidden Influences, Processes  
622  	 5303C27D   SPRL-12  	 Types of Processes (cont.)  
623  	 5304C07A   SPRL-13  	 Data on Case Level 5, Step for Case 5  
624  	 5304C07B   SPRL-14  	 Data on Case Level 5, (cont.)  
625  	 5304C07C   SPRL-15  	 Exteriorization - Demonstration and Explanation  
626  	 5304C07D   SPRL-16  	 Demonstration (cont.)  
627  	 5304C08A   SPRL-17  	 Case Level 6 & 7  
628  	 5304C08B   SPRL-18  	 Case Level 6 & 7, Psychotic (cont.)  
629  	 5304C24A   SPRL-19  	 The Factors  
630  	 5304C24B   SPRL-20  	 SOP-8  
631  	 5305C21    BL-1  	 Three Universes  
632  	 5305C21    BL-2  	 Three Universes (cont.)  
633  	 5305C21    BL-3  	 Tone Scale - ARC, Present Time  
634  	 5305C21    BL-4  	 Tone Scale (cont.)  
635  	 5309C03  	 	 Training Auditors  
636  	 5309C23    LONLECT  	 G.E.Track, Exteriorization  
637  	 5309C30A   ICDS-1  	 History and Development of Dianetics  
638  	 5309C30B   ICDS-2  	 The Problem to Be Solved/ The Elements of a Problem  
639  	 5310C01A   ICDS-3  	 Processing and Its Goals  
640  	 5310C01B   ICDS-4  	 The Most Favorable Processes  
641  	 5310C01C   ICDS-5  	 SOP-8  
642  	 5310C01    ICDS-5A  	 Demo - the Use of Q & A (also PHC 40) (794)  
643  	 5310C01D   ICDS-6  	 SOP-8  
644  	 5310C02A   ICDS-7  	 SOP-8, Additonal Material  
645  	 5310C02B   ICDS-8  	 SOP-8, Step 1, 2, 3  
646  	 5310C02C   ICDS-9  	 SOP-8  
647  	 5310C03    ICDS-10  	 Six Steps to Better Beingness  
648  	 5310C03B   ICDS-11  	 Uses and Future of Scientology  
649  	 5310C03C   ICDS-12  	 Processes for Rough Cases  
650  	 5310C04A   ICDS-13  	 Wasting  
651  	 5310C04B   ICDS-14  	 Effort  
652  	 5310C06A   ICL-1A  	 Looking, Definition of a Static  
653  	 5310C07AA  ICL-1B  	 Q & A, Step V (1ACC-2)  
654  	 5310C08AA  ICL-2A  	 Exteriorization (1ACC-3)  
655  	 5310C08BA  ICL-2B  	 Thetan Control, Part I - Handling Occlusion (1ACC-4)  
656  	 5310C08CA  ICL-2B  	 Thetan Control, Part II - Handling Occlusion  
657  	 5310C08CA  ICL-3A  	 Occlusion, Resolve of (1ACC-5)  
658  	 5310C09AA  ICL-3B  	 Psychosis, Classification of Cases (1ACC-6)  
659  	 5310C09BA  ICL-4A  	 Occluded Case (1ACC-7)  
660  	 5310C12AA  ICL-4B  	 Exteriorization, Difficult Cases (1ACC-8)  
661  	 5310C12BA  ICL-5A  	 SOP: Step II (1ACC-9)  
662  	 5310C12CA  ICL-5B  	 SOP: Step II (cont.) (1ACC-10)  
663  	 5310C13AA  ICL-6A  	 Anesthesia in Bodies (1ACC-11) (Part I)  
664  	 5310C13AA  ICL-6A-I  	 Anesthesia in Bodies (cont.)  
665  	 5310C13BA  ICL-6B  	 Anesthesia in Bodies (cont.)(1ACC-12) (Part III)  
666  	 5310C14AA  ICL-7A  	 Randomity, Control and Prediction, Part I (1ACC-13)  
667  	 5310C14BA  ICL-7B  	 Randomity, Control and Prediction, Part II (1ACC-14)  
668  	 5310C14CA  ICL-8A  	 Inverted Dynamics (1ACC-15)  
669  	 5310C15    AICL-8B  	 Thinking Action, Machines (1ACC-16)  
670  	 5310C16AA  ICL-9A  	 Subjective Processes - Perimeter Processing (1ACC-17)  
671  	 5310C16BA  ICL-9B  	 Subjective Processes (cont.) (1ACC-18)  
672  	 5310C16CA  ICL-10A  	 Subjective Processes - Why a Thetan is stuck in a Body, AR 54 Ping  
673  	 5310C17AA  ICL-10B  	 Thinking Processes (1ACC-20)  
674  	 5310C17BA  ICL-11A  	 Forget and Remember, Good and Evil (1ACC-21)  
675  	 5310C19AA  ICL-11B  	 Forget and Remember, Good and Evil (cont.) (1ACC-22)  
676  	 5310C19BA  ICL-12A  	 Change Processes, Action (1ACC-23)  
677  	 5310C19CA  ICL-12B  	 Change Processes (cont.) (1ACC-24)  
678  	 5310C20    AICL-13A  	 Certainty of Anchor Points Processing (1ACC-25)  
679  	 5310C21    AICL-13B  	 Liabilities of Being Processed (1ACC-26)  
680  	 5310C21    AICL-14A  	 Processing to Step I (1ACC-27)  
681  	 5310C21    AICL-14B  	 Speed-up - Wasting (1ACC-28)  
682  	 5310C22    AICL-15A  	 Wasting Effort, etc. (1ACC-29)  
683  	 5310C22    AICL-15B  	 Wasting Efforts (cont.), Looking (1ACC-30)  
684  	 5310C23    AICL-16A  	 Looking (1ACC-31)  
685  	 5310C23    AICL-16B  	 Charge Processing (1ACC-32)  
686  	 5310C26AA  ICL-17A  	 Restimulation of Engrams, Experiences (1ACC-33)  
687  	 5310C26BA  ICL-17B  	 An Assumption, Lines, Chords, Havingness (1ACC-34)  
688  	 5310C26CA  ICL-18A  	 Time, Assumption, Facsimiles, Overt Acts, DEDs (1ACC-35)  
689  	 5310C27AA  ICL-18B  	 Fixed Attention, Duplication, How to Audit Children (1ACC-36)  
690  	 5310C27BA  ICL-19A  	 Assessment, Memories, Ridges: Demo: Acceptance Level Processing  
691  	 5310C27CA  ICL-19B  	 Acceptance Level Processing (cont.) (1ACC-38)  
692  	 5310C28AA  ICL-20A  	 Case Reports, SOP-8C, SOP-8L (1ACC-39)  
693  	 5310C28BA  ICL-20B  	 SOP-8L (cont.) (1ACC-40)  
694  	 5310C28CA  ICL-21A  	 Anchor Points, Space, Games, Indicated Drills of Processes (1ACC-41) 
695  	 5310C29AA  ICL-21B  	 Spacation, Anchor Point and Attention (1ACC-42)  
696  	 5310C29BA  ICL-22A  	 Study of the Particle (1ACC-43)  
697  	 5310C29CA  ICL-22B  	 Study of the Particle (cont.) (1ACC-44)  
698  	 5310C30A   ICL-23A  	 The Particle with Regard to Time (cont.) (1ACC-45)  
699  	 5310C30BA  ICL-23B  	 Consideration, Extent of Viewpoint, Step II (1ACC-46)  
700  	 5310C30CA  ICL-24A  	 Part 1 - How to Run Change Processing (1ACC-47)  
701  	 5310C30DA  ICL-24AA  	 Part 2 - Considerations and the MEST Universe (1ACC-47A)  
702  	 5311C02AA  ICL-24B  	 "Cause and Effect, Automaticity, Ridges" Processing (1AAC-48)  
703  	 5311C02BA  ICL-25A  	 Occluded Case Reports - Black Spot Processing, Certainty (1ACC-49) 
704  	 5311C03AA  ICL-25B  	 The Logics - Their Relation to Aberration and Space (1ACC-50)  
705  	 5311C03BA  ICL-26A  	 Anchor Points and Space (cont.) (1ACC-51)  
706  	 5311C03CA  ICL-26B  	 The Logics - Part 2 (1ACC-52)  
707  	 5311C04AA  ICL-27A  	 Randomity and Automaticity, Process to Resolve (1ACC-53)  
708  	 5311C04BA  ICL-27B  	 Process to Resolve Randomity and Automaticity (cont.) (1ACC-54)  
709  	 5311C04CA  ICL-28A  	 Process to Resolve Randomity and Automaticity (cont.) (1ACC-55)  
710  	 5311C05AA  ICL-28B  	 Certainty (1ACC-56)  
711  	 5311C05BA  ICL-29A  	 Communication - ARC - Demonstration (1ACC-57)  
712  	 5311C05CA  ICL-29B  	 Communication - ARC - Demo - Space (cont.) (1ACC-58)  
713  	 5311C06AA  ICL-30A  	 Inverted Dynamics, Inflow-Outflow, Material, Time (1ACC-58A)  
714  	 5311C06BA  ICL-30AA  	 Inverted Dynamics (cont.) (1ACC-59)  
715  	 5311C06CA  ICL-30B  	 Space (1ACC-60)  
716  	 5311C06DA  ICL-30BB  	 Demonstration: Havingness, Energy, etc. (1ACC-60A)  
717  	 5311C09AA  ICL-31A  	 Randomity, Anchor Points, etc (1ACC-61)  
718  	 5311C09BA  ICL-31B  	 Randomity, Anchor Points, etc (cont.) (1ACC-62)  
719  	 5311C09CA  ICL-31BB  	 Exteriorization by Feeling (1ACC-62A)  
720  	 5311C09DA  ICL-32A  	 Exteriorization by Feeling (cont.) (1ACC-63)  
721  	 5311C10AA  ICL-32B  	 Types of Processes, Space, Create-Destroy (1ACC-64)  
722  	 5311C10BA  ICL-33A  	 SOP-8C Steps (1ACC-65)  
723  	 5311C10CA  ICL-33B  	 SOP-8C Steps (cont.) (1ACC-66)  
724  	 5311C11AA  ICL-34A  	 Group Processing (1ACC-67)  
725  	 5311C11BA  ICL-34B  	 Future Processing (1ACC-68)  
726  	 5311C11A   ICL-35A  	 Questions: SOP-8C, 3 Universes, SOP-8, Significanses, Exteriorization  
727  	 5311C12AA  ICL-35B  	 Process to Use on Cases, Gradient Scales (1ACC-70)  
728  	 5311C12BA  ICL-36A  	 Process to Run by Gradient Scale on Specifis Cases (1ACC-71)  
729  	 5311C12CA  ICL-36AA  	 Self-Determinism in Relation to a Thetan (1ACC-71A)  
730  	 5311C12DA  ICL-36B  	 Gradient Scale Straightwire (cont.) (1ACC-72)  
731  	 5311C12EA  ICL-37A  	 Gradient Scale Straightwire Demo (cont.) (1ACC-73)  
732  	 5311C12FA  ICL-37B  	 Gradient Scale Straightwire Demo (cont.) (1ACC-74)  
733  	 5311C13AA  ICL-38A  	 Final talk on First Course (1ACC-75)  
734  	 5311C13BA  ICL-38B  	 Last Lecture of Advanced Course, Camden 1953, Reviewing Students'  
735  	 5311C13CA  ICL-38C  	 Group Processing After Afternoon Lecture  
736  	 5311C17A   2ACC-1A  	 Opening Lecture: Emotional Tone Scale  
737  	 5311C17B   2ACC-1B  	 SOP-8C First Lecture  
738  	 5311C17C   2ACC-2A  	 Getting Up Speed - Part I  
739  	 5311C17D   2ACC-2B  	 Getting Up Speed - Part II  
740  	 5311C18A   2ACC-3A  	 Step I of 8-C, Beingness  
741  	 5311C18B   2ACC-3B  	 Black Mock-Ups Persistence, MEST  
742  	 5311C18C   2ACC-4A  	 Step II, Automaticities  
743  	 5311C18D   2ACC-4B  	 Waste a Machine  
744  	 5311C19A   2ACC-5A  	 Effects, Reaching End of Cycle  
745  	 5311C19B   2ACC-5B  	 More on Machines  
746  	 5311C20A   2ACC-6A  	 Resistance to Effect  
747  	 5311C20B   2ACC-6B  	 Plan of Auditing  
748  	 5311C23A   2ACC-7A  	 Formula "Phi", Creation of MEST  
749  	 5311C23B   2ACC-7B  	 Summary of Steps I, II, III of SOP-8C  
750  	 5311C24A   2ACC-8A  	 Anchor Points, Knowingness of Location  
751  	 5311C24B   2ACC-8B  	 Steps 5, 6, 7; Duplication, Unconsciousness (aka the Death Wish)  
752  	 5311C24C   2ACC-8BX  	 Additonal Remarks  
753  	 5311C25A   2ACC-9A  	 Steps 5, 6, 7; Time  
754  	 5311C25B   2ACC-9B  	 SOP-8C, Summary of  
755  	 5311C25    2ACC-9  	 Machines, Attention (could be same tape as above)  
756  	 5311C26A   2ACC-10A  	 Electronic Theory, Anchor Points  
757  	 5311C26B   2ACC-10B  	 Exteriorization  
758  	 5311C26C   2ACC-10BX  	 Additional Remarks  
759  	 5311C27A   2ACC-11A  	 Anchor Points, Justice  
760  	 5311C27B   2ACC-11B  	 Symbols  
761  	 5311C28A   2ACC-12A  	 Wasting Machines  
762  	 5311C28    2ACC-12B  	 Machine Duplication  
763  	 5311C28B   2ACC-12  	 Demonstration Group Processsing  
764  	 5311C28C   2ACC-12  	 Special Session - Experimental Process  
765  	 5311C28D   2ACC-12  	 2nd Demonstration: Group Processing  
765.1   5311C29    2ACC  	 Group Processing on Wasting Machines  
766  	 5311C30A   2ACC-12BX  	 Additional Remarks - Experimental Session  
767  	 5311C30B   2ACC-13AA  	 Space, Perception, Knowingness  
768  	 5311C30    2ACC-BA  	 MEST, Universe, Agreements - Time, a Single Terminal - Barriers Problems 
769  	 5312C01    2ACC-13B  	 Space, Lack of, Persistence  
770  	 5312C02A   2ACC-14A  	 Ron Junior Remarks on 2ACC-13 A & B  
771  	 5312C02B   2ACC-14B  	 Blackness  
772  	 5312C03A   2ACC-15A  	 Time as a Barrier  
773  	 5312C03B   2ACC-15B  	 Time, Cause and Effect  
774  	 5312C03C   2ACC-15BX  	 Additional Remarks  
775  	 5312C04A   2ACC-16A  	 Plan of SOP-8C  
776  	 5312C04B   2ACC-16B  	 LRH Questions the Class on Exteriorization  
777  	 5312C07A   2ACC-17A  	 Barriers, Occlusion  
778  	 5312C07B   2ACC-17B  	 Outline of SOP-8C  
779  	 5312C08A   2ACC-18A  	 Essence of SOP-8C  
780  	 5312C08B   2ACC-18B  	 Problems of Auditing  
781  	 5312C09A   2ACC-19A  	 Summary: The Dynamics  
782  	 5312C09B   2ACC-19B  	 Bodies  
783  	 5312C10A   2ACC-20A  	 Knowingness  
784  	 5312C10B   2ACC-20B  	 SOP-8C: General Discussion  
785  	 5312C11A   2ACC-21A  	 SOP-8C: Patter  
786  	 5312C13A   2ACC-21B  	 Force - Part I 
787  	 5312C13B   2ACC-22A  	 Force - Part II  
788  	 5312C14A   2ACC-22B  	 SOP-8C: Step 8, Definitions  
789  	 5312C14B   2ACC-23A  	 Cause and Effect, Assignment of Cause, G.E.  
790  	 5312C15A   2ACC-23B  	 SOP-8C: Step 5  
791  	 5312C15B   2ACC-24A  	 Energy Problems  
792  	 5312C16A   2ACC-24B  	 Technique, Which Do or Do Not Assign Cause
793  	 5312C16B   2ACC-25A  	 Comm-Line: Overt Act-Motivator Sequence  
794  	 5312C17A   2ACC-25B  	 SOP-8C: Formulas  
795  	 5312C17B   2ACC-26A  	 Space Opera  
796  	 5312C18A   2ACC-26B  	 The Only One  
797  	 5312C18B   2ACC-27A  	 Beingness (also PHC 41 & 42)  
798  	 5312C18  	 	 Philadelphia 1953 last hour (possibly 5212C18) (514)  
799  	 5312C19C   2ACC-27B  	 SOP-8C: General  
800  	 5312C19    2ACC-28A  	 Mass  
801  	 5312Cxx  	 	 Mocking Up Mass, Putting It on Head (could be same as tape 5312C19)  
802  	 5312C20A   2ACC-28B  	 Communicating  
803  	 5312C20B   2ACC-29A  	 Auditing by SOP-8C, Formula H  
804  	 5312C20C   2ACC-29B  	 Reach/Withdraw  
805  	 5312C21A   2ACC-30A  	 Ability to Accept Direction  
806  	 5312C21B   2ACC-30B  	 Knowingness and Certainty  
807  	 5312C21C   2ACC-30B  	 State of Man Today  
808  	 5312C21D   2ACC-30D  	 Group Processing  
809  	 5312C22A   2ACC-31A  	 Remedy of Havingness  
810  	 5312C22B   2ACC-31B  	 Postulates (also PHC 43 & 44)  
811  	 5312Cxx         	 Chart of Attitudes  
812  	 5312Cxx  	 	 Exteriorization - Group Auditing  
813  	 5312Cxx  	 	 Group Auditing - Tone Scale  
814  	 5312C22C  	 	 Organization of Man  
815  	 5312C22D  	 	 Group Processing  
816  	 5312C23  	 	 Problem of Auditing Handled  
817  	 5312C28  	 	 Cycle of Action  
818  	 5312C28    PHC-1  	 Goals of Scientology  
819  	 5312C28    PHC-2  	 Goals of Scientology (cont.)  
820  	 5312C28    PHC-2A  	 Mock-Ups, Energy  
821  	 5312C28    PHC-3  	 Basic Theory of Definitions  
822  	 5312C28    PHC-4  	 Basic Theory of Definitions (cont.), Group Processing  
823  	 5312C28    PHC-5  	 Group Processing  
824  	 5312C28    PHC-6  	 Group Processing  
825  	 5312C28    PHC-7  	 How to Be A Group Auditor  
826  	 5312C28    PHC-8  	 How to Be A Group Auditor  
827  	 5312C28    PHC-9  	 Group Processing  
828  	 5312C28    PHC-10  	 Group Processing (cont.)  
829  	 5312C29    PHC-11  	 Create, Survive, Destroy Curve  
829.1   5312C29    PHC-11A  	 Group Process  
830  	 5312C29    PHC-12  	 Duplication  
831  	 5312C29    PHC-13  	 Use of SOP-8C  
832  	 5312C29    PHC-14  	 Use of SOP-8C  
833  	 5312C29    PHC-15  	 Role of the Auditor  
834  	 5312C29    PHC-16  	 Demonstration (Group Processing)  
835  	 5312C29    PHC-17  	 Group Processing - Short Lecture  
836  	 5312C29    PHC-18  	 Group Processing  
837  	 5312C29    PHC-19  	 Design of SOP-8C: Process for Groups, Percentages of Successes and Failures 
838  	 5312C29    PHC-20  	 SOP-8C (cont.)  
839  	 5312C29    PHC-21  	 Group Process  
840  	 5312C29    PHC-22  	 Group Process  
841  	 5312C29  	 	 Havingness  
842  	 5312C30    PHC-23  	 Talk on E-Meter  
843  	 5312C30    PHC-24  	 Talk on E-Meter  
844  	 5312C30    PHC-25  	 Automaticity  
845  	 5312C30    PHC-26  	 Beingness  
846  	 5312C30    PHC-27  	 Title not known  
847  	 5312C30    PHC-28  	 Title not known  
848  	 5312C30    PHC-29  	 Title not known  
849  	 5312C30    PHC-30  	 Title not known  
850  	 	 	 (see 860)  
851  	 5312C30    PHC-31  	 Group Processing  
852  	 5312C30    PHC-32  	 Group Processing  
853  	 5312C31    PHC-33  	 Step 5, SOP-8C (Group Processing)  
854  	 5312C31    PHC-34  	 Emotions in MEST (Group Processing)  
855  	 5312C31    PHC-35  	 Group Processing, Short Lecture  
856  	 5312C31    PHC-36  	 Group Processing  
857  	 5312C31    PHC-37  	 Group Processing, Step I, SOP-8C  
858  	 5312C31    PHC-38  	 Through Barriers to Nothingness  
859  	 5312CM     PHC  	 Group Processing - Reach and Withdraw Across the Dynamics  
860  	 5312C31    PHC-39  	 Group Processing for HAS Associate Groups  


Ref Nr.  Date Code Lecture Code  Lecture Title
861  	 54xxCxx  	 	 Lecture 2, Valences  
862  	 54xxCxx  	 	 Lecture 6, Facsimiles - Solids  
863  	 54xxCxx  	 	 Lecture 18, Chronic Somatics  
864  	 54 or 55  	 	 The Dynamics - OT/ARC - As-isness  
865  	 54xxCxx    GR/PROC  	 Group Session - Reaching and Withdrawing  
866  	 54xxCxx  	 	 Illusion Processing  
867  	 54xxCxx  	 	 Reach and Withdraw (5312C20C?)  
868  	 54xxCxx  	 	 Resistive Level 5's  
869  	 54xxCxx  	 	 Space and the PC and Self-Determinism  
870  	 54xxTCxx  	 	 Remedy of Havingness  
871  	 54xxTCxx  	 	 Exteriorization Stabilization  
872  	 5401C04    3ACC-1  	 Introduction to 3rd ACC  
873  	 5401C04    3ACC-2  	 Perception and Ownership  
874  	 5401C05    3ACC-3  	 Communication and Not Over-Instruction the Pc  
875  	 5401C05    3ACC-4  	 Boredom, Pace of Living, Truth  
876  	 5401C05    3ACC-5  	 Symbols and a Group Processing Demo  
877  	 5401C06    3ACC-6A  	 Symbols and a Group Processing Demo (cont.)  
878  	 5401C06    3ACC-6B  	 Symbols and a Group Processing Demo (cont.)  
879  	 5401C06    3ACC-7  	 Processing Demo: Randomity Plus Automaticity  
880  	 5401C07    3ACC-8  	 Communication  
881  	 5401C07    3ACC-9  	 Anchor Points, Flows  
882  	 5401C08    3ACC-10  	 Exterior from Masses  
883  	 5401C11    3ACC-11  	 How to Know What the Pc Is Doing, Opening Procedure plus Variations  
884  	 5401C11    3ACC-12  	 Exteriorization, Theory and Demo  
885  	 5401C11    3ACC-13  	 Exteriorization Demo (cont.)  
886  	 5401C11    3ACC-13B  	 Agreement, Motion & Perception  
887  	 5401C12    3ACC-14  	 Exteriorization and Motion, Acceptance and Rejection of Ideas  
888  	 5401C12    3ACC-15  	 Exteriorization, Lecture and Demo  
889  	 5401C12    3ACC-16  	 Exteriorization, Demo on Group  
890  	 5401C12    3ACC-17  	 Machines, Demonstration  
891  	 5401C12    3ACC-17SPL 	 Special Message, LRH to London Congress of Dianeticists & Scientologists 1-12-54
892  	 5401C13    3ACC-18  	 Competence of Prediction, Demo  
893  	 5401C13    3ACC-19  	 Competence of Predicition, Demo (cont.)  
894  	 5401C13    3ACC-20  	 Exteriorization: Step I, Procedure  
895  	 5401C14    3ACC-21  	 Labels: In Society and Preclears  
896  	 5401C14    3ACC-22  	 Labels: Beingness and Justice  
897  	 5401C14    3ACC-23  	 Labels: Beingness and Justice (cont.)  
898  	 5401C14    3ACC-24  	 Present Time, Self Analysis  
899  	 5401C15    3ACC-25  	 Present Time, (cont.)  
900  	 5401C15    3ACC-26  	 Present Time, (cont.) & Demo  
901  	 5401C18    3ACC-27  	 Time: Barrier  
902  	 5401C18    3ACC-28  	 Time: Basic Processes on  
903  	 5401C18    3ACC-29  	 Time: Sense, Particles, Survival Place  
904  	 5401C18    3ACC-29-1  	 Processing Time on A Group  
905  	 5401C19    3ACC-30  	 Summary of Course to Date  
906  	 5401C19    3ACC-31  	 Exteriorization: Demonstration  
907  	 5401C19    3ACC-32  	 Comm by Emotion: Flows, Ridges  
908  	 5401C19D   3ACC-32-1  	 Group Processing  
909  	 5401C20    3ACC-33  	 E-Meter, Use of  
910  	 5401C20    3ACC-34  	 Audio (Beep) Meter Demonstration  
911  	 5401C20    3ACC-35  	 Exteriorization, Communication in Theta & MEST  
912  	 5401C21    3ACC-36  	 Livingness Processing Series  
913  	 5401C21    3ACC-37  	 Livingness Processing Series (Dyingness)  
914  	 5401C22    3ACC-38  	 Livingness Processing Series (Machinery)  
915  	 5401C22    3ACC-39  	 Livingness Processing Series (Demo)  
916  	 5401C22  	 	 Introduction to Congress (N.Y. Congress Intro - LRH)  
917  	 5401C25    3ACC-40  	 Goals of 8-0 (OT) Abilities  
918  	 5401C25    3ACC-41  	 Basic Data on 8-0 (OT)  
919  	 5401C26    3ACC-42  	 Exteriorization, Knowingness, Reality  
920  	 5401C26    3ACC-42A  	 Instruction, Simplicity - Static & Zero, Science, Reason Why  
921  	 5401C27    3ACC-43  	 O.T., Inversion: Courage and Mobility  
922  	 5401C28    3ACC-44  	 Exteriorization: Courage and Serenity  
923  	 5401C28    3ACC-45  	 Courage Processing  
924  	 5401C29    3ACC-46  	 Parked Personality: Exteriorization, Stuck Flows  
925  	 5401C29    3ACC-47  	 Simple Basis of Evaluating Cases  
926  	 5402C01    3ACC-48  	 Exteriorization, Taking Direction  
927  	 5402C01    3ACC-49  	 Processing Havingness Lecture  
928  	 5402C02    3ACC-50  	 Havingness Series (cont.) - Acceptance and Rejection of Havingness  
929  	 5402C02    3ACC-51  	 Havingness Series (cont.): Comm Lines  
930  	 5402C03    3ACC-52  	 Havingness Series (cont.): Ownership  
931  	 5402C03    3ACC-53  	 Repairing a Case & Demo  
932  	 5402C04    3ACC-54  	 Review on Havingness & Demo  
933  	 5402C04    3ACC-55  	 Certainty: Maybes, Problems, Entrance  
934  	 5402C05    3ACC-56  	 Endowment of Livingness: Extroverting Attention  
935  	 5402C05    3ACC-57  	 Group Processing on Certainty, 8 Dynamics  
936  	 5402C08    3ACC-58  	 Summary of Course Data & Machinery  
937  	 5402C08    3ACC-59  	 Group Processing, Automaticities  
938  	 5402C09    3ACC-60  	 Auditing Groups  
939  	 5402C09    3ACC-61  	 Group Processing on Class: Barriers  
940  	 5402C09    3ACC-62  	 Short Discussion & Group Processing Demo  
941  	 5402C10    3ACC-63  	 Group Processing on Class: Being MEST  
942  	 5402C10    3ACC-64  	 Group Processing on Class: Black/White  
943  	 5402C10    3ACC-65  	 Group Processing on Class: Being MEST  
944  	 5402C11    3ACC-66  	 Group Processing on Class: Things to Be  
945  	 5402C11    3ACC-67  	 Group Processing on Class: Resist Effect  
946  	 5402C11    3ACC-68  	 Group Processing: Exterior  
947  	 5402C11    3ACC-69  	 Group Processing on Class: Sound  
948  	 5402C12    3ACC-70  	 Group Processing on Class: Balance  
949  	 5402C12    3ACC-71  	 Group Processing on Class: Time  
950  	 54xxCxx    4ACC  	 Axioms  
951  	 54xxCxx    4ACC  	 Smooth Comm Bridge in Auditing  
952  	 5402C15    4ACC-1  	 Introduction to 4th American ACC  
953  	 5402C16    4ACC-2  	 Group Processing: Ownership  
954  	 5402C17    4ACC-3  	 Group Processing: Not Suppressing Time  
955  	 5402C17    4ACC-4  	 Exteriorization Demonstration Processes  
956  	 5402C17    4ACC-5  	 Demonstration Process  
957  	 5402C18    4ACC-6A  	 Group Processing: Spotting Things  
958  	 5402C18    4ACC-6B  	 Group Processing: Spotting Things  
959  	 5402C18    4ACC-7A  	 Demonstration  
960  	 5402C18    4ACC-7B  	 Group Processing: Things Telling Where Things Were (Are?)  
961  	 5402C19    4ACC-8  	 Group Processing: Demonstration  
962  	 5402C19    4ACC-9  	 Group Processing: 2nd Dynamic  
963  	 5402C19    4ACC-10  	 Group Processing: Imagination  
964  	 5402C22    4ACC-11  	 Group Processing: Straightwire, Energy  
965  	 5402C22    4ACC-12  	 Group Processing: Consideration  
966  	 5402C23    4ACC-13  	 Group Processing: Certainty  
967  	 5402C23    4ACC-14  	 Group Processing: Ownership  
968  	 5402C24    4ACC-15  	 Group Processing: Time  
969  	 5402C24    4ACC-16  	 Group Processing: Stabilization Process  
970  	 5402C25    4ACC-17  	 Group Processing: Goals, Duplicating  
971  	 5402C25    4ACC-18  	 Group Processing: Being and Giving  
972  	 5402C26    4ACC-19  	 Group Processing: Havingness  
973  	 5402C26    4ACC-20  	 Group Processing: Changing Ideas  
974  	 5403C01    4ACC-21  	 Group Processing Series A: Be, Do, Have  
975  	 5403C01    4ACC-22  	 Group Processing Series A: Time  
976  	 5403C02    4ACC-23  	 Group Processing Series A: Certainties  
977  	 5403C02    4ACC-24  	 Group Processing Series A: Exteriorization  
978  	 5403C02    4ACC-25  	 Group Processing Series A: Courage  
979  	 5403C02    4ACC-26  	 Group Processing Series A: Location  
980  	 5403C03    4ACC-27  	 Group Processing Series B: Sound  
981  	 5403C03    4ACC-28  	 Group Processing Series B: Light/Sound  
982  	 5403C03    4ACC-29  	 Group Processing Series B: 3rd Hour  
983  	 5403C04    4ACC-30  	 Group Processing Series B: Spaces  
984  	 5403C04    4ACC-31  	 Group Processing Series B: Attention  
985  	 5403C04    4ACC-32  	 Group Processing Series B: Work  
986  	 5403C05    4ACC-33  	 Group Processing Series C: Putting Things  
987  	 5403C05    4ACC-34  	 Group Processing Series C: Putting Things (cont.)  
988  	 5403C05    4ACC-35  	 Group Processing Series C: Putting Things (cont.)  
989  	 5403C05    4ACC-36  	 Group Processing Series C: Beingness  
990  	 5403C09    4ACC-37  	 Group Processing Series C: Basic Process  
991  	 5403C09?   4ACC-37B  	 Beingness  
992  	 5403C11    4ACC-38  	 Group Processing Series C: Beingness  
993  	 5403C11    4ACC-39  	 Group Processing Series C: Unknown Title  
994  	 5403C12    4ACC-40  	 Group Processing Series C: SOP-8C  
995  	 5403C12    4ACC-41  	 Group Processing Series C: Similarities and Definitions  
996  	 5403C15    4ACC-42  	 Group Processing Series D: 1st Hour  
997  	 5403C15    4ACC-43  	 Group Processing Series D: Talk/Beingness  
998  	 5403C15    4ACC-44  	 Group Processing Series D: Talk/Beingness  
999  	 5403C16    4ACC-45  	 Group Processing Series D: 2nd Hour  
1000  	 5403C16    4ACC-46  	 Group Processing Series D: Talk/Beingness  
1001  	 5403C16    4ACC-47  	 Group Processing Series D: Outline of Process  
1002  	 5403C17    4ACC-48  	 Group Processing Series D: 3rd Hour  
1003  	 5403C17    4ACC-49  	 Group Processing Series D: Evaluation  
1004  	 5403C17    4ACC-50  	 Group Processing Series D: Invalidation  
1004.1  5403C17D   4ACC-50A  	 Certificates and Degrees  
1005  	 5403C18    4ACC-51  	 Group Processing Series D: 4th Hour  
1006  	 5403C18    4ACC-52  	 Group Processign Series D: Duplication & Communication  
1007  	 5403C18    4ACC-53  	 Group Processing Series D: Following Orders (Orders & Duplication)  
1008  	 5403C19    4ACC-54  	 Group Processign Series D: 5th Hour - Something, Nothing  
1009  	 5403C19    4ACC-55  	 Group Processing Series D: Senior Processes  
1010  	 5403C19    4ACC-56  	 Group Processing Series D: Lecture on Processes  
1011  	 5403C22    4ACC-57  	 Group Processing Series D: 6th Hour - Importances  
1012  	 5403C22    4ACC-58  	 Group Processing Series D: Lecture - What Your PC Is Trying to Do  
1013  	 5403C22    4ACC-59  	 Group Processing Series D: Lecture/PC  
1014  	 5403C23    4ACC-60  	 Universe Series: How to Crack Any and All Cases  
1015  	 5403C23    4ACC-61  	 Universe Series: Beingness  
1016  	 5403C23    4ACC-62  	 Universe Series: Beingness  
1017  	 5403C24    4ACC-63  	 Universe Series: Group Processing  
1018  	 5403C24    4ACC-64  	 Universe Series: Beingness and Protection  
1019  	 5403C24    4ACC-65  	 Universe Series: Prediction  
1020  	 5403C25    4ACC-66  	 Universe Series: Communication  
1021  	 5403C25    4ACC-67  	 Universe Series: Outline of Processes  
1022  	 5403C25    4ACC-68  	 Universe Series: More on Processes  
1023  	 5403C26    4ACC-69  	 Universe Series: Group Processing  
1024  	 5403C26    4ACC-70  	 Universe Series: Morals, Laws, Codes  
1025  	 5403C26    4ACC-71  	 Universe Series: How Not To Get Results  
1026  	 5403C29    4ACC-72  	 Universe Series: Evolution & Use of Self-Analysis  
1027  	 5403C30    5ACC-1  	 Universes  
1028  	 5403C30    5ACC-2  	 Simple Processes  
1029  	 5404C01    5ACC-3  	 Basic Simple Procedures  
1030  	 5404C02    5ACC-4  	 Presence of An Auditor  
1031  	 5404C05    5ACC-5  	 Group Processing: Safe Place for Things  
1032  	 5404C06    5ACC-6  	 Lecture: Universes  
1033  	 5404C07    5ACC-7  	 Universe: Basic Definitions  
1034  	 5404C08    5ACC-8  	 Universe: Processes, Experience  
1035  	 5404C09    5ACC-9  	 Universe: Conditions of the Mind  
1036  	 5404C12    5ACC-10  	 Universe: Change and Rehabilitation  
1037  	 5404C13    5ACC-11  	 Universe: Manifestation  
1038  	 5404C14    5ACC-12  	 SOP-8D Universe Manifestation  
1039  	 5404C15    5ACC-13  	 SOP-8D Exteriorization and Stabilization  
1040  	 5404C15    5ACC-13B  	 SOP-8D Certainty Assessment  
1041  	 5404C16    5ACC-14  	 SOP-8D: Lecture  
1042  	 5404C19    5ACC-15  	 SOP-8D: Process, Universe Assessment  
1043  	 5404C19    5ACC-15B  	 Process: Area Assessment  
1044  	 5404C20    5ACC-16  	 SOP-8D: Process, Remedying Havingness  
1045  	 5404C21    5ACC-17  	 SOP-8D: Elements of Auditing  
1045.1  5404C21  	 	 Area Assessment - Reach & Withdraw  
1045.2  5404C21    GPSpec  	 Reach for Present Time  
1046  	 5404C21    GPSpec-1  	 Exteriorization and Stabilization  
1047  	 5404C21    GPSpec-2  	 Exteriorization and Stabilization (cont.)  
1048  	 5404C21    GPSpec-3  	 Remedy of Havingness  
1049  	 5404C21    GPSpec-4  	 Remedy of Havingness (cont.)  
1050  	 5404C21    GPSpec-5  	 Certainty Assessment on All Dynamics  
1051  	 5404C21    GPSpec-6  	 Processing on Certainty  
1052  	 5404C21    GPSpec-7  	 Universes: Assessment  
1053  	 5404C21    GPSpec-8  	 Universes: Assessment (cont.)  
1054  	 5404C22    5ACC-18  	 SOP-8D  
1055  	 5404C23    5ACC-19  	 SOP-8D  
1056  	 5404C26    5ACC-20  	 SOP-8D: General Handling of the PC  
1057  	 5404C28    5ACC-21  	 SOP-8D: Anchor Points and Space  
1058  	 5404C28    5ACC-22  	 SOP-8D: Space and Havingness  
1059  	 5404C28    BD-1  	 Sample Recording - Proposed Radio Talk Intro - 1 min 55 secs  
1060  	 5404C29    5ACC-23  	 SOP-8D: Space  
1061  	 5404C30    5ACC-24  	 SOP-8D  
1062  	 5405C03    5ACC-25  	 
1063  	 5405C04    5ACC-26  	 SOP-8D: Be, Do, Have Straightwire  
1064  	 5405C05A   PLS-1  	 Efficacy of Processes (see 1067)  
1065  	 5405C05B   PLS-1  	 Remedying Reasons Why  
1066  	 5405C05C   PLS-2  	 Rundown of Processes (see 1046 - PLS-3)  
1067  	 5405C05    5ACC-27  	 Efficacy of Processes  
1068  	 5405C06    5ACC-27  	 Anatomy of Universes  
1069  	 5405C06         	 Remedying Reasons Why  
1070  	 5405C07    5ACC-28  	 Energy - Exteriorization  
1071  	 5405C10    6ACC-1  	 Introduction, Materials and Publications  
1072  	 5405C11    6ACC-2  	 Affinity, Reality, Communication  
1073  	 5405C11    6ACC-3  	 Significance, Symbols, Orientation (PRO-22)  
1074  	 5405C11    6ACC  	 Goals of Scientology in Processing  
1075  	 5405C12    6ACC-4  	 Goals of the Auditor  
1076  	 5405C12    6ACC-4B  	 Practical Applications of the Definitions of Scientology  
1077  	 5405C12    6ACC-5  	 Basic Definitions  
1078  	 5405C13    6ACC-6  	 Definitions: Cycle of Action and Time  
1079  	 5405C13    6ACC-7  	 SOP-8C by Defintions  
1080  	 5405C14    6ACC-8  	 Randomity, Surprise & Prediction, Automaticity, Beingness  
1081  	 5405C14    6ACC-9  	 Remedy of Havingness  
1082  	 5405C14    6ACC-9A  	 Command Postulates  
1083  	 5405C14    6ACC-9B  	 Opening Procedure of 8C  
1084  	 5405C17    6ACC-10  	 Simple Processes, Specifics  
1085  	 5405C17    6ACC-11  	 Simple Processes, Summary  
1086  	 5405C18    6ACC-12  	 Barriers  
1087  	 5405C18    6ACC-13  	 Barriers, Processing of; PTP, Help  
1088  	 5405C19    6ACC-14  	 Third Dynamics  
1089  	 5405C19    6ACC-14A  	 Communication and the Dynamics  
1090  	 5405C19    6ACC-15  	 Imagination, Viewpoint Processes  
1091  	 5405C20    6ACC-16  	 How to Put Procedure Together  
1092  	 5405C20    6ACC-17  	 Definitions of A-R-C  
1093  	 5405C20    6ACC-17A  	 First Dynamic  
1094  	 5405C20    BC-2  	 Special Radio Broadcast: Introduction Talk for the Scientology Road Show 
1095  	 5405C21    6ACC-18  	 Consideration and Intention  
1096  	 5405C21    6ACC-19  	 Seminar  
1097  	 5405C22  	 	 Be, Do, Have (Straightwire?) Scientology (423?)  
1098  	 5405C24    6ACC-20  	 Conduct of the Auditor, Communication Lag  
1099  	 5405C25    6ACC-21  	 Conduct of the Auditor, Older Therapies  
1099A   5405C25    6ACC-21A  	 Connecting Point Between Older Therapies and Auditing  
1100  	 5405C25    6ACC-22A  	 Valences  
1101  	 5405C25    6ACC-22B  	 Beingness Processing  
1102  	 5405C26    6ACC-23A  	 Third Dynamic ARC  
1103  	 5405C26    6ACC-23B  	 Command Process  
1104  	 5405C26    6ACC-24  	 Practical Aspects of Auditing  
1105  	 5405C27    6ACC-25  	 How to Do Viewpoint Straightwire  
1106  	 5405C27    6ACC-26  	 Demo Session - LRH  
1107  	 5405C28    6ACC-27  	 Demo Session - LRH  
1108  	 5405C28    6ACC-28  	 SOP-8D With Wheel, Know to Sex Scale  
1109  	 5405C28    6ACC-28A  	 Know to Sex Scale  
1110  	 5405C31    6ACC-29  	 Processing of Problems: Theta-MEST Theory  
1111  	 5405C31    6ACC-29A  	 Processing Attention, Beingness  
1112  	 5405C31    6ACC-30  	 Procedure 30 Series: Granting Beingness  
1113  	 5405C31    6ACC-30A  	 Procedure 30 Series: Issue I  
1114  	 5406C01    6ACC-31  	 Procedure 30 Series: Op Pro by Dup (PRO 19)  
1115  	 5406C01    6ACC-31A  	 Problems  
1116  	 5406C01    6ACC-32  	 Procedure 30 Series: Granting Beingness; also issued as PRO-21Granting Beingness 
1117  	 5406C02    6ACC-33  	 When to Use Procedure 30  
1118  	 5406C02    6ACC-33A  	 Procedure 30 Series: How to Process a Case  
1119  	 5406C02    6ACC-34  	 Procedure 30 Series: Granting Beingness  
1120  	 5406C02    6ACC-34A  	 Granting Beingness  
1121  	 5406C03    6ACC-35  	 Study of Man: Demo of Procedure 30  
1122  	 5406C03    6ACC-36  	 Consideration: Time, Beginning and End  
1123  	 5406C04    6ACC-37  	 Know to Sex Scale: The Mind and the Tone Scale  
1124  	 5406C04    6ACC-38  	 Imagination and Abilities  
1125  	 5406C05    PLS-3  	 Human Evaluation  
1126  	 5406C05    UPC-1  	 Opening Lecture - History of Dianetics and Scientology  
1127  	 5406C05    UPC-2  	 Procedure 30 - Duplication  
1128  	 5406C05    UPC-3  	 Theta MEST Theory - Tone Scale, Freedom, Space, etc  
1129  	 5406C06    UPC-4  	 Group Processes: Procedure 30, Step 1 - Op Pro by Dup; PRO-19  
1130  	 5406C06    UPC-5  	 Lecture and Processing  
1131  	 5406C06    UPC-6  	 Group Processing (look at that Object)  
1132  	 5406C07    6ACC-32A  	 Granting Beingness (cont.)  
1133  	 5406C07    UPC-7  	 Scientology Workbook - Journal of Scientology 31-G  
1134  	 5406C07    UPC-8  	 Processing Procedure 30, Step 3 (Granting of Beingness) Session I  
1135  	 5406C07    UPC-9  	 Processing (Granting of Beingness) Session II  
1136  	 5406C07    UPC-10  	 Group Processing (What Do - Didn't Have)  
1137  	 5406C07    UPC-11  	 Theta-MEST Theory - Being a Problem Aspect  
1138  	 5406C08    UPC-12  	 Group Processing (Solution to Something)  
1139  	 5406C08    UPC-13  	 Processes of Exteriorization  
1140  	 5406C08    UPC-14  	 Group Processing (Straight Exteriorization Process)  
1141  	 5406C09    6ACC-39  	 Energy: Distractions of  
1142  	 5406C10    6ACC-40  	 Basic Elements of Scientology  
1143  	 5406C11    6ACC-41  	 Procedure 30: Handling of Cases  
1144  	 5406C11    6ACC-41A  	 Processing Solutions: Procedure 30, Issue III  
1145  	 5406C11    6ACC-42  	 Basic Impulses  
1146  	 5406C11    6ACC-42A  	 Basic Impulses (cont.)  
1147  	 5406C12        	 Ron's Life  
1148  	 5406C14    6ACC-43  	 General Lecture: Anchor Points, Viewpoints  
1149  	 5406C14    6ACC-44  	 Energy Machines, Survival  
1150  	 5406C15    6ACC-45  	 Functional Processes  
1151  	 5406C15    6ACC-45A  	 Types and Forms of Commands  
1152  	 5406C15    6ACC-46  	 Dependency, Part I & II  
1153  	 5406C16    6ACC-47  	 Capabilities of Thetan, Rough & Easy Cases, Drills for Thetan Consideration
1154  	 5406C16    6ACC-48  	 Contact with the Public  
1154.1  5406C16    6ACC-49A  	 Make Break Point of Cases  
1155  	 5406C17    6ACC-49  	 Betrayal, Ridicule, the Game Cycle  
1156  	 5406C17    6ACC-49A  	 Betrayal, Ridicule, the Game Cycle (cont.)  
1157  	 5406C17    6ACC-50A  	 Assists - Part 1  
1158  	 5406C17    6ACC-50B  	 Assists - Part 2  
1159  	 5406C17A   6ACC-50  	 Lecture: On Group Processing  
1160  	 5406C17B   6ACC-50  	 Training of Auditors  
1161  	 5406C18    6ACC-51  	 Summary: Training Processing  
1162  	 5406C18    6ACC-51A  	 Summary: Processing Demon  
1163  	 5406C18    6ACC-52  	 Certificates and Degrees  
1164  	 5406C23    7ACC-1A  	 Opening Procedure 8C  
1165  	 5406C23    7ACC-1B  	 Further Uses of Opening Procedure 8C  
1166  	 5406C24    7ACC-2  	 Summary of Plan of Course  
1167  	 5406C25    7ACC-3  	 Review of Procedure: PTP, ARC Straightwire, Two way Comm  
1168  	 5406C25    7ACC-3A  	 Review of Procedure: Starting a Session, Two way Comm  
1169  	 5406C25    7ACC-4A  	 Opening Procedure of 8D: Demonstration  
1170  	 5406C25    7ACC-4B  	 Opening Procedure of 8D: Demonstration (cont.)  
1171  	 5406C28    7ACC-5A  	 Exteriorization  
1172  	 5406C28    7ACC-5B  	 Exteriorization (cont.)  
1173  	 5406C29    7ACC-6A&B  	 General Lecture: Straightwire, Communication  
1174  	 5406C30    7ACC-7  	 Rundown of Essentials  
1175  	 5406C30    7ACC-7A  	 Group Processing  
1176  	 5406C30    7ACC-8  	 Group Processing and Lecture, Something, Nothing  
1177  	 5407Cxx    PRO 19&20  	 
1178  	 5407C01    7ACC-9  	 Group Processing: Communication, Duplication, Spotting Spots  
1180  	 5407C01    7ACC-10  	 Exteriorization by Distance, Cause  
1181  	 5407C01    7ACC-10A  	 Exteriorization, Distance and Time  
1182  	 5407C04    7ACC-39  	 Scientology and Living; also issued as PRO-26  
1183  	 5407C05    7ACC-11  	 Things in Time and Space  
1184  	 5407C05    7ACC-11A  	 A Bright Resistive Case  
1185  	 5407C05    7ACC-12  	 The Role of Laughter in Processing - Dangerousness  
1186  	 5407C06    7ACC-13  	 Remedy of Havingness and Spotting Spots; also issued as PRO-23  
1186.1  5407C06    7ACC-14A  	 Intensive Procedure Outline Issue I  
1187  	 5407C06    7ACC-14  	 ARC, Time, Life and Universe  
1188  	 5407C07    7ACC-15  	 Intensive Procedure: Lecture 1  
1189  	 5407C07    7ACC-15A  	 Intensive Procedure: Lecture 2  
1190  	 5407C07    7ACC-16  	 Intensive Procedure: Lecture 3  
1191  	 5407C07    7ACC-16A  	 Intensive Procedure: Lecture 4, Basic Processes, Patter  
1192  	 5407C09    7ACC-17  	 The Nature and Effect of Communication in Games  
1193  	 5407C09    7ACC-17A  	 Communication and Barriers in Society and the PC  
1194  	 5407C12    7ACC-18  	 Two Types of Cases  
1195  	 5407C12    7ACC-18A  	 Time: Havingness  
1196  	 5407C12    7ACC-19  	 Intensive Procedure: Nothing-Something  
1197  	 5407C13    7ACC-19A  	 Auditor's Code in Practice  
1198  	 5407C14A   7ACC-20  	 Power of Life and Death  
1199  	 5407C14B   7ACC-20A  	 Application of Theory to Cases. Life & Death Only One  
1200  	 5407C15    7ACC-21  	 The Difference Between a Good and a Bad Auditor, Part I  
1201  	 5407C15B   7ACC-21A  	 SOP-8D: Its Application  
1202  	 5407C15C   7ACC-22  	 A SOP-8D: Orientation Points  
1203  	 5407C15    7ACC-22A  	 Training of Auditors  
1204  	 5407C16    7ACC-23  	 Teaching Formula: Duplication  
1205  	 5407C19    7ACC-24  	 Duplication: Religious Aspects of Scientology; also titled Scientology:  
1206  	 5407C19    7ACC-25A  	 Scientology and Civilization; also titled - Scientology: Its General  
1207  	 5407C19    7ACC-25B  	 Scientology and Civilization; also titled - Scientology: Its General  
1208  	 5407C20    7ACC-26  	 Bridge Between Scientology and Civilization  
1209  	 5407C20    7ACC-27A  	 What A Student Should Know; also issued as PRO-4 Consideration,  
1210  	 5407C20    7ACC-27B  	 What A Student Should Know (cont.); also issued as PRO-5 - 
1211  	 5407C23    7ACC-28A  	 The Four Conditions of Existence; also issued as PRO-6 - Isness  
1212  	 5407C23    7ACC-28B  	 The Four Conditions of Existence (cont.); also issued as PRO-7  
1213  	 5407C23    7ACC-29A  	 The Most Elementary Process - The Four Conditions of Existence  
1214  	 5407C23    7ACC-29B  	 The Most Elementary Process - The Four Conditions of Existence  
1215  	 5407C23    7ACC-30  	 The Four Conditions (cont.); also issued as PRO-10 and PRO-11  
1216  	 5407C26    7ACC-31A  	 Two-way Comm and the Present Time Problem; also issued as PRO-17  
1217  	 5407C26    7ACC-31B  	 Opening Procedure of 8C; also issued as PRO-18  
1217.1  5407C27C   7ACC-31?  	 Q & A Period  
1217.2  5407C27D   7ACC-31C  	 Handling of Theta Bodies  
1217.3  5407C27E   7ACC-31D  	 Things An Auditor Should Know  
1218  	 5407C27    7ACC-32  	 Afternoon Lecture remarks especially on Telepathy and ESP  
1219  	 5407Cxx    7ACC-33  	 Title Unknown  
1220  	 5407Cxx    7ACC-34  	 Title Unknown  
1221  	 5407C28    7ACC-35A  	 Description Processing; also issued as PRO-24  
1222  	 5407C28    7ACC-35B  	 Group Processing; also issued as PRO-25  
1223  	 5407Cxx    7ACC-36  	 Title Unknown  
1224  	 5407Cxx    7ACC-37  	 Time; also issued as PRO-12  
1225  	 5407Cxx    7ACC-37B  	 Types of Processes; PRO-18  
1226  	 5407C30    7ACC-38  	 Control (?)  
1227  	 5407C04?   7ACC-39  	 Scientology and Living; also issued as PRO-26  
1228  	 5407C30    CONF  	 Certificates of Dianetics and Scientology  
1229  	 5408C20    AX-1  	 Axioms, Part I; also issued as PRO-13  
1230  	 5408C20    AX-2  	 Axioms, Part II; also issued as PRO-14  
1231  	 5408C20    AX-3  	 Axioms, Part III; also issued as PRO-15  
1232  	 5408C20    AX-4  	 Axioms, Part IV; also issued as PRO-16  
1233  	 5408C28    PLS-2  	 The Auditor's Public  
1234  	 5409C14    LECT-1&2  	 Dianetic Group Processing  
1235  	 5409C15    LECT-1  	 Church of Scientology Training Program and Lecture on Group Processing 
1236  	 5410C04    8ACC-1A  	 Introduction: Organization of Scientology  
1237  	 5410C04    8ACC-1B  	 Organization of Scientology  
1238  	 5410C05    8ACC-2  	 Two-way Comm, Straightwire, 8-C  
1239  	 5410C05    8ACC-3  	 Basic Elements of Processing  
1240  	 5410C06    8ACC-4  	 Two-way Communication  
1241  	 5410C07    8ACC-5A  	 Elementary Straightwire  
1242  	 5410C07    8ACC-5B  	 Intensive Processing  
1243  	 5410C08    8ACC-6  	 Opening Procedure of 8-C  
1244  	 5410C08    PIP-1  	 Route 1, Step 4  
1245  	 5410C08    PIP-2  	 Route 1, Step 5  
1246  	 5410C10    PIP-3  	 Route 1, Step 6  
1247  	 5410C10    PIP-4  	 Route 1, Step 7  
1248  	 5410C10    PIP-5  	 Route 1, Step 8  
1249  	 5410C10    PIP-6  	 Route 1, Step 9  
1250  	 5410C10    PIP-7  	 Route 1, Step 10  
1251  	 5410C10    PIP-8  	 Route 1, Step 11  
1252  	 5410TC18A  PIP-9  	 Route 1, Step 12  
1253  	 5410TC18B  PIP-10  	 Route 1, Step 13  
1254  	 5410TC18C  PIP-11  	 Route 1, Step 14  
1255  	 5410TC18D  PIP-12  	 Route 1, Step 15  
1256  	 5410C11    8ACC-7  	 Opening Procedure by Duplication - ARC, Must & Mustn't Happen Again - Phy - STB Hour Basic Course of Scientology 
1257  	 5410C12    8ACC-8  	 Remedy of Havingness  
1258  	 5410C13A   8ACC-8  	 Step II SOP-8  
1259  	 5410C13B   8ACC-9  	 Spotting Spots  
1260  	 5410C13  	 	 Retraining Unit Reel 8C & 8D (missing end)  
1261  	 5410TC13B & C  	 Retraining Unit B & C  	
1262  	 5410C13    8ACC-9  	 Demo of Step II  
1263  	 5410C14A   8ACC-10  	 Creation of Human Ability, Route II  
1264  	 5410C14B   8ACC-10A  	 Group Processing (Creation of Human Ability)  
1265  	 5410C15    8ACC-11  	 Creation of Human Ability, Route I  
1266  	 5410C18    8ACC-12  	 Creation of Human Ability, Route I  
1267  	 5410C19    8ACC-13  	 Axioms of Dianetics  
1268  	 5410C20    PLS  	 On Comprehending the Incomprehensible  
1269  	 5410C20A   8ACC-14  	 The Parts of Men, Overt Acts & Motivators (see 1655)  
1270  	 5410C20B   PPS-1  	 "Rising Scale" on the Tone Scale and "Find Something Incomprehensible 
1271  	 5410C20C   PPS-1A  	 Group Processing  
1272  	 5410C21    8ACC-15  	 Route 2: Overt-Motivator Sequence  
1273  	 5410C21    8ACC-16  	 Route 2-61, Good and Evil - Spotting Spots; Route 2-62, Overt- Motivator - Remedy of Havingness
1274  	 5410C22    8ACC-17  	 Two-way Communication  
1275  	 5410C25    8ACC-18  	 Communication and Straightwire  
1276  	 5410C26    8ACC-19  	 Survive  
1277  	 5410C27    PLS-21  	 Life of Dynamics  
1278  	 5410C27A   8ACC-20  	 Hypnotism  
1279  	 5410C27B   PLS  	 Pricipal Difference Between Scientology and Dianetics  
1280  	 5410C27    PPS-2  	 "Electing Cause" - Something You Can't Control"  
1281  	 5410C28    8ACC-21  	 Process: What Would You Do If...?  
1282  	 5410C29    8ACC-22  	 The Factors  
1283  	 5411C01    8ACC-23  	 Two-way Communication  
1284  	 5411C02    8ACC-24  	 Homo Sapiens  
1285  	 5411C03    8ACC-25  	 Shame, Blame and Regret  
1286  	 5411C03B   PLS  	 Organization of Scientology  
1287  	 5411C04    8ACC-26  	 Title Unknown  
1288  	 5411C05    8ACC-27  	 Factors Present in Good and Bad Auditing  
1289  	 5411C08    8ACC-28  	 Non-Verbal Communication  
1290  	 5411C09    8ACC-29  	 Applications of Axioms to Auditing  
1291  	 5411C10    8ACC-30  	 Definitions: Axioms  
1292  	 5411C11    8ACC-31  	 Scope of Dianetics and Scientology  
1293  	 5411C12    8ACC-32  	 Question-and-Answer Period, Dissemination  
1294  	 5411C16    HCAP-1  	 Elementary Straightwire  
1295  	 5411C17    PPS-3  	 "Accept" and "Reject" (Group Processing)  
1296  	 5411C17    PLS  	 The Wrong Thing to Do is Nothing (Missed Beginning)  
1297  	 5411C17    HCAP-2  	 Backgrounds of Six Basic Steps  
1298  	 5411C18    HCAP-3  	 Elementary Straightwire  
1299  	 5411C19    HCAP-4  	 Remedy of Havingness  
1300  	 5411C22    HCAP-5  	 Levels of Case Ability  
1301  	 5411C23    HCAP-6  	 Addressing Groups and Starting Sessions  
1302  	 5411C24    PLS  	 Creation of Human Ability  
1303  	 5411C24    LECT  	 Accent on Ability (is same tape as above)  
1304  	 5411C24    PPS-4  	 Group Process -"Find Shortest Comm Line" - "Create A Memory"  
1305  	 5411C24    HCAP-7  	 Following Orders  
1306  	 5411C24    HCAP-8  	 Two-way Communication  
1307  	 5411C30    HCAP-9  	 Solving Cases  
1307.1  5412Cxx  	 	 How to Establish and Run a PE Course  
1308  	 5412C01    HCAP-10  	 Opening Procedure of 8-C  
1309  	 5412C01    PLS  	 Awareness of Awareness  
1310  	 5412C01    PPS-5  	 "Decide to be Silent" - "Find Some Secrets"  
1311  	 5412C01               	Dianetics 55, Chapter I
1312  	 5412C01  	 	 Dianetics 55, Chapter II  
1313  	 5412C01  	 	 Dianetics 55, Chapter III  
1314  	 5412C03    PLS  	 Title Unknown  
1315  	 5412C03    HCAP-11  	 Op Pro by Dup with Two-way Comm; also issued as Pro-20  
1316  	 5412C03  	 	 Dianetics 55, Chapter IV  
1317  	 5412C03  	 	 Dianetics 55, Chapter V  
1318  	 5412C04    HCAP-12  	 Last Lecture  
1319  	 5412C06    9ACC-1  	 Introduction to 9th ACC - Havingness  
1320  	 5412C07    9ACC-2  	 Essence of Auditing, Know to Mystery Scale  
1321  	 5412C08    9ACC-3  	 Rundown on Six Basics  
1322  	 5412C08    PPS-6  	 "Waiting", "Somthing You Can Associate with"  
1323  	 5412C08    PPS  	 Group Processing  
1324  	 5412C09    9ACC-4  	 Communication Formula  
1325  	 5412C10    9ACC-5  	 Practice of Dianetics and Scientology  
1326  	 5412C10  	 	 Dianetics 55, Chapter VI  
1327  	 5412C10  	 	 Dianetics 55, Chapter VII  
1328  	 5412C10  	 	 Dianetics 55, Chapter VIII  
1329  	 5412C10  	 	 Dianetics 55, Chapter IX  
1330  	 5412C13    9ACC-6  	 Conduct of the Auditor  
1331  	 5412C13  	 	 Dianetics 55, Chapter X  
1332  	 5412C14  	 	 Dianetics 55, Chapter XI  
1333  	 5412C14  	 	 Dianetics 55, Chapter XII  
1334  	 5412C14  	 	 Dianetics 55, Chapter XIII  
1335  	 5412C14  	 	 Dianetics 55, Chapter XIV  
1336  	 5412C14  	 	 Dianetics 55, Chapter XV  
1337  	 5412C14  	 	 Dianetics 55, Chapter XVI  
1338  	 5412C14    9ACC-7  	 Mechanics of Communication  
1339  	 5412C15    9ACC-8  	 Havingness  
1340  	 5412C15    PLS  	 Acceptance Level  
1341  	 5412C16    9ACC-9  	 Pan-Determinism and One-way Flows  
1342  	 5412C17    9ACC-9A  	 History and Development of Processes - Games and the Limitations in Games 
1343  	 5412C17B   9ACC-9B  	 Q & A Period  
1344  	 5412C  	 	 History of Processes (same lecture as the 9ACC-9A?)  
1345  	 5412C20    9ACC-10  	 Games (Fighting)  
1346  	 5412C21    9ACC-11  	 Anatomy of Games, Part A  
1347  	 5412C21B   9ACC-11A  	 Anatomy of Games, Part B  
1348  	 5412C22    9ACC-12  	 One-way Flows (In Processing)  
1349  	 5412C22B   9ACC-12A  	 Q & A Period  
1350  	 5412C22    9ACC-13  	 Q & A Period  
1351  	 5412C23    9ACC-13  	 Havingness and Communication Formula  
1352  	 5412C23    9ACC-13A  	 After-Lecture Comments  
1353  	 5412C24A   9ACC-14  	 Pan-Determinism  
1354  	 5412C24B   9ACC-14A  	 Q & A Period  
1355  	 5412C27A   9ACC-15  	 Training New People  
1356  	 5412C27B   9ACC-15A  	 Curiosa from Dianetics '55 & Q&A  
1357  	 54xxCxx    UC  	 Unification Congress: Communication - Dianetics '55  
1358  	 54xxCxx    UC  	 Unification Congress: Goals (UC-10?) (could be 54xxC29)  
1359  	 5412C28    UC-1  	 Introduction  
1360  	 5412C28    UC-2  	 Group Processing (incomplete)  
1361  	 5412C28    UC-3  	 History of Dianetics (Abilities vs Disabilities)  
1362  	 5412C28    UC-4  	 Dianetics '55  
1363  	 5412C28    UC-5  	 Communication and ARC  
1364  	 5412C29    UC-6  	 Games  
1365  	 5412C29    UC-7  	 Title Unknown  
1366  	 5412C29    UC-8  	 Title Unknown  
1367  	 5412C29    UC-9  	 Terminals and Communication  
1368  	 5412C29    UC-10  	 Errors in Communication - Aims & Goals of Dianetics and Scientology  
1369  	 5412C30    UC-11  	 Communication and Problems  
1370  	 5412C30    UC-12  	 Group Processing (Sub-zero Scale Relation to Scale of Awareness)  
1371  	 5412C30    UC-13  	 Processing: "Invent A Game"  
1372  	 5412C30    UC-14  	 Problems and Games  
1373  	 5412C30    UC-15  	 Title Unknown  
1374  	 5412C30    UC-16  	 Pan-Determinism (16th hour lecture says "last lecture of UC")  
1375  	 5412C31    UC-17  	 Title Unknown  
1376  	 5412C31    UC-18  	 Title Unknown  
1377  	 5412C31    UC-19  	 Title Unknown  
1378  	 5412C31    UC-20  	 Title Unknown  
1379  	 54 or 55  	 	 The Dynamics - OT/ARC - As-isness  
1379.1  54 or 55   Dn55 Supp1   Comm Formula  
1379.2  54 or 55   Dn55 Supp2   Fighting  
1379.3  54 or 55   Dn55 Supp3   Origin, Energy, Games  
1379.4  54 or 55   Dn55 Supp5   Remedy of Havingness  


Ref Nr.  Date Code Lecture Code  Lecture Title
1380  	 Spring 55  PRESS  	 Interview to Phoenix Press - LRH  
1381  	 55xxCxx  	 	 Elementary Straightwire  
1382  	 55xxCxx    DEMO  	 LRH Auditing - "What wouldn't you mind fighting"  
1383  	 55xxCxx  	 	 Two-way Comm  
1384  	 5501C01  	 	 Public Processing  
1385  	 5501C01  	 	 Special Group Processing  
1386  	 5501C03    9ACC-16  	 Auditing Requirements, Differences  
1387  	 5501C03    10ACC-1  	 Pan-Determinism of Auditors - Auditing Requirements  
1388  	 5501C04    10ACC-2  	 Pan-Determinism of Auditors - Time  
1389  	 5501C04    9ACC-16A  	 Time  
1390  	 5501C04C   9ACC-16AA  	 Q & A Period  
1391  	 5501C05    10ACC-3  	 Exteriorization by Gradient Scale, Remedy of Havingness - Adjusting Anchor Points (same as 9CC-17)  
1392  	 5501C05    10ACC-4  	 Title Unknown  
1393  	 5501C05    PLS-1  	 The Society at Large  
1394  	 5501C05    PPS  	 Group Processing  
1395  	 5501C05    9ACC-17  	 Auditing at Optimum  
1396  	 5501C06    9ACC-18  	 Exteriorization  
1397  	 5501C06    10ACC-5  	 Route 1 - Exteriorization (same as 9ACC-18)  
1398  	 5501C06    10ACC-6  	 Condensation of Know to Mystery Scale (same as 9ACC-19)  
1399  	 5501C07    10ACC-19  	 Elementary Material: Know to Mystery Scale  
1400  	 5501C10    10ACC-20  	 Education: Goals in Society - Adult Education  
1401  	 5501C10    CONF  	 Auditor's Conference  
1402  	 5501C10  	 	 Auditor's Conference Lecture Exteriorization Process  
1403  	 5501C11    9ACC-21  	 Fundamentals of Auditing  
1404  	 5501C11    10ACC-21A  	 Auditor's Conference  
1405  	 5501C12A   9ACC-22  	 Definition: Aberration, Vias, G.E.  
1406  	 5501C12  	 	 Processing Section  
1407  	 5501C12B   PLS-2  	 Games  
1408  	 5501C12C   PLS  	 ARC Triangle  
1409  	 5501C13    9ACC-23  	 Definitions: Glossary of Terms  
1410  	 5501C14    9ACC-24  	 Definitions, Perfect Duplication, Life Continuum  
1411  	 5501C16    3ICGB-1  	 Address to Congress Delegates by L. Ron Hubbard  
1412  	 5501C17A   9ACC-25  	 Auditing Demo: Six Basics in Action  
1413  	 5501C17B   9ACC-25A  	 Auditor's Conference  
1414  	 5501C18A   9ACC-26  	 Auditing Demo: Spotting Spots  
1415  	 5501C18B   9ACC-26A  	 Auditor's Conference  
1416  	 5501C19    9ACC-27  	 Auditing Demo: Exteriorization  
1417  	 5501C19    PLS-3  	 Communication and ARC Triangle  
1418  	 5501C19    PPS  	 Group Processing  
1419  	 5501C20    9ACC-28  	 Background Music to Living  
1420  	 5501C21    9ACC-29  	 Axioms - Laws of Consideration, What An Axiom Is  
1421  	 5501C26    PLS  	 Goals of Dianetics and Scientology (see 1429)  
1422  	 5501C26    PLS-4  	 Scientology and Auditors  
1423  	 5501C26    PPS  	 Alcoholism (Group Processing)  
1424  	 5502C02    PLS-5  	 Alcoholism (poor)  
1425  	 5502C02    PPS  	 Group Processing  
1426  	 5502C02    PPS  	 Variation on Six Basic Processes  
1427  	 5502C09    PLS-6  	 Miracles  
1428  	 5502C09    PPS  	 Session: Control of Body, Think A Thought  
1429  	 5502C12  	 	 Auditor's Conference  
1430  	 5502C23    PLPS-1  	 Scientology and Ability  
1431  	 5502C23    PPS  	 Group Processing  
1432  	 5502C23    PLPS-2  	 Session. "Find A Mystery"  
1433  	 5502C23    SAC?  	 Staff Auditors' Conference  
1434  	 5502C23  	 	 Basic Reason  
1435  	 5502C23  	 	 Auditor's Conference (on last part of Basic Reason reel)  
1436  	 5503C02    PLPS-3  	 Effienceny, Thought, Emotion and Effort  
1437  	 5503C08  	 	 History of Research and Investigation  
1438  	 5503C08    DEMO  	 Auditing Demo  
1439  	 5503C09    PLPS-4  	 Health and Certainty  
1440  	 5503C09    PLPS-5  	 Session: Only One, Things Real and Unreal  
1441  	 5503C09    PPS  	 Group Processing  
1442  	 5503C14    DEMO  	 LRH Auditing Demo  
1443  	 5503C14    DEMO  	 LRH Auditing Demo  
1444  	 5503C14    HPC-1  	 "Death Wish" The Only One (the mechanics and solutions of the occluded case) 
1445  	 5503C14    DEMO  	 Auditor's Conference  
1446  	 5503C15  	 	 How to Audit Paying PCs  
1447  	 5503C15    DEMO-A  	 Auditing Demo  
1448  	 5503C15    DEMO-B  	 LRH Auditing Demo  
1449  	 5503C16    DEMO  	 Knowingness  
1450  	 5503C16    DEMO  	 Demonstration - LRH  
1451  	 5503C16    DEMO  	 LRH Auditing Demo  
1452  	 5503C16    PLPS  	 What We Are Doing  
1453  	 5503C17    DEMO  	 LRH Auditing  
1454  	 5503C17    DEMO  	 LRH Auditing  
1455  	 5503C18    DEMO  	 LRH Auditing  
1456  	 5503C18    DEMO  	 LRH Auditing  
1457  	 5503C21    DEMO  	 Auditing Demo - LRH  
1458  	 5503C21    DEMO  	 Auditing Demo - LRH  
1459  	 5503C22    DEMO(PLPS) 	 Auditing Demo - LRH(Afternoon)  
1460  	 5503C22    DEMO  	 Auditing Demo - LRH(Afternoon)  
1461  	 5503C23    DEMO  	 Communication Lag  
1462  	 5503C23    DEMO  	 Auditing Demo - LRH  
1463  	 5503C23    DEMO  	 Auditing Demo - LRH  
1464  	 5503C23    DEMO  	 Auditing Demo - LRH  
1465  	 5503C23    PLPS-7&8  	 Scientology: A Technical Subject - Communication Lag, Principal Kinds Found in a PC 
1466  	 5503C24A   DEMO  	 Auditing Demo - LRH  
1467  	 5503C24B   DEMO  	 Auditing Demo - LRH  
1468  	 5503C25    DEMO  	 Auditing Demo - LRH  
1469  	 5503C25    DEMO  	 Auditing Demo - LRH  
1470  	 5503C26    HPC-2  	 Axiom 51  
1471  	 5503C28    DEMO  	 LRH Auditing Demo  
1472  	 5503C28    DEMO  	 LRH Auditing Demo  
1473  	 5503C29    DEMO  	 Afternoon Auditing Demo  
1474  	 5503C29    DEMO  	 Afternoon Auditing Demo  
1475  	 5503C30    PLPS-9  	 Conquered Territory (a summary of the achievements and directions of Scientology) 
1476  	 5503C30    PPS  	 Group Processing - Conquered Territory  
1477  	 5504C01    DEMO  	 LRH Auditing Demo  
1478  	 5504C01    DEMO  	 LRH Auditing Demo & Staff Auditors' Conference  
1479  	 5504C01    SAC-1  	 1rst Hour Staff Auditors' Conference Series  
1480  	 5504C02    PLPS  	 The Second Dynamic  
1481  	 5504C02    HPC-3  	 Axiom 51 in Action (The Creation and Uncreation of energy and masses by postulate; Knowingness and Communication) 
1482  	 5504C04    SAC-2  	 Scale of Awareness  
1483  	 5504C04    DEMO  	 LRH Auditing Demo  
1484  	 5504C06    PLPS-11  	 On the Second Dynamic  
1485  	 5504C06    PLPS-12  	 Session: "What could you say to..."  
1486  	 5504C06    PLS  	 Cause & Effect  
1487  	 5504C06    PLS  	 Cause & Effect Session  
1488  	 5504C07    DEMO  	 LRH Auditing Demo  
1489  	 5504C08    CONF  	 Staff Auditor Conference - Peggy's Report and Ron's Comments  
1490  	 5504C09    HPC-4  	 Consequences and a New Understanding of the Six Basic Processes  
1491  	 5504C13    PLPS-14  	 The Eight Dynamics  
1492  	 5504C13    PLPS-15  	 Session: Find Present Time  
1493  	 5504C16    HPC-5  	 Service Facsimiles (its handling by modern auditing)  
1494  	 5504C18  	 	 Dianetics and Scientology (Phoenix Congress)  
1495  	 5504C18    SAC-3  	 Auditors' Conference  
1496  	 5504C19    SAC-4  	 Auditors' Conference  
1497  	 5504C19    DEMO  	 LRH Auditing Demo  
1498  	 5504C20    PLPS-16  	 Para-Scientology - or Things That Go Boomp in the Night  
1499  	 5504C20    DEMO  	 LRH Auditing Demo  
1500  	 5504C20    PLPS-17  	 Session: Change and No-Change  
1501  	 5504C21    DEMO  	 Auditing Session - Demo Rud Session by LRH  
1502  	 5504C21    DEMO  	 Auditors' Conference  
1503  	 5504C23    HPC-6  	 Thinkingness  
1504  	 5504C25    DEMO  	 Demo Auditing Session LRH - Truth & Ownership  
1505  	 5504C26  	 	 Discussion & Education of the PC  
1506  	 5504C26    DEMO  	 Demo Auditing Session - "What Can You Get In and Out of Control"  
1507  	 5504C27    PLPS-18  	 The Direction of Modern Scientology  
1508  	 5504C27A   PLPS-19  	 Grey Dianetics  
1509  	 5504C27B   PLPS-20  	 Session: "Somethong you could say to people and Ownership"  
1510  	 5504C27C   DAS  	 Education on Problems - Who Doesn't Think You're Insane  
1511  	 5504C27D   DEMO  	 LRH Auditing and Discussion  
1512  	 5504C28    DAS  	 Demonstration Auditing - More Education on Ownership Process  
1513  	 5504C28    DAS  	 Demo-Auditing - Ownership Part IV  
1514  	 5504C29    DAS  	 LRH Discussion and Auditing of Onwership and Control  
1515  	 5504C29    DAS  	 LRH Discussion and Auditing of Ownership and Control, Part VI  
1516  	 5504C29    SAC  	 6th Hour Conference  
1517  	 5504C30    HPC-7  	 Ownership Processing  
1518  	 5505C02    SAC  	 Staff Auditors' Conference, Part A  
1519  	 5505C02    SAC  	 Staff Auditors' Conference, Part B  
1520  	 5505C02    ALS-Spec  	 Talk on "Think A Thought" in Connection with Ownership  
1521  	 5505C04    PLPS-21  	 Cause and Effect and Its Use in Processing  
1522  	 5505C04    PLPS-22  	 Session: Cause and Effect  
1523  	 5505C07    HPC-8  	 Beingness (the basic formula for happiness - a new process), Part I  
1524  	 5505C07         	 Auditing Session  
1525  	 5505C07    HPC-8A  	 Beingness, Part II, Auditing Tips  
1526  	 5505C08    DEMO  	 Auditing Session  
1527  	 5505C09    DEMO  	 Auditing  
1528  	 5505C10    DEMO  	 DAS  
1529  	 5505C11    PLPS-23  	 Operation Manual for the Mind  
1530  	 5505C11    PLPS-24  	 Session: "Enchantment" Processing  
1531  	 5505C11    PLPS-25  	 Lookingness and Cause  
1532  	 5505C13    DEMO  	 Auditing Demo, Part A & B  
1533  	 5505C14    HPC-9  	 The Tone Scale (an Important new understanding of the Tone Scale)  
1534  	 5505Cxx    DEMO  	 DAS  
1535  	 5505Cxx    HPC  	 Ron's Reports - Police Conference with Ron in Phoenix, Parts A & B  
1536  	 5505C17    HPC  	 Meaningfulness  
1537  	 5506C03    ASMC-1  	 Address of Welcome - The Hope of Man  
1538  	 5506C03    ASMC-2  	 Practicalities of a Practical Religion  
1539  	 5506C03    ASMC-3  	 History of Research and Investigation  
1540  	 5506C04    ASMC-4  	 Direction of Truth in Processing  
1541  	 5506C04    ASMC-5  	 The Tone Scale - Three Primary Buttons of Exteriorization  
1542  	 5506C04    ASMC-6  	 Group Processing - Meaningness  
1543  	 5506C04    ASMC-7  	 Composition of Beingness - Postulates, Exteriorization, Beingness  
1544  	 5506C04    ASMC-7A  	 After Lecture Q's & A's  
1545  	 5506C04    ASMC-8  	 Group Processing  
1546  	 5506C05    ASMC-9  	 The Descent of Man  
1547  	 5506C05    ASMC-10  	 How to Chart the Preclear, Knowingness and Unknowingness  
1548  	 5506C06    ASMC-11  	 Six Basic Steps - Some Fundamentals of Auditing  
1549  	 5506C06    ASMC-12  	 The Mechanisms of Ownership in Living (the ownership of information)  
1550  	 5506C06    ASMC-13  	 Group Processing - Additional Processing on Meaningness  
1551  	 5506C06    ASMC-14  	 The Game called Man  
1552  	 5506C06    ASMC-15  	 What Scientology is doing, Organizations, The Control and Direction of Man 
1553  	 5507C11    HCA  	 Seven Basic Steps (In this tape Ron describes the curriculum of the  
1554  	 5508C23    ALS-1  	 The Auditor's Public  
1555  	 5508C23    ALS-2  	 Axiom 53: The Axiom of the Stable Datum  
1556  	 5508C30    ALS-3  	 Rugged Individualism  
1557  	 5508C30    ALS-4  	 Union Station - R-46  
1558  	 5509C14    ALS-5  	 The Unknown Datum - a MEST shaking Lecture  
1559  	 5509C21    ALS-6  	 Postulates 1, 2, 3, 4, in Processing - a new understanding of Axiom 36  
1560  	 5510C03    4LACC-1  	 Fundamental of Scientology and Rudiments of Auditing  
1561  	 5510C03    4LACC-2  	 Fundamental of Scientology and Rudiments of Auditing  
1562  	 5510C04    4LACC-3  	 1st and 2nd Postulates in Living  
1563  	 5510C04    4LACC-4  	 1st to 4th Postulates in Living  
1564  	 5510C05    4LACC-5  	 Smoothness of Auditing  
1565  	 5510C05    4LACC-6  	 Smoothness of Auditing (cont.)  
1566  	 5510C06    4LACC-7  	 Communication and "I Don't Know" (confusion)  
1567  	 5510C06    4LACC-8  	 Stable Datum and Confusion  
1568  	 5510C07    4LACC-9  	 Relations to Time Continuum  
1569  	 5510C07    4LACC-10  	 Base Time and Continuum  
1570  	 5510C08    LPLS-1  	 Goals of Dianetics and Scientology (see 1300)  
1571  	 5510C08    LPLS-2  	 Individual to National Levels of Intention, Confusion and Communication  
1572  	 5510C10    4LACC-11  	 Establishing of the Auditor  
1573  	 5510C10    4LACC-12  	 Communication and the Subject of Communication  
1574  	 5510C11    LPLS  	 History of Dianetics and Scientology  
1575  	 5510C11    4LACC-13  	 Data of Comparable Magnitude  
1576  	 5510C11    4LACC-13A  	 Data of Comparable Magnitude  
1577  	 5510C11    4LACC-14  	 Comm Bridge, Confusion, Time Factor  
1578  	 5510C12    4LACC-15  	 Communication and Intentions, Deteriorization of  
1579  	 5510C12    4LACC-16  	 The Communication Bridge  
1580  	 5510C13    4LACC-17  	 The Antiquity of Auditing - The Practicalities of Auditing  
1581  	 5510C13    4LACC-18  	 Affinity, Reality and Communication  
1582  	 5510C14    4LACC-19  	 Exteriorization and Interiorization  
1583  	 5510C14    4LACC-20  	 Further Aspects of Exteriorization  
1584  	 5510C15    LPLS-3  	 How Good You Can Get  
1585  	 5510C15    LPLS-4  	 The Dynamics  
1586  	 5510C15    LPLS-4A  	 The Eight Dynamics  
1587  	 5510C17    4LACC-21  	 Tolerance of Havingness  
1588  	 5510C17    4LACC-22  	 Establishing a Session  
1589  	 5510C18    4LACC-23  	 Beginning and Continuing A Session  
1590  	 5510C18    4LACC-24  	 Processing: Level One  
1591  	 5510C19    4LACC-25  	 The Senior Desire of A Thetan  
1592  	 5510C19    4LACC-26  	 Third Level of a Process  
1593  	 5510C20    4LACC-27  	 The PC's Present Time Problem - the Body  
1594  	 5510C20    4LACC-28  	 An Understanding of Creative Processing  
1595  	 5510C21    4LACC-29  	 Native State and Postulates 1, 2, 3, 4  
1596  	 5510C21    4LACC-30  	 Native State and Communication  
1597  	 5510C22    LPLS-5  	 The Goodness of Man  
1598  	 5510C22    LPLS-6  	 The Soul - Good and Evil  
1599  	 5510C24    4LACC-31  	 Resume of Creative Processes  
1600  	 5510C24    4LACC-32  	 Lack of Terminal  
1601  	 5510C25    4LACC-33  	 Engrams - Dissemination of Materials  
1602  	 5510C25    4LACC-34  	 The Handling of Confusion in Any PC or on Any Dynamic  
1603  	 5510C26    4LACC-35  	 Stable Datum and the Study of Science  
1604  	 5510C26    4LACC-36  	 Solving Engrams with Stable Datum, Communication Terminals  
1605  	 5510C27    4LACC-37  	 The Role of a Scientologist  
1606  	 5510C28    4LACC-38  	 The Anatomy of Terminals  
1607  	 5510C28    4LACC-39  	 Six Basic Levels, Six Basics vs Six Levels of Process  
1608  	 5510C28    4LACC-40  	 Intolerance  
1609  	 5510C29    LPLS-7  	 Automaticity - Cause and Effect  
1610  	 5510C29    LPLS-8  	 Power of Choice and Self-Determinism  
1611  	 5510C31    4LACC-41  	 How to Audit  
1612  	 5510C31    4LACC-42  	 Training of An Auditor  
1613  	 5511C01    4LACC-43  	 The Preclear's Reality  
1614  	 5511C01    4LACC-44  	 Improvement in Technology  
1615  	 5511C02    4LACC-45  	 Trying and Communication  
1616  	 5511C02    4LACC-46  	 Randomity and Automaticities  
1617  	 5511C03    4LACC-47  	 A Review of the 4th London ACC  
1618  	 5511C03    4LACC-48  	 Attitude and Conduct of Scientologists  
1619  	 5511TC16A  4LACC-49  	 New Understanding of Universes  
1620  	 5511TC17   4LACC-50  	 End of Course Lecture  
1621  	 5511C08    HPC N5-1  	 Six Levels of Processing, Issue 5, Level 1  
1622  	 5511C08    HPC N5-2  	 Six Levels of Processing, Issue 5, Level 2  
1623  	 5511C09    HPC N5-3  	 Six Levels of Processing, Issue 5, Level 3  
1624  	 5511C09    HPC N5-4  	 Six Levels of Processing, Issue 5, Level 4  
1625  	 5511C10    HPC N5-5  	 Six Levels of Processing, Issue 5, Level 5  
1626  	 5511C10    HPC N5-6  	 Six Levels of Processing, Issue 5, Level 6  
1627  	 5512C01    LAM-1  	 The Lowest Level Case  
1628  	 5512C01    LAM-2  	 The Fundamentals of Auditing Style  
1629  	 5512C01  	 	 Dictated Dianetics 55, Chapter 1, 2, 3, 4, 5  
1630  	 5512C02  	 	 Dictated Dianetics 55, Chapter 1, 2, 3, 4, 5  
1631  	 5512C15    LAM-3  	 Exteriorization by Separateness from Weakest Universe  
1632  	 5512C22    LAM-4  	 Matching Auditing to Tone  


Ref Nr.  Date Code Lecture Code  Lecture Title
1633  	 5601C03    LAM-5  	 Solution to Body Behavior  
1634  	 5601C03    LAM-6  	 Solution to Body Behavior  
1635  	 5601C10    LAM-7  	 Auditor Insight  
1636  	 5601C12    LAM-8  	 Anglo-Saxon Thought  
1637  	 5601C16    LAM-9  	 Repair and Remedy of Havingness  
1638  	 5601C19    LAM-10  	 Exteriorization  
1639  	 5601C24    LAM-11  	 The Role of Creation in Aberration  
1640  	 5601C24    LAM-12  	 The Role of Creation and Destruction in Havingness  
1641  	 5601C31    LAM-13  	 Basic Lecture on Havingness  
1642  	 5601C31    LAM-14  	 G.E. Scientology  
1643  	 5602C06    HPC F-1  	 SPL 8, Level 1, Theory  
1644  	 5602C07    HPC F-2  	 SPL 9, Level 1, Summation of Basic Theory  
1645  	 5602C07    LAM-15  	 The Game of Life (Exteriorization and Havingness)  
1646  	 5602C08    HPC F-3  	 Practical Application of Games to Processing  
1647  	 5602C08    HPC F-4  	 SLP 8, Motives of  
1648  	 5602C09    LAM-16  	 Sixth Dynamic Decisional Processing  
1649  	 5602C10    HPC F-5  	 Application of Games to Processing (cont.)  
1650  	 5602C10    HPC F-6  	 Use of Games Theory in Processing - Penalties and Mood of Play  
1651  	 5602C14    HPC F-7  	 Application of Games to Processing (cont.), Comms and Vias  
1652  	 5602C14    HPC F-8  	 The Various Keys of Processing a Preclear  
1653  	 5602C14    HPC F-9  	 Games Applied to Processing Techniques  
1654  	 5602C14    LAM-17  	 Aims and Goals of Scientology 1956  
1655  	 5602C14    LAM-18  	 Games Processing Applied to Auditing  
1656  	 5605C05    LPLS  	 Latest Processing Today  
1657  	 5607C31    LPLS  	 Games Processing  
1658  	 5608Cxx    HPC A-1  	 The Auditor's Code  
1659  	 5608Cxx    HPC A-2  	 The Code of A Scientologist  
1660  	 5608Cxx    HPC A-3  	 Auditing Positions  
1661  	 5608C03    HPC A-4  	 Axioms 1-5 (3 aug according to Janet Hays)  
1662  	 5608Cxx    HPC A-5  	 Axioms 6-10  
1663  	 5608Cxx    HPC A-6  	 Facsimiles (Solids)  
1664  	 5608Cxx    HPC A-7  	 Opening Procedure of 8-C  
1665  	 5608Cxx    HPC A-8  	 Start, Change and Stop  
1666  	 5608Cxx    HPC A-9  	 Games Theory  
1667  	 5608Cxx    HPC A-10  	 Problems and Consequences  
1668  	 5608Cxx    HPC A-11  	 Valences  
1669  	 5608Cxx    HPC A-12  	 Knowingness  
1670  	 5608Cxx    HPC A-13  	 Creative Processes, Motion Stops, Perception  
1671  	 5608Cxx    HPC A-14  	 Exteriorization Procedure  
1672  	 5608Cxx    HPC A-15  	 Scales, Motion- 
1673  	 5608Cxx    HPC A-16  	 Scales, Curiosity, Not-Know  
1674  	 5608C17    HPC A-17  	 Confusion and Stable Datum  
1675  	 5608Cxx    HPC A-18  	 Chronic Somatics  
1676  	 5608Cxx    HPC A-19  	 The Auditing of Solids  
1677  	 5608Cxx    HPC A-20  	 Not Knowing  
1678  	 5608C20    HPC A-21  	 Auditing as a Profession  
1679  	 5608C27         	 Auditor's Conference at HGC  
1680  	 5608C28    AUDC-14  	 Control and Sessioning  
1681  	 5608C28  	 	 Auditor's Conference  
1682  	 5608C29  	 	 Auditor's Conference  
1683  	 5608C31    GC-1  	 Spiritual and Material Requirements of Man  
1684  	 5608C31    GC-1A  	 Group Processing - Crave to Know  
1685  	 5608C31    GC-2  	 Something to Know - the "Know to Solids" Scale  
1686  	 5608C31    GC-3  	 The Anatomy of Human Problems  
1687  	 5609C01    GC-4  	 Games Conditions vs No-Games Conditions  
1688  	 5609C01    GC-5  	 Third Dynamic Application of Games Principles  
1689  	 5609C01    GC-6  	 Group Processing - "Keep It From Going Away"  
1690  	 5609C02    GC-7  	 Demo of Auditing  
1691  	 5609C02    GC-8  	 Universe  
1692  	 5609C02    GC-9  	 Havingness  
1693  	 5609C02    GC-10  	 Group Processing - Mama and Papa (Dummies)  
1694  	 5609C02    GC-11  	 Group Processing - Mama and Papa (cont.)  
1695  	 5609C02    GC-12  	 Effectiveness of Brainwashing  
1696  	 5609C02    GC-13  	 Demonstration of SCS - Auditor LRH  
1697  	 5609C10  	 	 Staff Introductions  
1698  	 5609C20  	 	 London Auditors' Conference  
1699  	 5609C25  	 	 Review of SLP-8  
1700  	 5609C25  	 	 Completion of Book on Work  
1701  	 5610C04  	 	 HCOBs of 4 Oct 56  
1702  	 5610C05         4       Problems of Bio- Chemistry by Dr. Ensor Holiday (Per Certainty Mag Vol 3., No. 11 (NON-LRH LECTURE) 
1703  	 5610C05         5  	 Problems of the Theatre by David Hughes (Per Certainty Mag Vol 3. No.11) (NON-LRH LECTURE) 
1704  	 5610C05         6  	 Problems of Education by David Hughes (Per Certainty Mag Vol 3, No.11) (NON-LRH LECTURE) 
1705  	 5610C05    LCHP-1  	 Man's Relentless Search  
1706  	 5610C05    LCHP-2  	 Portions of You  
1707  	 5610C05    LCHP-3  	 Group Processing - Putting the MEST Universe There  
1708  	 5610C06    LCHP-7  	 Youth - Today's Displaced Person  
1709  	 5610C06    LCHP-8  	 Group Processing - "Keep It From Going Away" (with Dummies) and "Granting Life" 
1710  	 5610C06    LCHP-9  	 Uses of Scientology  
1711  	 5610C07    LCHP-10  	 Salvation 1956  
1712  	 5610C07    LCHP-11  	 Personal Efficiency  
1713  	 5610C07    LCHP-12  	 Group Processing - Keeping Objects from Going Away  
1714  	 5610C07    LCHP  	 Havingness  
1715  	 5610C07  	 13  	 Problems in Business by Reg T. Sharpe (Per Certainty Mag Vol 3, No.11) (NON-LRH LECTURE) 
1716  	 5610C07  	 14  	 Britain's Problems in Export by Norman F. Phillips (Per Certainty Mag Vol 3, No 11) (NON-LRH LECTURE)  
1717  	 5610C07  	 15  	 Problems Met By A Man of God by Archbishop Dr. Odo A. Barry (Per Certainty Mag Vol 3, No 11) (NON-LRH LECTURE)  
1718  	 5610C08    LCHP-16A  	 Group Processing  
1719  	 5610C08    LCHP-16  	 March of the Atom - Tools of Ability, Something on Radiation  
1720  	 5610C08    LCHP-18  	 Today's Battle of Britain  
1721  	 5610C15    15ACC-1  	 Opening Lecture  
1722  	 5610C16    15ACC-2  	 Mimicry, Duplication, Ability  
1723  	 5610C17    15ACC-3  	 Complexity, Auto Confusion, Dependencies  
1724  	 5610C18    OS-1  	 How to Create and Instruct a PE Course, Part 1  
1725  	 5610C18    15ACC-4  	 More on Mimicry  
1726  	 5610C18    OS-2  	 How to Create and Instruct a PE Course, Part 2  
1727  	 5610C19    15ACC-5  	 Mechanics  
1728  	 5610C22    15ACC-6  	 Scale of Reality  
1729  	 5610C23    15ACC-7  	 "C.R.A." Triangle  
1730  	 5610C24    15ACC-8  	 Cut Comm Lines (In and Out)  
1731  	 5610C25    15ACC-9  	 Games vs No-Games  
1732  	 5610C25    OS-3  	 Education  
1733  	 5610C25    OS-4  	 Methods of Education (with Demo)  
1734  	 5610C25    15ACC-11  	 Degeneration of a static  
1735  	 5610C26    15ACC-10  	 Learning Rates  
1736  	 5610C28    15ACC  	 Training Methods  
1737  	 5610C29    15ACC-11  	 The Mind  
1738  	 5610C30    15ACC-12  	 Education  
1739  	 5610C31    15ACC-13  	 Rest Points and Confusion  
1740  	 5611C01    15ACC-14  	 Co-Ordination of Classes of Processes  
1741  	 5611C01    OS-5  	 Tone Scale Autumn 1956  
1742  	 5611C01    OS-6  	 How to Handle Audiences  
1743  	 5611C02    15ACC-15  	 Wind Up on Stable Datum and Rest Points  
1744  	 5611C05    15ACC-16  	 Radiation  
1745  	 5611C06    15ACC-17  	 Time Track  
1746  	 5611C07    15ACC-18  	 Creation  
1747  	 5611C08    15ACC-19  	 Simplicity  
1748  	 5611C08    OS-7  	 Research Report: Radiation, and Its Relation to Processing  
1749  	 5611C08    OS-9  	 Definition and Construction of Organization, Part I  
1750  	 5611C09    15ACC-20  	 Skull-Gazing  
1751  	 5611C12    15ACC-21  	 Simplicity vs Alter-Isness  
1752  	 5611C12    ACC-A  	 Establishment of Practice - How to Conduct a Guidance Center - 
1753  	 5611C12    ACC-A  	 Side II Q&A - Julia and Students (evening Lecture - Julia Lewis)  
1754  	 5611C13    ACC-B  	 Evening Lecture - Julia Lewis: Part 1, Suitable Quarters - Promotion - 
1755  	 5611C13    15ACC-22  	 Aberration and the 6th Dynamic  
1756  	 5611C14    ACC  	 Julia Lewis Part 1, Forms and Releases - Testing, Admin of - Part 2,  
1757  	 5611C14    15ACC-23  	 Training Methods  
1758  	 5611C15    15ACC-24  	 Diagnosis: How to  
1759  	 5611C15    OS-8  	 Testing  
1760  	 5611C15    OS-10  	 Definition and Construction of Organization, Part II  
1761  	 5611C16    15ACC-25  	 Summary Lecture  
1762  	 5611C16  	 	 HCO Communications (LRH?)  
1763  	 5611C18  	 	 The Tone Scale & Its Uses  
1764  	 5611C18  	 	 Teaching Processes & Handling of Groups  
1765  	 5611C20  	 	 Demo: Mock Up and Unmock  
1766  	 5611C22    OS-11  	 The Consequence of Organization  
1767  	 5611C22    OS-12  	 The Deteriorization of Liberty  
1768  	 5611C23    15ACC-26  	 Farewell Lecture  
1769  	 5611C29    OS-13  	 Hope  
1770  	 5611C29    OS-14  	 How to Present Scientology in a Bad World  
1771  	 5611C29    OS-14A  	 The Scale of Havingness  
1772  	 5612C06    OS-15  	 Money  
1773  	 5612C06    OS-16  	 A Postulate Out of a Golden Age  
1774  	 5612C13    OS-17  	 Confusion and the Stable Datum  
1775  	 5612C13    OS-18  	 Randomity  
1776  	 5612C16  	 	 Promotion for Registrar  
1777  	 5612C29    ARC-1  	 Opening Lecture  
1778  	 5612C29    ARC-2  	 Scientology View on Radiation  
1779  	 5612C29    ARC-3  	 Proofing Up a Body  
1780  	 5612C29    ARC-4  	 Group Process - "Put it There"  
1781  	 5612C29    ARC-5  	 Group Process - Confrontingness  
1782  	 5612C30    ARC-6  	 Solution to Psychosis  
1783  	 5612C30    ARC-7  	 Project Third Dynamic  
1784  	 5612C30    ARC-8  	 Insanity - Scarcity  
1785  	 5612C30    ARC-9  	 Group Process -Mocking Up Bodies  
1786  	 5612C30    ARC-10  	 Group Process - Making Problems and Confusions With ------ 
1787  	 5612C31    ARC-11  	 Background on Scales of Havingness  
1788  	 5612C31    ARC-12  	 Sub-Zero Scales - Relation to Scale of Awareness  
1789  	 5612C31    ARC-13  	 Confrontingness  
1790  	 5612C31    ARC-14  	 Confrontingness (cont.)  


Ref Nr.  Date Code Lecture Code  Lecture Title
1791  	 5701C02    16ACC-1  	 Course Outline  
1792  	 5701C03    16ACC-2  	 Reality Scale in Action  
1793  	 5701C05    16ACC-3  	 Havingness: Particles, Solids, Spaces  
1794  	 5701C07    16ACC-4  	 Learning Process: No-Game Condition  
1795  	 5701C08    16ACC-5  	 Agreement and Postulates of the 6 Dynamics  
1796  	 5701C09    16ACC-6  	 Obnosis  
1797  	 5701C10    16ACC-7  	 The Postulate of Game  
1798  	 5701C11    16ACC-8  	 Postulates of Action-Reaction  
1799  	 5701C14    16ACC-9  	 Control  
1800  	 5701C15    16ACC-10  	 Evil  
1801  	 5701C16    16ACC-11  	 Havingness  
1802  	 5701C17    16ACC-12  	 Communication, Randomities of  
1803  	 5701C18    16ACC-13  	 Auditing Techniques: Self-Denial, Responsibility  
1804  	 5701C22    16ACC-14  	 Auditing Techniques: Order of Processes  
1805  	 5701C23    16ACC-15  	 Auditing Techniques: Scale of Processes  
1806  	 5701C24    16ACC-16  	 Auditing Techniques: Altering Cases  
1807  	 5701C25    16ACC-17  	 Auditing Techniques: Specifics  
1808  	 5701C28    16ACC-18  	 Auditing Techniques: Stimulus-response  
1809  	 5701C29    16ACC-19  	 Auditing Techniques: Action, Reaction  
1810  	 5701C30    16ACC-20  	 Auditing Techniques: Workable and Unworkable  
1811  	 5701C31    16ACC-21  	 Auditing Techniques: Solids  
1812  	 5702C01    16ACC-22  	 Auditing Techniques: Games Conditions  
1813  	 5702C04    16ACC-23  	 Auditing Techniques: Procedure CCH  
1814  	 5702C05    16ACC-24  	 Auditing Techniques: How Far South?  
1815  	 5702C06    16ACC-25  	 Demonstration  
1816  	 5702C07    16ACC-26  	 Summation  
1817  	 5702C08    16ACC-27  	 General Use of Procedure  
1818  	 5702C11    16ACC-28  	 Question and Answer Period  
1819  	 5702C11    16ACC-29  	 Final Lecture - Question and Answers  
1820  	 5702C25    17ACC-1  	 Opening Lecture, CCHs, the Future of Scientology  
1821  	 5702C26    17ACC-2  	 ARC Triangel and Associated Scales  
1822  	 5702C27    17ACC-3  	 Communication and Isness  
1823  	 5702C27    17ACC  	 Inflow/Outflow  
1824  	 5702C28    17ACC-4  	 The Parts of Man (see 1269)  
1825  	 5703C01    17ACC-5  	 Problems: Their Handling and Running  
1826  	 5703C01    17ACC-5A  	 Q&A Period About Problems and Responsibility  
1827  	 5703C01    17ACC  	 Problems of Comparable Magnitude (could be same tape as 17ACC-5, #1825) 
1828  	 5703C04    17ACC-6  	 Control  
1829  	 5703C05    17ACC-7  	 The Scale of Techniques  
1830  	 5703C06    17ACC-8  	 Reaching the Lowest Possible Level  
1831  	 5703C06    17ACC-8A  	 Q&A on Control  
1832  	 5703C06    17ACC-8B  	 Lecture on G.E. Anchor Points (Demo) (Nibs)  
1833  	 5703C07    17ACC-9  	 "Ought to Be"  
1834  	 5703C07    17ACC-9A  	 Q&A Period on "Ought to Be"  
1835  	 5703C09  	 	 Wedding of Alma Gillespie & Richard F. Stevens, Christening of  
1836  	 5703C10    17ACC-10  	 Valences  
1837  	 5703C10    17ACC-10A  	 Q&A Period After Lectures  
1838  	 5703C11    17ACC-11  	 Summary of Techniques  
1839  	 5703C11    17ACC-11A  	 Comments and Questions-and-Answer Period  
1840  	 5703C12    17ACC-12  	 Survival  
1841  	 5703C12A   17ACC-12A  	 Question-and-Answer Session on Lecture  
1842  	 5703C13    17ACC-13  	 Techniques in Practice  
1843  	 5703C14    17ACC-14  	 A Summary of an Intensive  
1844  	 5703C15    17ACC-15  	 Exact Control  
1845  	 5703C15  	 	 Q&A - Three Goals of Processing  
1846  	 5703C19    17ACC-16  	 Outline of Modern Intensive  
1847  	 5703C19    ACC  	 Control of Homo Sapiens  
1848  	 5703C20    17ACC-17  	 Games Condition  
1849  	 5703C21    17ACC-18  	 The Assist  
1850  	 5703C22    17ACC-19  	 Effect: Axiom 10  
1851  	 5703C23  	 	 Science Survey: Atomic Radiation  
1852  	 5703C25    17ACC-20  	 The Uses of Control  
1853  	 5703C25    17ACC-21  	 Rest Points and Confusions  
1854  	 5703C26  	 	 Processing on R.P. and C.  
1855  	 5703C27    17ACC-22  	 Extroversion - Introversion, Its Relationship to Havingness and Communication 
1856  	 5703C28    17ACC-23  	 Valences and Control  
1857  	 5703C29    17ACC-24  	 The Professional Scientologist  
1858  	 5703C31    17ACC-25  	 Techniques in Practice  
1859  	 5704C12    LCNRH-1  	 Control, Communication and Havingness - I  
1860  	 5704C12    LCNRH-2  	 Control, Communication and Havingness - II  
1861  	 5704C12    LCNRH-3  	 Control Processes  
1862  	 5704C12    LCNRH-4  	 Demonstration "Dr.Ash"  
1863  	 5704C12    LCNRH-4A  	 Havingness  
1864  	 5704C12    LCNRH-4B  	 Flying Saucers  
1865  	 5704C13    LCNRH-5  	 Radiation and the Scientologist  
1866  	 5704C13    LCNRH-6  	 Radiation in Peace  
1867  	 5704C13    LCNRH-7  	 Radiation in War  
1868  	 5704C13    LCNRH-8  	 Group Processing: Emphasis on Control  
1869  	 5704C13    LCNRH-9  	 Group Processing: Emphasis on Control (cont.)  
1870  	 5704C14    LCNRH-10  	 The Reality Scale and the Effect Scale  
1871  	 5704C14    LCNRH-11  	 The Reality Scale and the Effect Scale (cont.)  
1872  	 5704C14    LCNRH-12  	 Scientology and Children  
1873  	 5704C14    LCNRH-15  	 Group Processing - "Sit in your chair, wear a Head, Have two feet, etc."  
1874  	 5704C14    LCNRH-16  	 On Auditing  
1875  	 5704C15    LCNRH-17  	 The Control of Hysteria  
1876  	 5704C15    LCNRH-18  	 Effective Dissemination  
1877  	 5704C18    ATE  	 Auditor's Training Evening, CCHs  
1878  	 5705C15    HCA-1  	 Comm Course, TRs 1, 2, 3, 4  
1879  	 5705C15    HCA-2  	 Comm Course, TR 5  
1880  	 5705C16    HCA-3  	 Procedure CCH: Background  
1881  	 5705C16    HCA-4  	 Procedure CCH: CCH Steps  
1882  	 5705C30    HCA-5  	 Outline of a Course and Its Purpose  
1883  	 5706C28    AUDC  	 Lecture  
1884  	 5706C28    AUDC  	 Question-and-Answer: Period  
1885  	 5707C04    PC-1  	 Opening Lecture - How We Have Addressed the PRoblem of the Mind  
1886  	 5707C04    PC-2  	 Man's Search and Scientology's Answer  
1887  	 5707C04    PC-3  	 Definition of Control  
1888  	 5707C05    PC-4  	 Basic Theory of CCHs  
1889  	 5707C05    PC-5  	 Group Processing - Acceptable Pressures  
1890  	 5707C05    PC-6  	 Group Processing - "Bold Floor to Earth  
1891  	 5707C05    PC-7  	 Purpose and Need of Training Drills  
1892  	 5707C05    PC-8  	 Training Drills Demonstrated  
1893  	 5707C06    PC-9  	 Third Dynamic and Communication - Demo of High School Indoc  
1894  	 5707C06    PC-10  	 Training Demonstration of High School Indoctrination  
1895  	 5707C06    PC-11  	 Explanation & Demonstration of "Tone 40" on an Object  
1896  	 5707C06    PC-12  	 Levels of Skill  
1897  	 5707C06    PC-13  	 Explanation & Demonstration of "Tone 40" on a Person  
1898  	 5707C07    PC-14  	 Child Scientology (including Naming Ceremony)  
1899  	 5707C07    PC-15  	 CCH Steps 1 through 4: Demonstration (LRH MTS-1)  
1900  	 5707C07    PC-16  	 CCH Steps 5 through 7: plus Solids  
1901  	 5707C15    18ACC-1  	 What is Scientology? Q&A Period  
1902  	 5707C16    18ACC-2  	 CCH Related to ARC  
1903  	 5707C17    18ACC-3  	 Theory and Definition of Auditing  
1904  	 5707C18    18ACC-4  	 What Scientology is Addressed to  
1905  	 5707C19    18ACC-5  	 The Five Categories  
1906  	 5707C22    18ACC-6  	 Control  
1907  	 5707C23    18ACC-7  	 The Stability of Scientology  
1908  	 5707C23        	 LRH Wedding for Julia & Ken Salmen  
1909  	 5707C24    18ACC-8  	 Auditing Styles  
1910  	 5707C25    18ACC  	 History of Clearing  
1911  	 5707C25    18ACC-9  	 Scales (Effect Scale)  
1912  	 5707C25    18ACC  	 Q&A Period  
1913  	 5707C26    18ACC-10  	 The Mind: Its Structure in Relation to Thetan and MEST  
1914  	 5707C26    18ACC  	 Anatomy of Problems - Coaching Atheletics  
1915  	 5707C29    18ACC-11  	 Optimum 25-Hour Session  
1916  	 5707C30    18ACC-12  	 Death  
1917  	 5707C31    18ACC-13  	 Surprise - The Anatomy of Sleep  
1918  	 5708C01    18ACC-14  	 Thinnies  
1919  	 5708C02    18ACC-15  	 Abilities - Laughter  
1920  	 5708C02    18ACC-16  	 The Handling of I.Q. (Factors Behind)  
1921  	 5708C06    18ACC-17  	 The Scale of Withhold  
1922  	 5708C07    18ACC-18  	 C.C.H. / Havingness, Endurance and Progress  
1923  	 5708C08    18ACC-19  	 Confronting, Necessity Level  
1924  	 5708C09    18ACC-20  	 Instructing a Course  
1925  	 5708C16    18ACC-21  	 The Future of Scientology  
1926  	 5708C16    18ACC  	 Awards  
1926A   5708C23  	 	 Axiom 53  
1927  	 5711C26  	 	 Lecture to J.Fudge and Staff  
1928  	 5711C26  	 	 Lecture to Staff (cont.)  
1929  	 5712C29    AC-1  	 Experience - Randomity and Change of Pace  
1930  	 5712C29    AC-2  	 The Clear - Defined  
1931  	 5712C29    AC-3  	 Clear Procedure  
1932  	 5712C30    AC-4  	 Cause and Effect - Education, Unknowing and Unwilling Effect  
1933  	 5712C30    AC-5  	 Creating a Third Dynamic/United Survival Action Clubs  
1934  	 5712C30    AC-6  	 Upper Route to Operating Thetan/Not Know & Know - Perception and Telepathy 
1935  	 5712C31    AC-7  	 Responsibility (How to Create a Third Dynamic)  
1936  	 5712C31    AC-8  	 The NAAP (The National Academy of American Psychology)  
1937  	 5712C31    AC-9  	 Creative Processing Steps  


Ref Nr.  Date Code Lecture Code  Lecture Title
1938  	 58XXCXX    AUDC-17A  	 SLP-8 Level I  
1939  	 5801C09    AUDC  	 How to Run PTPs - Why PCs Are Taking So Long to Clear  
1940  	 5801C20    19ACC-1  	 The Four Universes  
1941  	 5801C20    19ACC-1A  	 The E-Meter  
1942  	 5801C21    19ACC-2  	 Intensive Procedure  
1943  	 5801C21    19ACC-2A  	 Question and Answer Period  
1944  	 5801C22    19ACC-3  	 The Bank Out of Control and Its Stabilization  
1945  	 5801C23    19ACC-4  	 Clearing Fields  
1946  	 5801C23    19ACC-4A  	 Question and Answer Period plus Comments  
1947  	 5801C24    19ACC-5  	 E-Meter Identification and Association  
1948  	 5801C24    19ACC-5A  	 Question and Answer Period: Step 6, Clearing Children  
1949  	 5801C27    19ACC-6  	 Clear Procedure: What It Is You Clear, Something and Nothing  
1950  	 5801C27    19ACC-6A  	 Q & A Period  
1951  	 5801C28    19ACC-7  	 Clear Procedure II: Man the Animal and Man the God  
1952  	 5801C20    19ACC-7A  	 Clear Procedure II: Q & A, Handling the PT Problem  
1953  	 5801C29    19ACC-8  	 Clear Procedure III: One Clear Procedure, Q & A Period  
1954  	 5801C30    19ACC-9  	 Clear Procedure IV: Test for Clears  
1955  	 5801C30    19ACC-9A  	 Clear Procedure IV: Q & A, Space  
1956  	 5801C31    19ACC-10  	 Clear Procedure V: Importance of Theory Behind Clearing Procedure  
1957  	 5801C31    19ACC-10A  	 Clear Procedure V: Q & A Period  
1958  	 5801C31    SPECIAL  	 PABS Material 31 Jan, 1 Feb, 5 Feb, 7 Feb, 8 Feb  
1959  	 5802C03    19ACC-11  	 Clear Procedure VI  
1960  	 5802C03    19ACC-11A  	 Q & A Period  
1961  	 5802C04    19ACC-12  	 How to Find A Preclear, Responsibility and Help Clear Procedure VII  
1962  	 5802C04    19ACC-12A  	 Q & A Period  
1963  	 5802C05    19ACC-13  	 Clear Procedure VIII: The Basic Approach to Clearing, Finding the Auditor 
1964  	 5802C05    19ACC-13A  	 Clear Procedure VIII: Q & A Period  
1965  	 5802C06    19ACC-14  	 CCH-0, SCS, Connectedness  
1966  	 5802C06    19ACC-14A  	 Q & A  
1967  	 5802C07    19ACC-15  	 Help - How to Get Started  
1968  	 5802C07    19ACC-15A  	 Q & A Period and Group Processing  
1969  	 5802C10    19ACC-16  	 Conduct of Clear  
1970  	 5802C10    19ACC-16A  	 Q & A Period: Help, Clearing a Command  
1971  	 5802C10    19ACC-17  	 The Key Processes of Clearing  
1972  	 5802C11    19ACC-17A  	 Q & A Period  
1973  	 5802C12    19ACC-18  	 Havingness, Anaten, Flows - in Relation to Clearing  
1974  	 5802C12    19ACC-18A  	 Q & A Period: Postulates, Flows, Clearing  
1975  	 5802C13    19ACC-19  	 Other Processes - The Help Button  
1976  	 5802C13    19ACC-19A  	 Q & A Period  
1977  	 5802C14    19ACC-20  	 Responsibility for Mock-Ups  
1978  	 5802C14    19ACC-20A  	 Q & A Period: Present Time Problem  
1979  	 5802C14    19ACC-20B  	 Q & A Period: Present Time Problem (cont.) Comments on Auditing 
1981  	 5806C27    AUDC-18  	 Processing on Clearing  
1981.1  5806C27    SPAC  	 Special Auditors Conference - Clear Procedure and Clearing People  
1982  	 5807C04    CC-1  	 The Fact of Clearing; also available as colorfilm  
1983  	 5807C04    CC-2  	 The Factors of Clearing; also available as colorfilm  
1984  	 5807C04    CC-3  	 The Freedoms of Clear; also available as colorfilm  
1985  	 5807C05    CC-4  	 Evaluation of Importances, Things to Know in Clearing, Prerequisites to Auditing; also available as colorfilm 
1986  	 5807C05    CC-5  	 Clear Procedure, Part I: CCH-0, Help; also available as color film  
1987  	 5807C05    CC-6  	 Clear Procedure, Part II: Creativeness; also available as colorfilm  
1988  	 5807C06    CC-7  	 The Magic Button  
1989  	 5807C06    CC-8  	 The Goal of Auditing  
1990  	 5807C06    CC-9  	 Violence  
1991  	 5807C06    CC-10  	 Juvenile  
1992  	 5807C14    20ACC-1  	 Opening Lecture  
1993  	 5807C15    20ACC-2  	 ACC Procedure Outlined, E-Meter TRs  
1994  	 5807C15    20ACC-2A  	 ACC Procedure Outlined, E-Meter TRs  
1995  	 5807C15    20ACC-2A  	 Q & A Period  
1996  	 5807C16    20ACC-3  	 Course Procedure Outlined: How to Clear A Command, Simplicity, CCH-= 
1997  	 5807C16    20ACC-3A  	 Q & A Period  
1998  	 5807C17    20ACC-4  	 Beginning and Ending Session - Gaining PC's Contribution to the Session 
1999  	 5807C17    20ACC-4A  	 Q & A Period  
2000  	 5807C18    20ACC-5  	 ACC Training Procedure: CCH-0, Problems and Goals  
2001  	 5807C18    20ACC-5A  	 Q & A Period  
2002  	 5807C21    20ACC-6  	 The Key Words (Buttons) of Scientology Clearing  
2003  	 5807C21    20ACC-6A  	 Q & A Period  
2004  	 5807C22    20ACC-7  	 The Rock  
2005  	 5807C22    20ACC-7A  	 The Rock (cont.), Q & A Period  
2006  	 5807C23    20ACC-8  	 Special Effects Cases - Anatomy  
2007  	 5807C23    20ACC-8A  	 Q & A Period  
2008  	 5807C24    20ACC-9  	 Anatomy of Needles - Diagnostic Procedure  
2009  	 5807C24    20ACC-9A  	 Q & A Period  
2010  	 5807C25    20ACC-10  	 The Rock  
2011  	 5807C25    20ACC-10A  	 Question and Answer Period: Clearing the Command  
2012  	 5807C28    20ACC-11  	 ACC Command Sheet, Goals of Auditing  
2013  	 5807C29    20ACC-12  	 ACC Command Sheet (cont.)  
2014  	 5807C30    20ACC-13  	 ACC Command Sheet (cont.)  
2015  	 5807C31    20ACC-14  	 Running the Case and the Rock  
2016  	 5808C01    20ACC-15  	 Case Analysis - Rock Hunting  
2017  	 5808C01    20ACC-15A  	 Case Analysis - Rock Hunting (cont.)  
2017.1  5808C02    20ACC-15B  	 Q & A Period  
2018  	 5808C04    20ACC-16  	 Case Analysis (cont.)  
2019  	 5804C04    20ACC-16A  	 Q & A Period  
2020  	 5808C05    20ACC-17  	 ARC  
2021  	 5808C05    20ACC-18  	 The Rock, Its Anatomy  
2022  	 5808C07    20ACC-19  	 The Most Basic Rock of All Rocks  
2023  	 5808C07    20ACC-19A  	 Question and Answer Period  
2024  	 5808C08    20ACC-19B  	 Question and Answer Period (cont.)  
2025  	 5808C08    20ACC-20  	 Auditor Interest  
2026  	 5808C08    20ACC-20A  	 Requisites and Fundamentals of A Session  
2027  	 5808C15    20ACC-21  	 Summary of 20th ACC  
2028  	 5808C24         	 Dictation to John Fudge  
2029  	 5809C01    AUDC-20  	 How to Run Present Time Problems  
2030  	 5809C27    AUDC  	 HGC Auditor Conference at 1812, 19th st on Clear Procedure and Clearing People 
2031  	 5809C17  	 	 Talk to Staff on Arrival in England  
2032  	 5810C18    LCC-1  	 Story of Dianetics and Scientology  
2033  	 5810C18    LCC-2  	 The Skills of Clearing  
2034  	 5810C18    LCC-3  	 Confronting  
2035  	 5810C20    LCC-4  	 The Rock  
2036  	 5810C20    LCC-5  	 Confusion and Order  
2037  	 5810C20    LCC-6  	 The Clearing Technique of 1947  
2038  	 5810C20    LCC-7  	 The Future of Scientology and the Western Civilization  
2039  	 5810C27    5LACC-1  	 Clearing and What It Generally Means to Man  
2040  	 5810C28    5LACC-2  	 Compartmentation of 4 Universes  
2041  	 5810C28    5LACC-2A  	 Question Time  
2042  	 5810C29    5LACC-3  	 Types of Pictures  
2043  	 5810C29    5LACC-3A  	 Q & A  
2044  	 5810C30    5LACC-4  	 Mental Image Pictures, Engrams  
2045  	 5810C31    5LACC-5  	 Engrams  
2046  	 5811C03    5LACC-6  	 The Detection of Engrams  
2047  	 5811C04    5LACC-7  	 The Detection of Engrams with an E-Meter  
2048  	 5811C05    5LACC-8  	 Detection of Engrams III, "Finding Truth with an Electronic Gimmick"  
2049  	 5811C06    5LACC-9  	 Difficulties Encountered in Search for Engrams  
2050  	 5811C07    5LACC-10  	 Detection of Circuits and Machinery  
2051  	 5811C10    5LACC-11  	 Auditing: Its Skills  
2052  	 5811C11    5LACC-12  	 The Skill of An Auditor, Part I  
2053  	 5811C12    5LACC-13  	 The Skill of An Auditor, Part II  
2054  	 5811C13    5LACC-14  	 The Attitude of An Auditor  
2055  	 5811C14    5LACC-15  	 What An Auditor Is Supposed to Do With An Engram  
2056  	 5811C17    5LACC-16  	 The Effect of the Environment on an Engram  
2057  	 5811C17    5LACC-17  	 How to Audit an Engram, Use of an E-Meter  
2058  	 5811C19    5LACC-18  	 How to Start and Run a Session  
2059  	 5811C19    5LACC-19  	 Attitude and Approach to Auditing  
2060  	 5811C28    5LACC-20  	 Summary, "Seeing the Monster"  
2061  	 5811C28    5LACC-21  	 Final Lecture  
2062  	 5812C10  	 	 Flows & Ridges  
2063  	 5812C16    WST-1  	 PR&R-1: Promotion and Registration  
2064  	 5812C29  	 	 HCO Area Sec Hat  


Ref Nr.  Date Code Lecture Code  Lecture Title
2065  	 5901C03    SC-1  	 The Future of Scientology  
2066  	 5901C03    SC-2  	 Engrams and Clearing  
2067  	 5901C03    SC-3  	 Preliminary to Engram Running  
2068  	 5901C04    SC-4  	 Engram Running  
2069  	 5901C04    SC-5  	 Overt Act-Motivator Sequence - (see 1925)  
2070  	 5901C04    SC-6  	 Leadership  
2071  	 5901C05    SPL  	 Summary of Techniques & Processes in Use  
2072  	 5901C05    21ACC  	 The Basics of Scientology  
2073  	 5901C06    21ACC  	 Compartmentization of Universes  
2074  	 5901C07    21ACC  	 Types of Pictures  
2075  	 5901C08    21ACC  	 Engrams  
2076  	 5901C09    21ACC  	 Engrams; the Rock Engram  
2077  	 5901C12    21ACC  	 The Detection of Engrams  
2078  	 5901C13    21ACC  	 Detection of Engrams with An E-Meter  
2079  	 5901C14    21ACC  	 Detection of Engrams (Part III); Finding Truth with an E-Meter  
2080  	 5901C15    21ACC  	 More on Detection of Engrams  
2081  	 5901C16    21ACC  	 Detection of Circuits and Machinery, and the Observation of Special Types of Engrams 
2082  	 5901C19    21ACC  	 Auditing Skills  
2083  	 5901C20    21ACC  	 Skill of an Auditor  
2084  	 5901C21    21ACC  	 Skill of an Auditor  
2085  	 5901C22    21ACC  	 Attitude of an Auditor  
2086  	 5901C23    21ACC  	 What an Auditor is Supposed to Do with an Engram  
2087  	 5901C26    21ACC  	 The Effect of the Environment on an Engram  
2088  	 5901C26    21ACC-S1  	 How a Process Works  
2089  	 5901C27    21ACC  	 How to Audit an Engram  
2090  	 5901C27    21ACC-S2  	 What Doesn't Make an Auditor  
2091  	 5901C28    21ACC  	 How to Start and Run the Session  
2092  	 5901C28    21ACC-S3  	 The Establishment of "R"  
2093  	 5901C29    21ACC  	 Attitude and Approach of the Auditor  
2094  	 5901C29    21ACC-S4  	 Muzzled Auditing  
2095  	 5901C30    21ACC  	 Plan of Clearing  
2096  	 5901C30    21ACC-S5  	 The Grouper  
2097  	 5902C02    21ACC-S6  	 Axiom 10  
2098  	 5902C02    WST-2  	 PR&R-2: "R"Factor Talk to Registrar  
2099  	 5902C04    21ACC-S7  	 Diagnosis of an Uncracked Case  
2100  	 5902C05    21ACC  	 Scout on Dynamics  
2101  	 5902C06    21ACC-S8  	 Setting Up Co-Auditing Groups, Processes used in 21st ACC  
2102  	 5902C13    21ACC-S9  	 Summary of Data, Part I  
2103  	 5902C13    21ACC-S10  	 Summary of Data, Part II  
2104  	 5902C16    AUDC  	 Auditors' Conference  
2105  	 5904C06    SHPA-1  	 Beingness and Communication  
2106  	 5904C07    SHPA-2  	 Universes  
2107  	 5904C07    SHPA-3  	 The Dynamics  
2108  	 5904C08    SHPA-4  	 Scales  
2109  	 5904C08    SHPA-5  	 States of Being  
2110  	 5904C09    SHPA-6  	 Anatomy  
2111  	 5904C09    SHPA-7  	 What Can Be Done With The Mind (Reality Scale)  
2112  	 5904C14    SHPA-8  	 Mechanisms of the Mind  
2113  	 5904C14    SHPA-9  	 Overt Act-Motivator Sequence  
2114  	 5904C15    SHPA-10  	 Codes  
2115  	 5904C15    SHPA-11  	 The Code of A Scientologist  
2116  	 5904C16    SHPA-12  	 The Logics and Axioms of Dianetics and Scientology  
2117  	 5904C16    SHPA-13  	 Axioms: Second Lecture  
2118  	 5904C21    SHPA-14  	 Types of Auditing  
2119  	 5904C21    SHPA-15  	 Modern Auditing Types  
2120  	 5904C22    SHPA-16  	 Types of Case  
2121  	 5904C22    SHPA-17  	 Assessment  
2122  	 5904C23    SHPA-18  	 Present Time  
2123  	 5904C23    SHPA-19  	 Use of the E-Meter in Locating Engrams  
2124  	 5904C28    SHPA-20  	 Theory of Processes  
2125  	 5904C28    SHPA-21  	 Processes  
2126  	 5904C29    SHPA-22  	 Specialized Auditing  
2127  	 5904C29    SHPA-23  	 Processing of Children  
2128  	 5904C30    SHPA-24  	 HAS Co-Audit  
2129  	 5904C30    SHPA-25  	 Electronic Phenomena of the Mind  
2130  	 5905C01    SHPA-26  	 End of Course Lecture  
2131  	 5905C12    6LACC-1  	 Clearing  
2132  	 5905C13    6LACC-2  	 Second Lecture on Clearing Methodology  
2133  	 5905C14    6LACC-3  	 Clearing Technology  
2134  	 5905C18    6LACC-3A  	 Title Unknown  
2135  	 5905C19    6LACC-4  	 The Theory of Clearing  
2136  	 5905C20    6LACC-5  	 Clearing: Practice of  
2137  	 5905C21    6LACC-6  	 Clearing Process - Special Cases  
2138  	 5905C26    6LACC-7  	 Clearing: Theta Clear Procedure  
2139  	 5905C27    6LACC-8  	 Clearing: General Processes (Lecture 2)  
2140  	 5905C28    6LACC-9  	 Clearing: General Cases - Communication Processes  
2141  	 5906C02    6LACC-10  	 Clearing: Fixed Ideas  
2142  	 5906C03    6LACC-11  	 Clearing: By Communication Processes, Specific  
2143  	 5906C04    6LACC-12  	 Clearing: By Communication, Special Problems  
2144  	 5906C09    6LACC-13  	 Clearing: Possibilities of  
2145  	 5906C10    6LACC-14  	 Clearing: Case Entrance Points  
2146  	 5906C11    6LACC-15  	 Clearing: General Results  
2147  	 5907C04    TCC-1  	 HCO WW and Research  
2148  	 5907C04    TCC-2  	 Clearing  
2149  	 5907C04    TCC-3  	 HAS Co-Audit  
2150  	 5907C05    TCC-4  	 Survive and Succumb ("Black Grampus")  
2151  	 5907C05    TCC-5  	 Communication Processes  
2152  	 5907C05    TCC-6  	 How to Conduct a HAS Co-Audit and Why  
2153  	 5907C06    TCC  	 How to Co-Audit (could be same tape as above)  
2154  	 5907C18  	  	 Communication and Hope
2155  	 5910C12  		 Talk to HGCs  
2156  	 5910C12    SH DEMO  	 Demo of New HGC Process by LRH  
2157  	 5911C07    MC-1  	 Welcome Address  
2158  	 5911C07    MC-2  	 Recent Developments on O.T.  
2159  	 5911C07    MC-3  	 The Route Through Step Six  
2160  	 5911C08    MC-4  	 Importances  
2161  	 5911C08    MC-5  	 Valences  
2162  	 5911C08    MC-6  	 Final Lecture  
2163  	 5911C09    1MACC-1  	 The Know-How of Auditing  
2164  	 5911C09    1MACC-2  	 Demonstration of an Assist (LRH MTS-2)  
2165  	 5911C10    1MACC-3  	 Valence Splitting - Entering a Mind Process  
2166  	 5911C10    1MACC-4  	 Demo of Knocking Down a Tone Arm  
2167  	 5911C11    1MACC-5  	 Cycle of Action, Create, Destroy, Relative Importances  
2168  	 5911C11    1MACC-6  	 Demo: Force Process - Discreditable Creation  
2169  	 5911C12    1MACC-7  	 The Rule of Weak Valence  
2170  	 5911C12    1MACC-8  	 Demo: Dynamic Straightwire Assesment  
2171  	 5911C12    1MACC-9  	 The Rehabilitation of Judgement  
2172  	 5911C13    1MACC-10  	 How to Have a Game instead of a Case  
2173  	 5911C16    1MACC-11  	 The Collapsed Cycle of Action  
2174  	 5911C16    1MACC-12  	 Getting the PC into Session  
2175  	 5911C17    1MACC-13  	 Case Assessment  
2176  	 5911C17    1MACC-14  	 Demo: Case Assessment  
2177  	 5911C18    1MACC-15  	 Alter-isness, Keynote of All Destruction  
2178  	 5911C18    1MACC-16  	 Demo: Minus Randomity Areas  
2179  	 5911C19    1MACC-17  	 Minus Randomity, Clue to Case Assessment  
2180  	 5911C19    1MACC-18  	 Intricacies of Create - Create Series  
2181  	 5911C20    1MACC-19  	 Rationale of Create Series  
2182  	 5911C20    1MACC-20  	 Responsibility of Creation  
2183  	 5911C23    1MACC-21  	 Responsibility for Zones of Creation  
2184  	 5911C23    1MACC-22  	 Demo: Responsibility for Destruction  
2185  	 5911C24    1MACC-23  	 The Universe of a Thetan  
2186  	 5911C24    1MACC-24  	 Demo: Turning on Pictures  
2187  	 5911C25    1MACC-25  	 Counter-Create  
2188  	 5911C25    1MACC-26  	 Individuation  
2189  	 5911C26    1MACC-27  	 The Constancy of the Fundamentals of Dianetics and Scientology  
2190  	 5911C26    1MACC-28  	 The Handling of Cases - Greatest Overt  
2191  	 5911C27    1MACC-29  	 Clearing Up the Whole Track  
2192  	 5911C27    1MACC-30  	 Principal Incidents on the Track  
2193  	 5911C30    1MACC-31  	 The Anatomy of Havingness  
2194  	 5911C30    1MACC-32  	 Processes  
2195  	 5912C10    SH DEMO  	 Demo of New HGC Processs by LRH  


Ref Nr.  Date Code Lecture Code  Lecture Title
2196  	 6001C01    SMC-1  	 Opening Lecture  
2197  	 6001C01    SMC-2  	 Responsibility  
2198  	 6001C01    SMC-3  	 Overts and Withholds  
2199  	 6001C02    SMC-4  	 A Third Dynamic in Scientology - Why People Don't Like You  
2200  	 6001C02    SMC-5  	 Marriage  
2201  	 6001C02    SMC-6  	 Group Processing  
2202  	 6001C03    SMC-7  	 Zones of Control and Responsibilities of Governments  
2203  	 6001C03    SMC-8  	 Create and Confront  
2204  	 6001C03    SMC-9  	 Your Case  
2205  	 6001C04    HCS-1  	 E-Meter Phenomena  
2206  	 6001C04    HCS-2  	 E-Meter and Time Track Structure  
2207  	 6001C05    HCS-3  	 Processing against an E-Meter  
2208  	 6001C05    HCS-4  	 Operating an E-Meter in Processing, Fields & Location in Time  
2209  	 6001C06    HCS-5  	 Auditing  
2210  	 6001C06    HCS-6  	 Identity  
2211  	 6001C07    HCS-7  	 Inability to Withhold  
2212  	 6001C07    HCS-8  	 Case Level and Needle State  
2213  	 6001C07    HCS  	 Supplementary Lecture 8: Specialized Problems  
2214  	 6001C08    HCS-9  	 Sessioning and Withholds  
2215  	 6002Cxx  	 	 Opening Speech to Jr. Congress Delegates  
2216  	 6006C23    LOE-1  	 The Difference Between Scientology and Other Studies  
2217  	 6006C23    LOE-2  	 Title Unknown (Confront?)  
2218  	 6006C30    LOE-3  	 Some Aspects of Help  
2219  	 6007C04  	 	 Tenth Anniversary Congress  
2220  	 6007C07    LOE-4  	 Help  
2221  	 6008C07    LCDH-1  	 Clearing & Presessioning  
2222  	 6008C07    LCDH-2  	 Pre-Sessioning  
2223  	 6008C07    LCDH-3  	 Plant Research - Sickness - Will to Live - Adjustment of the Cycle of Action 
2224  	 6008C08    1SHACC-1  	 Introduction to Course  
2225  	 6008C10    1SHACC-2  	 Regimen 1  
2226  	 6008C12    1SHACC-3  	 Skill in Auditing  
2227  	 6008C15    1SHACC-4  	 Auditor Requirements  
2228  	 6008C16    1SHACC-5  	 Fundamentals with Regard to Cases  
2229  	 6008C17    1SHACC-6  	 Elements of Pre-Sessioning  
2230  	 6008C18    1SHACC-7  	 Organization Programs  
2231  	 6008C19    1SHACC-8  	 Auditor Weakness  
2232  	 6008C22    1SHACC-9  	 Why Auditing Works  
2233  	 6008C23    1SHACC-10  	 Handling of Insanity  
2234  	 6008C24    1SHACC-11  	 Basic Relationship of Auditing  
2235  	 6008C25    1SHACC-12  	 Development of Scientology Data  
2236  	 6008C26    1SHACC-13  	 Fundamentals and Cases  
2237  	 6008C29    1SHACC-14  	 The Importance of an E-Meter  
2238  	 6008C30    1SHACC-15  	 Circuits and Havingness  
2239  	 6008C31    1SHACC-16  	 Theory 67  
2240  	 6009C01    1SHACC-17  	 Theory 67  
2241  	 6009C02    1SHACC-18  	 Case Improvements  
2242  	 6009C05    1SHACC-19  	 Successful Processes for Handling MEST  
2243  	 6009C06    1SHACC-20  	 Correct Use of E-Meter  
2244  	 6009C12    1SHACC-21  	 In-Sessionness  
2245  	 6009C13    1SHACC-22  	 How Havingness Relates to Circuits  
2246  	 6009C14    1SHACC-23  	 Formula of Havingness  
2247  	 6009C15    1SHACC-24  	 In-Sessionness and Havingness  
2248  	 6009C16    1SHACC-25  	 Final Lecture - 6th and 7th Dynamics  
2249  	 6012C31    AHMC-1  	 The Genius of Dianetics and Scientology  
2250  	 6012C31    AHMC-2  	 The Things of Scientology  
2251  	 6012C31    AHMC-3  	 A Talk on South Africa  


Ref Nr.  Date Code Lecture Code  Lecture Title
2252  	 6101C01    AHMC-4  	 Dianetics 1961 and the Whole Answer to the Problems of the Mind  
2253  	 6101C01    AHMC-5  	 The Field of Scientology  
2254  	 6101C01    AHMC-6  	 Scientology Organizations  
2255  	 6101C02    22ACC-1  	 Present Time Problems - Why Cases Don't Move  
2256  	 6101C02    22ACC-2  	 Present Time Problems and Withholds  
2257  	 6101C03    22ACC-3  	 E-Meter  
2258  	 6101C03    22ACC-4  	 Withholds  
2259  	 6101C04    22ACC-5  	 What a Reactive Bank is - the Mechanics of the Reactive Bank  
2260  	 6101C04    22ACC-6  	 Clearing Procedure  
2261  	 6101C05    22ACC-7  	 Dianetics and Present Time Problems  
2262  	 6101C05    22ACC-8  	 Methods of Clearing Technology - Finding of Havingness and Confront Processes - Presession 37 
2263  	 6101C06    22ACC-9  	 Dianetics Assist and Presession 38  
2264  	 6101C06    22ACC-10  	 Clearing Routine  
2265  	 6101C21    ACSA-1  	 Opening Lecture  
2266  	 6101C21    ACSA-2  	 The Parts of the Mind  
2267  	 6101C21    ACSA-3  	 Aberration and the Handling of  
2268  	 6101C22    ACSA-4  	 Evolution of Early Research - Prehav Scale  
2269  	 6101C22    ACSA-5  	 Cycle of Action, Time Track, Terminals, Stable Datum, Reactive Thought  
2270  	 6101C22    ACSA-6  	 Johannesburg Staff Intros, Lecture: Clearing Certs for Auditors  
2271  	 6101C23    3SA ACC-1  	 HAS Co-Audit Processes and E-Meter  
2272  	 6101C24    3SA ACC-2  	 Presession 38  
2273  	 6101C25    3SA ACC-3  	 Model Session Revised  
2274  	 6101C26    3SA ACC-4  	 Differences Between Dianetics and Scientology - Presession 38  
2275  	 6101C27    3SA ACC-5  	 Creative Ability  
2276  	 6102C02    3SA ACC-6  	 Auditor Failures  
2277  	 6102C03    3SA ACC-7  	 Regimen and Prehavingness - Advances  
2278  	 6102C06    3SA ACC-8  	 Making Formulas Out of the Prehav Scale  
2279  	 6102C07    3SA ACC-9  	 What Are You Auditing?  
2280  	 6102C08    3SA ACC-10   Case Behaviour Under Processing  
2281  	 6102C09    3SA ACC-11   Mental Healing: Sanity and Insanity  
2282  	 6102C10    3SA ACC-12   Organization Lines  
2283  	 6102C13    3SA ACC-13   The Three Therapies of Earth  
2284  	 6102C14    3SA ACC-14   Fundamentals of Auditing  
2285  	 6102C15    3SA ACC-15   Havingness and Confront Scales  
2286  	 6102C16    3SA ACC-16   Machines and Havingness  
2287  	 6102C17    3SA ACC-17   Case Conditions  
2288  	 6105C07    SHSBC-1  	 E-Meter Talk and Demo  
2289  	 6105C12    SHSBC-2  	 Assessment  
2290  	 6105C19    SHSBC-3  	 E-Meter  
2291  	 6105C26    SHSBC-4  	 On Auditing  
2292  	 6106C01    SHSBC-5  	 Flattening Process and E-Meter  
2293  	 6106C02    SHSBC-6  	 Flows, Pre-Hav Scale, Primary Scale  
2294  	 6106C05    SHSBC-7  	 Routine One, Two and Three  
2295  	 6106C06    SHSBC-8  	 Routine One, Two and Three  
2296  	 6106C07    SHSBC-9  	 Points in Assessing  
2297  	 6106C08    SHSBC-10  	 Q & A Period and Ending an Intensive  
2298  	 6106C09    SHSBC-11  	 Reading E-Meter Reactions  
2299  	 6106C12    SHSBC-12  	 E-Meter Actions, Errors in Auditing  
2300  	 6106C13    SHSBC-13  	 Seminar - Q & A Period  
2301  	 6106C14    SHSBC-14  	 Seminar - Withholds  
2302  	 6106C15    SHSBC-15X  	 Not Known  
2303  	 6106C16    SHSBC-16X  	 Confront and Havingness 1,2 & 3  
2304  	 6106C19    SHSBC-15  	 Q & A Period - Auditing Slowdowns  
2305  	 6106C20    SHSBC-16  	 Sec Check Questions - Mutual Rudiments  
2306  	 6106C21    SHSBC-17  	 Seminar at Saint Hill (Auditing Speed)  
2307  	 6106C22    SHSBC-18  	 Running CCHs  
2308  	 6106C23    SHSBC-19  	 Q & A Period - CCHs - Auditing  
2309  	 6106C26    SHSBC-20  	 Dealing with Attacks on Scientology  
2310  	 6106C27    SHSBC-21  	 CCHs - Circuits  
2311  	 6106C28    SHSBC-22  	 Raw Meat - Trouble Shooting Cases  
2312  	 6106C29    SHSBC-23  	 Wrong Target - Sec Check  
2313  	 6106C30    SHSBC-24  	 Training on TRs - Talk on Auditing  
2314  	 6107C03    SHSBC-26X  	 Routine 1A - Problems  
2315  	 6107C04    SHSBC-27X  	 Routine 1A - Problems and Solutions  
2316  	 6107C05    SHSBC-25  	 Q & A Period - Procedure in Auditing  
2317  	 6107C06    SHSBC-26  	 Routine 1A - Problems  
2318  	 6107C11    SHSBC-27  	 Routine 1A - Problems and Solutions  
2319  	 6107C12    SHSBC-28  	 Q & A Period  
2320  	 6107C14    SHSBC-29  	 Checking Ruds and Withholds  
2321  	 6107C18    SHSBC-30  	 Can't Have - Create - Fundamentals of All Problems  
2322  	 6107C19    SHSBC-31  	 Q & A Period: Auditor Effect on Meter  
2323  	 6107C20    SHSBC-32  	 Games Conditions  
2324  	 6107C22    LAC-1  	 Ron's Opening Talk and Slides (LA Congress)  
2325  	 6108C03    SHSBC-33  	 Creation and Goals  
2326  	 6108C04    SHSBC-34  	 Methodology of Auditing - Not Doingness and Occlusion  
2327  	 6108C08    SHSBC-35  	 Forgettingness  
2328  	 6108C09    SHSBC-36  	 Q & A - Goals Search  
2329  	 6108C10    SHSBC-37  	 Q & A - Goals Assessment, Behavior of PC  
2330  	 6108C11    SHSBC-38  	 Basics of Auditing - Matter of Factness  
2331  	 6108C15    SHSBC-39  	 Q & A - Anatomy and Assessment of Goals  
2332  	 6108C16    SHSBC-40  	 Unknown - Cyclic Aspects of Goals  
2333  	 6108C17    SHSBC-41  	 Rudiments - Valences  
2334  	 6108C18    SHSBC-42  	 Control of Attention  
2335  	 6108C22    SHSBC-43  	 PTPs - Unknownnesses  
2336  	 6108C23    SHSBC-44  	 Basics of Auditing  
2337  	 6108C24    SHSBC-45  	 Rudiments  
2338  	 6108C29    SHSBC-46  	 Basics of Auditing  
2339  	 6106C30    SHSBC-47  	 Auditing Quality  
2340  	 6108C31    SHSBC-48  	 What is Auditing?  
2341  	 6109C05    SHSBC-49  	 Principles of Auditing  
2342  	 6109C06    SHSBC-50  	 Subjective Reality  
2343  	 6109C07    SHSBC-51  	 Reality in Auditing  
2344  	 6109C12    SHSBC-52  	 Clearing Breakthrough  
2345  	 6109C13    SHSBC-53  	 Sec Check and Withholds  
2346  	 6109C14    SHSBC-54  	 Goals and Terminals Assessment  
2347  	 6109C19    SHSBC-55  	 Q & A Period - Prehav, Sec Checks, ARC Break Process
2348  	 6109C20    SHSBC-56  	 Seminar at SH, Q & A Period - What is Knowable to the PC
2349  	 6109C21    SHSBC-57  	 Smoothness of Auditing  
2350  	 6109C26    SHSBC-58  	 Teaching the Field - Sec Checks  
2351  	 6109C27    SHSBC-59  	 Q & A Period; States of Beingness  
2352	 6109C28    SHSBC-60  	 Q & A Period; States of Beingness Grades of Auditors  
2353  	 6110C03    SHSBC-61  	 The Prior Confusion  
2354  	 6110C04    SHSBC-62  	 Moral Codes: What Is A Withhold?  
2355	 6110C05    SHSBC-63	 Sec Checking - Types of Withholds Problems Intensive  
2356	 6110C10    SHSBC-64  	 Problem Intensive
2357  	 6110C11    SHSBC-65  	 Problems Intensive Assessment  
2358  	 6110C12    SHSBC-66  	 Problems  
2359  	 6110C17    SHSBC-67  	 Problems Intensive Procedures  
2360  	 6110C18    SHSBC-68  	 Valences - Circuits  
2361  	 6110C19    SHSBC-69  	 Q & A Period - Flows  
2362  	 6110C24    SHSBC-70  	 Clearing  
2363  	 6110C25    SHSBC-71  	 Importance of Goals Terminals  
2364  	 6110C26    SHSBC-72  	 Security Checking Auditing Errors  
2365  	 6110C31    SHSBC-73  	 Rudiments  
2366  	 6111C01    SHSBC-74  	 Formation of Commands  
2367  	 6111C02    SHSBC-75  	 How to Security Check  
2368  	 6111C07    SHSBC-76  	 Routine 3A  
2369  	 6111C08    SHSBC-77  	 Checking Case Reports  
2370  	 6111C09    SHSBC-78  	 Effective Clearing  
2371  	 6111C14    SHSBC-79  	 Routine 3D  
2372  	 6111C15    SHSBC-80  	 Routine 3D Continued  
2373  	 6111C16    SHSBC-81  	 Points in Assessing  
2374  	 6111C21    SHSBC-82  	 Running 3D  
2375  	 6111C22    SHSBC-83  	 Reading the E-Meter  
2376  	 6111C23    SHSBC-84  	 Auxiliary Pre-Have: 3D Scale  
2377  	 6111C28    SHSBC-85  	 Havingness  
2378  	 6111C29    SHSBC-86  	 E-Meter Tips  
2379  	 6111C30    SHSBC-87  	 Parts of 3D  
2380  	 6112C05    SHSBC-88  	 Assessing 3D  
2381  	 6112C06    SHSBC-89  	 Sec Checks Necessary  
2382  	 6112C07    SHSBC-90  	 Expectancy of 3D  
2383  	 6112C12    SHSBC-91  	 Sec Checks in Processing  
2384  	 6112C13    SHSBC-92  	 Assessing 3D  
2385  	 6112C14    SHSBC-93  	 Anatomy of Problems  
2386  	 6112C19    SHSBC-94  	 Parts of 3D  
2387  	 6112C20    SHSBC-95  	 Upgrading of Auditors  
2388  	 6112C21    SHSBC-96  	 Probabilities of 3D  
2389  	 6112C30    CHC-1  	 Scientology, Where are We Going  
2390  	 6112C30    CHC-2  	 Auditing Perfection and Classes of Auditors  
2391  	 6112C30    CHC-3  	 Parts of the 3D Package  
2392  	 6112C31    CHC-4  	 The Goals Problem Mass  
2393  	 6112C31    CHC-5  	 The E-Meter and It's Use & Demo by Reg Sharpe  
2394  	 6112C31    CHC-6  	 Havingness, Quality of Reach  


Ref Nr.  Date Code Lecture Code  Lecture Title
2395  	 6201C01    CHC-7  	 The Valence, How It Works  
2396  	 6201C01    CHC-8  	 Goals Package Balance of Valences and Identification  
2397  	 6201C01    CHC-9  	 Effectiveness and Your Effectiveness Now  
2398  	 6201C09    SHSBC-97  	 Twenty-Ten - 3DXX  
2399  	 6201C10    SHSBC-98  	 Sec Checks - Withholds  
2400  	 6201C11    SHSBC-99  	 How to Audit  
2401  	 6201C16    SHSBC-100  	 Nature of Withholds  
2402  	 6201C17    SHSBC-101  	 Anatomy of 3D GPM  
2403  	 6201C18    SHSBC-102  	3D Criss Cross - GPM
2404  	 6201C23    SHSBC-103  	 Basics of Auditing  
2405  	 6201C24    SHSBC-104  	 Training - Duplication  
2406  	 6201C25    SHSBC-105  	 Whole Track  
2407  	 6201C30    SHSBC-106  	 In-Sessionness  
2408  	 6201C31    SHSBC-107  	 Usages of 3DXX  
2409  	 6202C01    SHSBC-108  	 Flows  
2410  	 6202C06    SHSBC-111  	 Withholds  
2411  	 6202C07    SHSBC-112  	 Missed Withholds - (See 2255)  
2412  	 6202C08    SHSBC-109  	 3DXX Assessment  
2413  	 6202C13    SHSBC-110  	 Prep Clearing  
2414  	 6202C14    SHSBC-117  	 Directing Attention  
2415  	 6202C15    SHSBC-118  	 Prepchecking  
2416  	 6202C20    SHSBC-113  	 What is A Withhold?  
2417  	 6202C21    SHSBC-114  	 Use of Prepcheking  
2418  	 6202C22    SHSBC-119  	 Prepchecking and Rudiments  
2419  	 6202C27    SHSBC-115  	 Prepchecking  
2420  	 6202C27    SHSBC-116  	 Auditor's Code  
2421  	 6203C01    SHSBC-120  	 Model Session I  
2422  	 6203C01    SHSBC-121  	 Model Session II  
2423  	 6203C19    SHSBC-122  	 The Bad "Auditor"  
2424  	 6203C19    SHSBC-123  	 Mechanics of Suppression  
2425  	 6203C20    SH TVD-1  	 3DXX Assessment  
2426  	 6203C20    SH TVD-2  	 3DXX Assessment (cont.)  
2427  	 6203C21    SHSBC-124  	 Prepchecking  
2428  	 6203C21    SHSBC-125  	 Prepchecking  
2429  	 6203C27    SHSBC-130  	 Prepchecking Data  
2430  	 6203C29    SHSBC-126  	 CCHs  
2431  	 6203C29    SHSBC-127  	 Q & A Period  
2432  	 6204C03    SHSBC-131  	 The Overt-Motivator Sequence  
2433  	 6204C05    SHSBC-128  	 Sacredness of Cases - Self-Determinism, Other-Determinism and Pan-Determinism 
2434  	 6204C05    SHSBC-129  	 As-Isness, People Who Can and Can't As-is  
2435  	 6204C17    SHSBC-132  	 Auditing  
2436  	 6204C17    SHSBC-133  	 How and Why Auditing Works  
2437  	 6204C19    SHSBC-134  	 Gross Auditing Errors  
2438  	 6204C19    SHSBC-135  	 Determining What to Run  
2439  	 6204C24    SHSBC-136  	 Rundown on 3DXX, Part I  
2440  	 6204C24    SHSBC-137  	 Rundown on 3DXX, Part II  
2441  	 6204C25    SH TVD-3  	 Checking Line Plots  
2442  	 6204C26    SHSBC-138  	 Rundown on Prepchecking (Professional Attitude)  
2443  	 6204C26    SHSBC-139  	 Rundown on Routine 3: Routine 3AXX  
2444  	 6205C01    SHSBC-140  	 Missed Withholds  
2445  	 6205C01    SHSBC-141  	 Routine 3G, Experimental Preview of a Clearing Process  
2446  	 6205C02    SH TVD-4A  	 Prepchecking (Aud: LRH), Part I  
2447  	 6205C02    SH TVD-4B  	 Prepchecking, Part II  
2448  	 6205C03    SHSBC-142  	 Craftmanship, Fundamentals  
2449  	 6205C03    SHSBC-143  	 Prepchecking  
2450  	 6205C15    SHSBC-144  	 New Training Sections  
2451  	 6205C15    SHSBC-145  	 New TRs  
2452  	 6205C16    SH TVD-5A  	 Patching Up 3DXX Cases, Part I (LRH MTS-3)  
2453  	 6205C16    SH TVD-5B  	 Patching Up 3DXX Cases, Part II (Aud LRH...SPC-D)  
2454  	 6205C17    SHSBC-146  	 Auditing Errors  
2455  	 6205C17    SHSBC-147  	 Prepchecking  
2456  	 6205C22    SHSBC-150  	 Administration of Courses  
2457  	 6205C22    SHSBC-151  	 Missed Withholds  
2458  	 6205C23    SH TVD-6  	 Check on "What" Questions and Havingness Probe (LRH MTS-4) 
2459  	 6203C23    SH TVD-7  	 Fish and Fumble - Checking Dirty Needles (LRH MTS-5) (PC: Fred Hare) 
2460  	 6205C24    SHSBC-148  	 E-Meter - Instant Reads, Part I  
2461  	 6205C24    SHSBC-149  	 E-Meter Data - Instant Reads, Part II  
2462  	 6205C29    SHSBC-152  	 Question and Answer Period  
2463  	 6205C29    SHSBC-153  	 Security Check Prepchecking  
2464  	 6205C30    SH TVD-8A  	 Getting Rudiments In (LRH Auditing Demo), Part I  
2465  	 6205C30    SH TVD-8B  	 Getting Rudiments In, Part II  
2466  	 6205C31    SHSBC-154  	 Value of Rudiments  
2467  	 6205C31    SHSBC-155  	 Middle Rudiments  
2468  	 6206C12    SHSBC-160  	 How to Do Goals Assessment  
2469  	 6206C12    SHSBC-161  	 Middle Rudiments  
2470  	 6206C13    SH TVD-9  	 Checking Out A Goal, Part I  
2471  	 6206C13    SH TVD-10  	 Checking Out A Goal - Fish and Fumble - Part II  
2472  	 6206C14    SHSBC-156  	 Future Technology  
2473  	 6206C14    SHSBC-157  	 Listing  
2474  	 6206C19    SHSBC-158  	 Do's and Don'ts of R3GA  
2475  	 6206C19    SHSBC-159  	 Question and Answer Period  
2476  	 6206C20    SH TVD-10    Spec New Model Session  	
2477  	 6206C21    SHSBC-162  	 Model Session Revised  
2478  	 6206C21    SHSBC-163  	 Question and Answer Period  
2479  	 6206C26    SHSBC-164  	 E-Meter Quality  
2480  	 6206C26    SHSBC-165  	 Prepchecking  
2481  	 6206C28    SHSBC-166  	 Rudiments  
2482  	 6206C28    SHSBC-167  	 Question and Answer Period  
2483  	 6207C10    SHSBC-168  	 Repetitive Rudiments and Repetitive Prepchecking, Part I  
2484  	 6207C10    SHSBC-169  	 Repetitive Rudiments and Repetitive Prepchecking, Part II  
2485  	 6207C12    SHSBC-174  	 Meter Reading  
2486  	 6207C12    SHSBC-175  	 Meter Training  
2487  	 6207C17    SHSBC-170  	 E-Meter Reads and ARC Breaks  
2488  	 6207C17    SHSBC-171  	 Anatomy of ARC Breaks  
2489  	 6207C19    SHSBC-172  	 The E-Meter  
2490  	 6207C19    SHSBC-173  	 Question and Answer Period  
2491  	 6207C24    SHSBC-176  	 Routine 3GA, Part I  
2492  	 6207C24    SHSBC-177  	 Routine 3GA, Part II  
2493  	 6207C26    SHSBC-178  	 Routine 3GA  
2494  	 6207C26    SHSBC-179  	 Prepchecking  
2495  	 6208C07    SHSBC-180  	 Routine 3GA Data on Goals, Part I  
2496  	 6208C07    SHSBC-181  	 Routine 3GA Data on Goals, Part II  
2497  	 6208C08    SH TVD-11  	 Routine 3GA Nulling Goals (LRH Auditing Demo) (PC: MSH)  
2498  	 6208C09    SHSBC-182  	 Clearing  
2499  	 6208C09    SHSBC-183  	 Goals Listing  
2500  	 6208C14    SHSBC-184  	 Rock Slams and Dirty Needles  
2501  	 6208C14    SHSBC-185  	 World Clearing  
2502  	 6208C15    SH TVD-12A  	 3GA Dynamic Assessment - Listing Items for Dynamics, I  
2503  	 6208C15    SH TVD-12B  	 3GA Dynamic Assessment - Listing Items for Dynamics, II  
2504  	 6208C16    SHSBC-186  	 3GA Dynamic Assessment ("A" side only)  
2505  	 6208C21    SHSBC-187  	 Finding Goals by Dynamic Assessment  
2506  	 6208C21    SHSBC-188  	 Basics of Auditing  
2507  	 6208C22    SH TVD-13A  	 Dynamic Assessment and Item Assessment, Part I  
2508  	 6208C22    SH TVD-13B  	 Dynamic Assessment and Item Assessment, Part II  
2509  	 6209C01    CSC-1  	 Presentation of the GPM  
2510  	 6209C01    CSC-2  	 The Point Where the PC Begins to Get Clear  
2511  	 6209C01    CSC-3  	 Basic Purpose  
2512  	 6209C02    CSC-4  	 The Healing Effect of Preparatory Auditing (Suppress Button)  
2513  	 6209C02    CSC-5  	 Staff Inroduction - Demo: J.Fudge  
2514  	 6209C02    CSC-6  	 The Problems Intensive, Mechanics and Problems  
2515  	 6209C03    CSC-7  	 World Clearing and You  
2516  	 6209C03    CSC-8  	 Slides Shown by Reg Sharpe  
2517  	 6209C03    CSC-9  	 Your Scientology Orgs and What They Do for You  
2518  	 6209C18    SHSBC-189  	 Directing PC's Attention  
2519  	 6209C18    SHSBC-190  	 3GA Dynamic Assessment by Rock Slam  
2520  	 6209C19    SH TVD-14A 	 Tiger Drill, Part 1  
2521  	 6209C19    SH TVD-14B 	 Tiger Drill, Part 2  
2522  	 6209C20    SHSBC-191  	 Listing Lines  
2523  	 6209C20    SHSBC-192  	 Geriatrics  
2524  	 6209C25    SHSBC-193  	 Current Trends  
2525  	 6209C25    SHSBC-194  	 3GA Assessment  
2526  	 6209C26    TVD  	 Nulling Goals Session  
2527  	 6209C27    SHSBC-195  	 3GA Listing  
2528  	 6209C27    SHSBC-195A 	 3GA Listing  
2529  	 6210C02    SHSBC-196  	 3GA Listing Lines by Tiger Buttons  
2530  	 6210C02    SHSBC-197  	 3GA listing Lines by Tiger Buttons, 2nd Lecture  
2531  	 6210C03    SH TVD-15A 	 Prepchecking a Goal, Part I  
2532  	 6210C03    SH TVD-15B 	 Prepchecking a Goal, Part II  
2533  	 6210C04    SHSBC-198  	 Modern Security Checking  
2534  	 6210C04    SHSBC-199  	 Making a Goal Fire  
2535  	 6210C09    SHSBC-200  	 Future Org Trends  
2536  	 6210C09    SHSBC-201  	 Instructor's Bugbear  
2537  	 6210C11    SHSBC-202  	 3GA Goals Finding  
2538  	 6210C11    SHSBC-203  	 3GA Goals Finding  
2539  	 6210C23    SHSBC-202X   3GA Criss Cross  
2540  	 6210C23    SHSBC-203X   3GAXX Following the Rock Slam  
2541  	 6210C25    SHSBC-208  	 3GAXX  
2542  	 6210C25    SHSBC-209  	 3GAXX Secondary Pre-Hav Scale  
2543  	 6210C30    SHSBC-204  	 Pre-Hav Scales and Lists  
2544  	 6210C30    SHSBC-205  	 Listing Goals  
2545  	 6211C01    SHSBC-206  	 The Missed Missed Withhold  
2546  	 6211C01    SHSBC-207  	 The Road to Truth  
2547  	 6211C13    SHSBC-210  	 The Difficult Case  
2548  	 6211C13    SHSBC-211  	 Entrance to Cases  
2549  	 6211C15    SHSBC-212  	 Terminals  
2550  	 6211C15    SHSBC-213  	 Clearing Technology  
2551  	 6211C20    SHSBC-214  	 The GPM  
2552  	 6211C20    SHSBC-215  	 Fundamentals of Auditing  
2553  	 6211C22    SHSBC-216  	 Q & A Period, Part 1  
2554  	 6211C22    SHSBC-217  	 Q & A Period, Part 2  
2555  	 6211C27    SHSBC-218  	 Routine 2-12  
2556  	 6211C27    SHSBC-219  	 Routine 2-12  
2557  	 6211C29    SHSBC-220  	 R2-12 Theory and Practice, Part I  
2558  	 6211C29    SHSBC-221  	 R2-12 Theory and Practice, Part II  
2559  	 6212C11    SHSBC-222  	 R2-12 Data  
2560  	 6212C11    SHSBC-223  	 Phantom R/S  
2561  	 6212C13    SHSBC-224  	 R2-12 Data - Needle Behavior  
2562  	 6212C13    SHSBC-225  	 Repair of R2-12 - Clean Needle  


Ref Nr.  Date Code Lecture Code  Lecture Title
2563  	 6301C08    SHSBC-226  	 R2-10 and R2-12  
2564  	 6301C08    SHSBC-227  	 Case Repair  
2565  	 6301C10    SHSBC-228  	 R2-12  
2566  	 6301C10    SHSBC-229  	 How to Audit  
2567  	 6301C10                 INTERVIEW  	 
2568  	 6301C15    SHSBC-230  	 R2-12 Dead Horses  
2569  	 6301C15    SHSBC-231  	 R2-12 Nevers  
2570  	 6301C16    SH TVD-16  	 TR 0 Demo  
2571  	 6301C16    SHSBC-232  	 TR 0 Lecture  
2571.1  6301C16    SHSBC-233  	 TR 0 Lecture  
2572  	 6302C06  	 	 Instructors Conference  
2573  	 6302C07    SHSBC-234  	 R-3MX, Part I  
2574  	 6302C07    SHSBC-235  	 R-3MX, Part II  
2575  	 6302C12    SHSBC-236  	 Routine 3M  
2576  	 6302C13    SHSBC-237  	 TVD-16, Mid. Rud. and Hav.  
2577  	 6302C13    SHSBC-238  	 Discussion by LRH of TVD  
2578  	 6302C14    SHSBC-239  	 Routine 3M  
2579  	 6302C19    SHSBC-240  	 Rundown on Processes  
2580  	 6302C20    SHSBC-241  	 Talk on TV Demo - Finding RRs  
2581  	 6302C21    SHSBC-242  	 R-2 and R-3 Current Auditing Rundown  
2582  	 6302C26    SHSBC-243  	 R-3M Current Rundown by Steps  
2583  	 6302C27    SHSBC-246  	 TVD-17 Case Repair (Aud: LRH)  
2584  	 6302C27    SHSBC-246A  	 TVD-17A Case Repair (Aud: LRH)  
2585  	 6302C28    SHSBC-244  	 Goals Problems Mass  
2586  	 6303C05    SHSBC-245  	 R-2 and R-3 Urgent Data  
2587  	 6303C07    SHSBC-247  	 When Faced With The Unusual Do the Usual  
2588  	 6303C13    SHSBC  	 Auditing and Assessment(See 2501)  
2589  	 6303C19    SHSBC-248  	 R-3M How to Find Goals  
2590  	 6303C19    SHSPEC  	 Flattening A Process (See 2509)  
2591  	 6303C20    SH TVD-18  	 Rudiments and Havingness Session and Short Lecture (Aud: LRH, PC:  
2592  	 6303C21    SHSBC-251  	 R-2G Series  
2593  	 6303C26    SHSBC-252  	 Case Repair  
2594  	 6303C27    SHSBC-254  	 TVD-19 Sec Checking, Talk by LRH (Aud: R.Sharpe; PS: Leslie Van  
2595  	 6303C28    SHSBC-253  	 The GPM  
2596  	 6304C02    SHSBC-256  	 Line Plot, Items  
2597  	 6304C04    SHSBC-255  	 Anatomy of the GPM  
2598  	 6304C16    SHSBC-257  	 Top of GPM  
2599  	 6304C18    SHSBC-258  	 Directive Listing  
2600  	 6304C20    PAC-1  	 Clearing  
2601  	 6304C20    PAC-2  	 Clearing  
2602  	 6304C23    SHSBC-259  	 Goals Problem Mass  
2603  	 6304C25    SHSBC-260  	 Finding Goals  
2604  	 6304C30    SHSBC-261  	 Directive Listing  
2605  	 6305C02    SHSBC-262  	 Running the GPM  
2606  	 6305C14    SHSBC-263  	 Implant GPMs  
2607  	 6305C15    SHSBC-264  	 TVD-20, Blocking Out and Dating Items and Incidents Prior to Implants  
2608  	 6305C16    SHSBC-265  	 The Time Track  
2609  	 6305C21    SHSBC-266  	 The Helatrobus Implants  
2610  	 6305C22    SHSBC-267  	 TVD-21, Engram Running - Helatrobus Implant (Aud: LRH) Goal "To  
2611  	 6305C23    SHSBC-268  	 State of O.T.  
2612  	 6305C28    SHSBC-269  	 Handling ARC Breaks  
2613  	 6305C29    SHSBC-270  	 Programming Cases, Part 1  
2614  	 6305C30    SHSBC-271  	 Programming Cases, Part 2  
2615  	 6306C11    SHSBC-272  	 Engram Chain Running  
2616  	 6306C12    SHSBC-273  	 ARC Straightwire  
2617  	 6306C13    SHSBC-274  	 Levels of Case  
2618  	 6306C18    SHSBC-275  	 Beingness  
2619  	 6306C19    SHSBC-276  	 Summary of Modern Auditing  
2620  	 6306C20    SHSBC-277  	 History of Psychotherapy  
2621  	 6306C25    SHSBC-278  	 Routine 2H  
2622  	 6306C26    SHSBC-279  	 TVD-22, Listing Assessment for Engram Running, 1  
2623  	 6306C27    SHSBC-280  	 TVD-23, Listing Assessment for Engram Running, 2  
2624  	 6306C09    SHSBC-281  	 The Free Being  
2625  	 6307C10    SHSBC-282  	 Auditing Skills for R-3R  
2626  	 6307C10    SHSBC-284A   Preliminary Steps of R-3R, Part 1  
2627  	 6307C10    SHSBC-284B   Preliminary Steps of R-3R, Part 2  
2628  	 6307C11    SHSBC-283  	 ARC Breaks  
2629  	 6307C16    SHSBC-285  	 Tips on Running R-3R  
2630  	 6307C17    SHSBC-286  	 Dating  
2631  	 6307C18    SHSBC-287  	 Errors in Time  
2632  	 6307C23    SHSBC-288  	 Between Lives Implants  
2633  	 6307C24    SHSBC-289  	 ARC Breaks and the Comm Cycle - The Revised Model Session  
2634  	 6307C25    SHSBC-290  	 Comm Cycles in Auditing  
2635  	 6308C06    SHSBC-291  	 Auditing Comm Cycles - Definition of An Auditor  
2636  	 6308C07    SHSBC-292  	 R-2H Fundamentals  
2637  	 6308C08    SHSBC-293  	 R-2H Assessment  
2638  	 6308C14    SHSBC-294  	 Auditing Tips  
2639  	 6308C15    SHSBC-295  	 The Tone Arm  
2640  	 6308C20    SHSBC-296  	 The Itsa Line  
2641  	 6308C21    SHSBC-297  	 The Itsa Line (cont.)  
2642  	 6308C22    SHSBC-298  	 Project 80  
2643  	 6308C27    SHSBC-299  	 Rightness and Wrongness  
2644  	 6308C28    SHSBC-300  	 The TA and the Service Facsimile  
2645  	 6308C29    SHSBC-301  	 The Service Facsimile (cont.)  
2646  	 6309C03    SHSBC-302A   R3SC  
2647  	 6309C04    SHSBC-302  	 How to Find A Service Facsimile  
2648  	 6309C05    SHSBC-303  	 Service Fac Assessment  
2649  	 6309C10    SHSBC-304  	 Destimulation of A Case  
2650  	 6309C11    SHSBC-305  	 Service Facs and GPMs  
2651  	 6309C12    SHSBC-306  	 Service Facs  
2652  	 6309C17    SHSBC-307  	 What You Are Auditing  
2653  	 6309C18    SHSBC-308  	 St. Hill Service Fac Handling  
2654  	 6309C19    SHSBC-309  	 Routine 4M TA (HCO B 2 Oct 63 cancels R4M TA)  
2655  	 6309C24  	 	 Summary I, (cancelled by HCO B 12 Oct 63) (Not Released)  
2656  	 6309C25    SHSBC-310  	 Summary II Scientology 0  
2657  	 6309C26    SHSBC-311  	 Summary III About Level IV Aud.  
2658  	 6310C15    SHSBC-312  	 Essentials of Auditing  
2659  	 6310C16    SHSBC-313  	 The Itsa Maker Line  
2660  	 6310C17    SHSBC-314  	 Levels of Auditing  
2661  	 6310C21    SHSBC-315  	 Attack and GPMs  
2662  	 6310C22    SHSBC-316  	 The Integration of Auditing  
2663  	 6310C23    SHSBC-317  	 Auditing the GPM  
2664  	 6310C29    SHSBC-318  	 Routine 4  
2665  	 6310C30    SHSBC-319  	 R4 Case Assembly  
2666  	 6310C31    SHSBC-320  	 R4M2 Programming  
2667  	 6311C05    SHSBC-321  	 Three Zones of Auditing  
2668  	 6311C07    SHSBC-322  	 Relationship of Training to O.T.  
2669  	 6311C16         	 Interview with Saturday Evening Post  
2670  	 6311C17  	 	 Interview with Saturday Evening Post  
2671  	 6311C26    SHSBC-323  	 R4 Auditing  
2672  	 6311C27    SHSBC-330  	 TVD-25, Auditing Demo and Comments by LRH  
2673  	 6311C28    SHSBC-324  	 Seven Classifications  
2674  	 6311C28    SESSION  	 MSH Auditing LRH  
2675  	 6311C28    SESSION  	 MSH Auditing LRH  
2676  	 6311C29    SESSION  	 MSH Auditing LRH  
2677  	 6312C02    SESSION  	 PT Truncated GPM (LRH Auditing MSH)  
2678  	 6312C03    SESSION  	 Finding A Next Goal (LRH Auditing MSH)  
2679  	 6312C03    SHSBC-325  	 Certifications and Classifications  
2680  	 6312C04    SHSBC-326  	 TVD-24, Basic AUditing  
2681  	 6312C04    SESSION  	 LRH Auditing MSH  
2682  	 6312C05    SHSBC-327  	 Basic Auditing  
2683  	 6312C10    SHSBC-328  	 Scientology 0  
2684  	 6312C10    SHSBC-372B   The Dangerous Environment  
2685  	 6312C11  	 	 Session Goals to Do and Think  
2686  	 6312C12    SHSBC-329  	 Summary of O.T. Processes  
2687  	 6312C13    SESSION  	 LRH Auditing MSH  
2688  	 6312C15    SESSION  	 LRH Auditing MSH  
2689  	 6312C20    SESSION  	 LRH Auditing MSH  
2690  	 6312C22    SESSION  	 LRH Auditing MSH  
2691  	 6312C23    SESSION  	 LRH Auditing MSH  
2692  	 6312C30    SH SC-1A  	 Summary of R6, Part 1  
2693  	 6312C30    SH SC-1B  	 Summary of R6, Part 2  
2694  	 6312C31    SH SC-2&3  	 Objects of the Mind  
2695  	 6312C31    SH SPEC-1  	 Indicators  
2696  	 6312C31    SESSION  	 LRH Auditing MSH  


Ref Nr.  Date Code Lecture Code  Lecture Title
2697  	 6401C01    SESSION  	 LRH Auditing MSH R6  
2698  	 6401C01    SH SC-4  	 R6 Indicators  
2699  	 6401C07    SH SPEC-2  	 Good Indicators (Lower Levels)  
2700  	 6401C09    SH SPEC-3  	 Bad Indicators  
2701  	 6401C16    SH SC-5A  	 On R6, Part 1  
2702  	 6401C16  	 	 To Instructors on Routine 6 (could be same tape as above)  
2703  	 6401C16    SH SC-5B  	 On R6, Part 2  
2704  	 6401C20    SH SC-6A  	 R6 Line Plots and Admin, Part 1  
2705  	 6401C20    SH SC-6B  	 R6 Line Plots and Admin, Part 2  
2706  	 6401C21    SH SC-7A  	 R6 Case Analysis, Part 1  
2707  	 6401C21    SH SC-7B  	 R6 Case Analysis, Part 2  
2708  	 6402C04    SH SPEC-4  	 Auditor Self-Criticism  
2709  	 6402C05    SH SC-8A  	 The Pattern of the Bank (film), Part 1  
2710  	 6402C05    SH SC-8B  	 The Pattern of the Bank (film), Part 2  
2711  	 6402C06    SH SC-9  	 R6 on Items and Goals  
2712  	 6402C06    SH SPEC-5  	 Comm Cycle in Auditing  
2713  	 6402C09    SH DEMO  	 Auditing Session  
2714  	 6402C09    DEMO 2  	 LRH Audits MSH "First Recorded Session on Bringing About Commands" 
2715  	 6402C11    SH SC-10  	 Bad Indicators  
2716  	 6402C13    SH SC-11A  	 Goals, Part 1  
2717  	 6402C13    SH SC-11B  	 Goals, Part 2  
2718  	 6402C17    SH SC-12A  	 Goals Listing and Plotting, Part 1  
2719  	 6402C17    SH SC-12B  	 Goals Listing and Plotting, Part 2  
2720  	 6402C18    SH SC-13A  	 Technical Rules and Bad Indicators, Part 1  
2721  	 6402C18    SH SC-13B  	 Technical Rules and Bad Indicators, Part 2  
2722  	 6402C19    SH SC-14A  	 GPM Series and Examination Review, Part 1  
2723  	 6402C19    SH SC-14B  	 GPM Series and Examination Review, Part 2  
2724  	 6402C20    SH SC-15  	 Goals Finding and Plotting  
2725  	 6402C24    SH SC-16  	 Q & A on R6 (CONFID)  
2726  	 6402C25    SH SC-17A  	 The Goals Pattern, Part 1  
2727  	 6402C25    SH SC-17B  	 The Goals Pattern, Part 2  
2728  	 6402C25    SH SPEC-6  	 What Auditing Is and What It Isn't  
2729  	 6403C03    SH SPEC-7  	 Auditing and Assessment (Same as SH SPEC 248)  
2730  	 6403C05    SH SPEC-8  	 Case Analysis - Healing  
2731  	 6403C10    SH SPEC-9  	 Summary of Lower Levels - Clearing at Level Four  
2732  	 6403C12    SH SPEC-10A  Track Analysis (film)  
2733  	 6403C12    SH SPEC-10B  Running GPMs (film)  
2734  	 6403C17    SH SPEC-11   The Road to Perfection  
2735  	 6403C18    SH TVD  	 TV Demo's Comments by LRH - MSH auditing LRH (Goals Plotting R6 Model Session, Handling an ARC Break) (SH SPEC 2&2B)  
2736  	 6403C19    SH SPEC-12   Flattening a Process  
2737  	 6403C24    SH SPEC-13   International City  
2738  	 6404C10    SH SPEC-14   How to Manage a Course  
2739  	 6404C14    SH SPEC-15   The Classification Gradation Programme  
2740  	 6404C16    SH SPEC-16   Auditing by Lists  
2741  	 6404C21    SH SPEC-17   Problems and Solutions  
2742  	 6404C28    SH SPEC-18   Wisdom As An Auditor  
2743  	 6404C30    SH SPEC-19   Effectiveness of Processing  
2744  	 6405C19    SH SPEC-20A  R6 Remarks 1 Goal End Word Running  
2745  	 6405C19    SH SPEC-20   The Preclear and Getting Auditing to Work  
2746  	 6406C01    SH SC-18  	 The Line Plot - Goals Plot - Series Plot (CONFID)  
2747  	 6406C04    SH SPEC-21   R6 Auditing Skills  
2748  	 6406C09    SH SPEC-22   The Cycle of Action - Its Interpretation on the E-Meter  
2749  	 6406C16    SH SPEC-23   "Communication" Overts and Responsibility  
2750  	 6406C18    SH SPEC-24   Studying, Introduction; also issued as ST-1  
2751  	 6406C30    SH SPEC-25   Cause Level, OT and the Public  
2752  	 6407C02    SH SPEC-26   O/W Modernized and Reviewed  
2753  	 6407C07    SH SPEC-27   Dissemination  
2754  	 6407C09    SH SPEC-28   Studying - Data Assimilation; also issued as ST-2  
2755  	 6407C14    SH SPEC-29   Track and Bank Anatomy  
2756  	 6407C15    SH SPEC-30   Organizational Operation  
2757  	 6407C27    HASI  	 Address to HASI LTD. Share Holders  
2758  	 6407C28    SH SPEC-31   Campaign to Handle Psychosomatic Ills  
2759  	 6407C30    SH SPEC-32   Psychosomatic - Its Meaning in Scientology  
2760  	 6408C04    SH SPEC-33   A Summary of Study; also issued as ST-3  
2761  	 6408C06    SH SPEC-34   Study - Gradients and Nomenclature; also issued as ST-4  
2762  	 6408C11    SH SPEC-35   Evaluation of Information; also issued as ST-5  
2763  	 6408C13    SH SPEC-36   Study and Education; also issued as ST-6  
2764  	 6409C01    SH SPEC-37   The PE Course  
2765  	 6409C03    SH SPEC-38   Clearing - What It Is  
2766  	 6409C15    SH SPEC-39   Scientolopgy and Tradition  
2767  	 6409C22    SH SPEC-40   A Review of Study; also issued as ST-7  
2768  	 6409C29    SH SPEC-41   Gradients  
2769  	 6410C13    SH SPEC-42   Cycles of Action  
2770  	 6410C20    SH SPEC-43   Levels - The Reason for Them  
2771  	 6410C27    SH SPEC-44   The Failed Case  
2772  	 6411C03    SH SPEC-45   Programmes  
2773  	 6411C04    SH SPEC-48   Comments on Clay Table TVD by LRH  
2774  	 6411C10    SH SPEC-46   PTPs, Overts and ARC Breaks  
2775  	 6411C17               	 Interview with Mr Phelon (CONFID)  
2776  	 6411C17    SH SPEC-47   Styles of Auditing  
2777  	 6412C15    SH SPEC-49   Communication - A Gradient on Duplication  
2778  	 6412C22    SH SPEC-50   Mastery of the GPMs (films) (CONFID)  
2779  	 6412C30    SH SPEC-51   Pattern of the Bank (film) (CONFID)  


Ref Nr.  Date Code Lecture Code  Lecture Title
2780  	 6502C23    SH SPEC-52   Level VII  
2781  	 6503C02    SH SPEC-53   Technology and Hidden Standards  
2782  	 6503C09    SH SPEC-54   The New Organizational Structure  
2783  	 6503C16    SH SPEC-55   The Progress and Future of Scientology  
2784  	 6503C30    SH SPEC-56   ARC Breaks and Generalities (General Rules?)  
2785  	 6504C06    SH SPEC-57   Org Board and Livingness  
2786  	 6504C13    SH SPEC-58   The Lowest Levels  
2787  	 6504C27    SH SPEC-59   Awareness Levels  
2788  	 6505C11    SH SPEC-60   ARC Breaks and PTPs, the Differentiation  
2789  	 6505C16    SH SPEC-61   Organization and Ethics  
2790  	 6505C25    SH SPEC-62   The Five Conditions  
2791  	 6506C08    SH SPEC-63   Handling the PTS  
2792  	 6506C29    SH SPEC-64   The Well-Rounded Auditor  
2793  	 6507C27    SH SPEC-65   Stages of Release  
2794  	 6509C03    CC-1  	 Material of the R6 Bank (filmed lecture)  
2795  	 6509C09    SH SPEC-66   Classification and Gradation (also available as a film)  
2796  	 6509C21    SH SPEC-67   Out Tech  
2797  	 6510C09  	 	 Three Main Points Watched for in Review  
2798  	 6510C14    SH SPEC-68   Briefing to Review Auditors  
2799  	 6512C01  	 	 Conference Memo to Commodore White on TASC  
2800  	 6512C20  	         Conference on Speed Up of Waiting Lists  	
2801  	 65xxCxx  	         no date - Filmed Interview with LRH by Tony Hitchman  	


Ref Nr.  Date Code Lecture Code  Lecture Title
2802  	 6601C25  		 Conference with Comps  
2803  	 6602C12  		 Interns Conference  
2804  	 6602C12  	 	 Interns Conference  
2805  	 6605C06  	 	 LRH to SH & WW Staff  
2806  	 6606C27    DEMO  	 LRH Solo Session Demo  
2807  	 6607C19    SH SPEC-69   About Rhodesia  
2808  	 6607C21    SH SPEC-70   Dianetic Auditing  
2809  	 6607C26    SH SPEC-71   The Classification Chart and Auditing  
2810  	 6607C28    SH SPEC-72   Dianetics Auditing and the Mind  
2811  	 6608C02    SH SPEC-73   Suppressives and GAEs  
2812  	 6608C04    SH SPEC-74   Dianetics, Scientology and Society  
2813  	 6608C16    SH SPEC-75   Releases and Clears  
2814  	 6608C18    SH SPEC-76   Study and Intention (also known as Roundup of Study Materials)
2815  	 6608C23    SH SPEC-77   Organization  
2816  	 6608C25    SH SPEC-78   The Anti-Social Personality  
2817  	 6609C01    SH SPEC-79   Gradients and ARC  
2818  	 6609C08    SH SPEC-80   States of Identity  
2819  	 6611C01    SH SPEC-81   Government and Organization  
2820  	 6611C29    SH SPEC-82  	 
2821  	 6612C06    SH SPEC-83   Scientology Definitions II  
2822  	 6612C13    SH SPEC-84   Scientology Definitions III  


Ref Nr.  Date Code Lecture Code  Lecture Title
2823  	 6701C12                 OT & Clear - Graduation aboard "Royal Scotman"  
2824  	 6702C25  	 	 The Big Auditing Problem  
2825  	 6709C20    SPEC LECT  	 Ron's Journal 1967  
2826  	 6710C10    SO  	 Talk to the Royal Scotsman Crew  
2827  	 6711C16    SO  	 Watch, Quarter and Station Bill (WQSB)  
2828  	 6711C18    SO  	 A Talk to Saint Hill and World-Wide Ethics Officers  
2829  	 6711C19    SPEC LECT  	 Ron's Talk to Pubs WW & WW Execs re symbols and their use  
2830  	 6711C23  	 	 Ron's Talk to EC WW  
2831  	 6711C30    SO  	 Crew Training  
2832  	 6712C10    SO  	 Form and Manner of Keeping Watches  


Ref Nr.  Date Code Lecture Code  Lecture Title
2833  	 68xxCxx    SPEC LECT  	 Talk to EC WW on RS at Southampton  
2834  	 6801C05    AO-1  	 Fast Flow and Inspection before the Fact  
2835  	 6801C12    AO-2  	 Those Who Will Put Things Right  
2836  	 6801C17    SO  	 Weather  
2837  	 6801C26    AO-4  	 Ron's Talk at 4th Graduation on RS (Apollo)  
2838  	 6809C24    Class VIII-1 Welcome to the Class VIII Course. An Introduction to Standard Tech 
2839  	 6809C25    Class VIII-2 What Standard Tech Does  
2840  	 6809C26    Class VIII-3 The Laws of Case Supervision  
2841  	 6809C27    Class VIII-4 Standard Tech Defined  
2842  	 6809C28    Class VIII-5 The Standard Green Form and Rudiments  
2843  	 6809C29    Class VIII-6 Mechanics of Techniques and Study Matter  
2844  	 6809C30    Class VIII-7 Case Supervisor Do's and Don'ts
2845  	 6810C01    Class VIII-8 Certainty of Standard Tech  
2846  	 6810C02    Class VIII-9 Laws of Listing and Nulling  
2847  	 6810C03    Class VIII-10 Assists  
2848  	 6810C07    Class VIII-11 Assessments and Listing Basics  
2849  	 6810C08    Class VIII-12 More on Basics  
2850  	 6810C09    Class VIII-13 Ethics and Case Supervision  
2851  	 6810C10    Class VIII-14 Auditor Attitude and the Bank  
2852  	 6810C11    Class VIII-15 Auditor Additives, Lists and Case Supervising  
2853  	 6810C12    Class VIII-16 Standard Tech  
2854  	 6810C13    Class VIII-17 The Basics and Simplicities of Standard Tech  
2855  	 6810C14    Class VIII-18 The New Auditor's Code  
2856  	 6810C15    Class VIII-19 An Evaluation of Examination - Answers and Data on
2857  	 6811Cxx    SPEC LECT  	 Ron's Journal 1968  


Ref Nr.  Date Code Lecture Code  Lecture Title
2858  	 6902C02  	 	 R-Factor Talk to Registrar  
2859  	 6905C29    SO SPEC-1  	 First Standard Dianetics Graduation - The Dianetic Program  
2860  	 6910C15    WSO-1  	 Welcome to the Sea Org: Quality of the Sea Org - What is a Seaman  
2861  	 6910C16    WSO-2  	 Welcome to the Sea Org: Drills  
2862  	 6910C17    WSO-3  	 Welcome to the Sea Org: Why the Sea Org is Successful  
2863  	 6910C20    WSO-4  	 Welcome to the Sea Org: Third Dynamic Activity and Making Things Go Right  
2864  	 6910C21    WSO-5  	 Welcome to the Sea Org: It's A PR World  


Ref Nr.  Date Code Lecture Code  Lecture Title
2865  	 7001C30    SO  	 A Succinct View of PR  
2866  	 7003C27    SO  	 The Difference Between Intelligence and PR - Part I (for PRO Course Only)  
2867  	 7003C27    SO  	 The Difference Between Intelligence and PR - PART II (for PRO Course Only)  
2868  	 7006C21    SPEC LECT  	 Expanded Grades and Training  
2869  	 7007C03  	 	 LRH Tape to Grand National Convention in Los Angeles (this tape same as the above per P.J.)  
2870  	 7007C15  	 	 Mission and Orders Portmanteau  
2871  	 7009C16    SO  	 A Talk on Department 13, the Department of Personnel Enhancement  
2872  	 7011C17    SO FEBC-1  	 Welcome to the FEBC  


Ref Nr.  Date Code Lecture Code  Lecture Title
2873  	 7101C18    SO FEBC-2  	 PR Becomes a Subject  
2874  	 7101C18    SO FEBC-3  	 The Org Officer/Product Officer System, Part I  
2875  	 7101C18    SO FEBC-4  	 The Org Officer/Product Officer System, Part II  
2876  	 7101C23    SO FEBC-5  	 How to Post An Org  
2877  	 7101C23    SO FEBC-6  	 The Org Officer and His Resources, Part I  
2878  	 7101C23    SO FEBC-7  	 The Org Officer and His Resources, Part II  
2879  	 7101C24    SO FEBC-8  	 Viability and the Role of the HAS  
2880  	 7101C24    SO FEBC-9  	 Production and Resources of the HAS  
2881  	 7101C24    SO FEBC-10   The HAS and the "Coins" of the Org  
2882  	 7102C03    SO FEBC-11   As You Return to Your Org  
2883  	 7102C03    SO FEBC-12   The FEBC Org Board and Its VFPs  
2884  	 7103C02  	 	 To FSO on VFPs  
2885  	 7105C09    SO LECT  	 Training People to Train  
2886  	 7106C12    SO  	 Welcome to the Internship  
2887  	 7106C14                 LRH Briefing to Bill Foster  
2888  	 7109C05    SO  	 A Talk on Basic Qual - I  
2889  	 7109C05    SO  	 A Talk on Basic Qual - II  


Ref Nr.  Date Code Lecture Code  Lecture Title
2890  	 7202C26    LRH/MTS-1  	 CCH: Steps 1-4 Demo (5707C07 FC-15)  
2891  	 7202C26    LRH/MTS-2  	 Demo of An Assist (5911C09 1MACC-2)  
2892  	 7202C26    LRH/MTS-3  	 Patching Up Two 3DXX Cases (6205C16 SH TVD-5A&B)  
2893  	 7202C26    LRH/MTS-4  	 Checking on "What" Questions and Havingness Probe (6205C23 SH TVD-6) 
2894  	 7202C26    LRH/MTS-5  	 Fish and Fumble - Checking Dirty Needles (6205C23 SH TVD xx)  
2895  	 7203C01    ESTO-1  	 Esto Instant Hat, Part I  
2896  	 7203C01    ESTO-2  	 Esto Instant Hat, Part II  
2897  	 7203C02    ESTO-3  	 Evaluation and Handling of Personnel, Part I  
2898  	 7203C02    ESTO-4  	 Evaluation and Handling of Personnel, Part II  
2899  	 7203C03    ESTO-5  	 Handling Personnel, Part I  
2900  	 7203C03    ESTO-6  	 Handling Personnel, Part II  
2901  	 7203C04    ESTO-7  	 Hold the Form of the Org, Part I  
2902  	 7203C04    ESTO-8  	 Hold the Form of the Org, Part II  
2903	 7203C05    ESTO-9  	 Revision of the product/Org system Part I
2904	 7203C05    ESTO-10  	 Revision of the product/Org system Part II
2905	 7203C06    ESTO-11  	 F/Ning Staff Members Part I
2906	 7203C06    ESTO-12  	 F/Ning Staff Members Part II
2907	 7203C30    SO XDN-1	 Expanded Dianetics
2908	 7204C7A    SO XDN-2	 Expanded Dianetics and Word Clearing
2909	 7204C7B    SO XDN-3	 Auditor Administration
2910	 7204C7C    SO XDN-4	 Illness Breakthrough

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