Ten years ago the Official Church of Scientology tried to force a Freezoner to give his/her real name. This freezoner who was a former Church of Scientology Scientologist claimed he/she had copied Scientology materials in a way which the user claims were fair copy and therefore legal. The COS claimed copyright violation tried to force the defendent to give his/her name to the courts. If, “safe” was forced to reveal his/her real name Fair Game policy could start, below is a quote from that time.

This is a call to all Scientologists, active churchmembers and Freezoners alike, to unite and stand against the deplorable behaviour of the men who control the Church of Scientology. Please pass this letter on to anyone you know who was ever involved with Scientology. [1]

Some maintain that if Scientology is a religion the texts should be openly available under the US First Amendment.

If Scientology is a religion, then the writings of L. Ron Hubbard that form Scientology beliefs are religious scripture in the same manner as the Bible and the Koran. Anyone who wishes to study these scriptures and copy them for their own practice should be protected under the First Amendment and the idea of religious freedom. For the Church of Scientology to attack and suppress them on the basis of copyright protection is simply wrong. [2]

Today many of the texts are freely available on many places on the Internet and the Church of Scientology is weaker but the churches still tries to keep some material secret. In the following webpage material about Helatrobus was removed due to legal threats from the COS but some or all the material is accessible at Wikipedia and has been copied here at Helatrobus.

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