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The worldwide network of Scientology organizations consists of numerous entities and corporations, located in the United States as well as in other countries. All these organizations are interrelated and connected through an internal hierarchy system, which is called the "Command Channels of Scientology"[1].

At the top of the "Command Channels" are management corporations, such as the Religious Technology Center, the Church of Spiritual Technology or the Church of Scientology International, who own and license the Scientology trademarks and service marks to other entities and corporations within the internal hierarchy system of the network[2].

Within the sphere of the upper Scientology management exist also several corporations with specific functions with regards to publication, distribution, administration and finances. Examples are the Scientology-owned publishing house Bridge Publications or the World Institute of Scientology Enterprises, which promotes and sells Scientology services to businesses and entrepreneurs.

Below the Scientology management are Scientology service organizations ("Churches"), who deliver Scientology services to its members, and so-called secular Scientology organization, who seek to introduce the overall "technology" of the organization's founder L. Ron Hubbard in various parts of today's society. Examples are the Florida-based service organization Church of Scientology Flag Service Organization, Inc., the German "Scientology Kirche Hannover e.V."[3] or local chapters of the Citizens Commission on Human Rights, an organization that seeks to abolish any form of psychiatry. Most of the Scientology organizations in a geographical area, secular or otherwise, are members of the Clear Expansion Committee, with the goal of clearing the entire community and establishing a Scientology world.

In a response to questions by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) with regards to its application for tax exemption under section 501(c)3) of the Internal Revenue Code, the Church of Scientology International provided to the IRS a list of Scientology corporations and entities, categorized by their functions and activities[4].

Management Organizations Edit

Principal Organizations

Trademark Service Organizations

  • Inspector General Network (IGN)
  • IGN International AB
  • Dianetics Centers International (DCI)
  • Dianetics Foundation International (DFI)
  • Hubbard Dianetics Foundation (HDF)
  • WISE, Inc.

Financial Trusts

  • Author's Family Trust
  • Church of Scientology Religious Trust (CSRT)
  • Scientology International Reserves Trust (SIRT)
  • Trust for Scientologists
  • United States Parishioners Trust
  • Flag Ship Trust (FST)
  • International Publications Trust
  • Scientology Defense Trust

Financial Service Organizations

  • SOR Services Ltd.
  • Nesta Investments Ltd.
  • FSO Oklahoma Investments Corporation
  • Theta Management Ltd. (TML)

Publishing Houses & Publication Organizations

  • Scientology Publications Ltd.

Secular & Social Management Entities

Other Management Organizations

  • Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre International (CC Int.)
  • International Hubbard Ecclesiastical League of Pastors (IHELP)

Service Organizations Edit

Advanced Organizations

Membership Organizations Edit

Unincorporated Associations

  • Hubbard Association of Scientologists International (HASI)

Membership Service Organizations

  • International Association of Scientologists Administrations, N.V. (IASA)
  • Membership Services Administrations (UK) Ltd. (MSA)


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