The traditional mind/body duality, the mental and the physical, is extended in Scientology by the addition of the thetan as distinct from the mind.

The mind is often divided into two parts:

The analytical mindEdit

The part of the mind that thinks analytically, that is self-aware. In other words, it is the pc, the individual. Which makes this a distinction without a difference, which is confusing.

The term analytical mind was first used before LRH had separated out the thetan from the other parts of man, and is a holdover from those times. It is a misnomer, but convenient in explaining the subject to new people as it sidesteps the problem of introducing the concept of thetan to someone who might reject it.

The reactive mindEdit

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The reactive mind is where data is stored when the analytical mind is unable to take in the data. This happens when a person is unconscious by reason of alcohol, injury, drugs or exhaustion. While a person is in this state, everything he or she hears, sees, touches etc. and any pain felt is recorded in the reactive mind as an engram.

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