Mission has two primary meanings in Scientology:

  • An organized group of CofS Scientologists delivering Scientology services to the public. Such an operation used to be called a Franchise before someone decided the name detracted from the religious image.
  • A small group of SO members, sent out by a Sea Org management unit to an area under strict supervision to accomplish a specific task. This second one is covered by an article entitled Action mission.

Franchise Office WWEdit

In the early 70s this was located in a wooden garage opposite the castle at Saint Hill, next to other huts holding the Flag Rep's office, Supplies, Addresso and a small promo office. The Franchise Officer WW was Mike Davidson, and he was assisted by Clive Whittaker.

The office then moved to a hut on a concrete slab next to the greenhouses kept by Harry Lucas, the gardener, a bit up from the lake, and close to the Stables. The old hut got taken over by AOSHUK's Letter Reg department. Somewhere around this time the name got changed to...

SMI IntEdit

Scientology Missions International has its headquarters in the Hollywood Guarantee Building in Hollywood, California, along with the rest of Upper Middle Management of the CofS.

The Mission networkEdit

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