This is a proposal to sort out problems in the Freezone in referring to the levels above Clear.

The problemsEdit

It can be illegalEdit

The CofS has trademarked the term OT, so a Freezone practitioner cannot legally promote that he is delivering OT III, as only the CofS can promote and deliver that.

If a Freezoner completed OT III in the CofS and says he did OT III in the CofS, that is factual and violates no trademark laws. However, if a Freezoner did an equivalent service in the Freezone, possibly by using the Prometheus materials, he cannot factually and legally say that he has completed OT III, although many do.

Many have solved this problem in the past by openly offering "Advanced Level 3" or "Upper Level 3", it being fairly obvious what is being spoken about. But in private, the term "OT3" or "OT III" is used.

It can be confusingEdit

There is a shortage of names. For example, "OT IV" can mean:

  • (Rarely) the first version(s) of OT IV released by LRH, not in use for long
  • The version of OT IV in two parts, audited and solo, delivered by the CofS until the early 80s when it was withdrawn (not cancelled), otherwise called "Original OT IV" or "Old OT IV"
  • The OT Drug Rundown, designated "New OT IV" by the CofS

It can be awkwardEdit

The term OT has a certain status value, as in "Wow, you're an OT now!". The problem is that the "OT", the person who has completed a level after Clear called by LRH something like "Section III OT Course" might feel great but doesn't usually exhibit "OT Powers" like telekinesis or whatever and might feel a bit missed withholdy about it all. "Wow, you're an Advanced Level person now!" does not have the same ring to it.

The solutionEdit

When advanced Scientologists talk among themselves, they often omit the "OT" part of the case level, as in "I'm going off to Flag to do my five and six!" or "Hey, did you know that Josie is delivering three now?" There is rarely confusion with the lower grades, as those are usually designated in conversation by "Grade Three" or "Class Four".

The proposal here is in two parts. First, to drop the use of "OT" or any substitute, and to just use the regular number in its usual (in this context) Roman numeral form, it being obvious from the context what is meant. Secondly, to always use a descriptive term with the number, the words being "Original", "Standard", or "Ron's Org"; or in two cases, "Section".

This is very similar to current natural usage, except that the trademarked term OT, US trademark registration number 1306562 and others, has to be omitted when referring to levels delivered in the Freezone.

There is a distinction being made here between Dianetic Clear and Scientology Clear (Dianetics and Scientology are trademarked terms, of course). In Standard Tech the EP is the same, but some FZers deliver an equivalent of the Clearing Course materials to Dianetic Clears, reportedly with benefit.

No judgment is being made here about the relative merits of the different levels or versions. This is just a chart to give them names so that communication can occur without confusion.

To recapEdit

Why change the names at all? Because the names are confusing and also the current ones in the FZ tend to be illegal!

Chart of current names and proposed standardized ones
CofS name Additional info Legal FZ alternative Proposed Name
Clear "Dianetic Clear" (Clear cog plus appropriate pc and meter phenomena, prior to Clearing Course)  ? DC Clear
Clear "Scientology Clear" (Clear cog plus appropriate pc and meter phenomena, on Clearing Course). CC Clear CC Clear
Sunshine RD - Sunrise RD Sunrise RD
OT I 13-step objective AL1 or UL1 Original I
New OT I Problems processes on antagonistic terminals  ? Standard I
OT II - AL2 or UL2 Original II
or Standard II
or Section II
OT III - AL3 or UL3 Original III
or Standard III
or Section III
OT VII EP Original OT VII, the "EP" (end phenomena) suffix used in the CofS to differentiate it from OT VII done after OT IV, V and VI.  ? Original VIIEP
OT III X X = Expanded, i.e. more OT III after the OT VII processes  ? Original IIIX
OT IV Original  ? Original IV
New OT IV OT Drug RD  ? Standard IV
OT V Original  ? Original V
New OT V Audited NOTs AL5 or UL5 Standard V
OT VI Original  ? Original VI
New OT VI Solo NOTs Course + start of solo auditing on the level  ? Standard VI
Full OT VII Original  ? Original (Full) VII
New OT VII Solo NOTs AL7 or UL7 Standard VII
(New) OT VIII Different versions, CofS and FZ  ? Standard VIII; (may need further names)
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