Paul's Robot Auditor, now simply PaulsRobot, is a collection of web pages, with audio, that acts enough like a live auditor to get real auditing done with most people who have tried it. A meter is not used, and assessment for charge and confirmation of charge gone is accomplished in another manner.

The first version of it was created and put online by Paul Adams in August 2006. The general reaction from the Freezone was one of disbelief and rejection, as "everyone knows" you need a live being there to accomplish auditing. In addition, the main process used involved "Rub and Yawn" as the author dubbed it, a procedure involving - per his explanation - rubbing the body (chest, arms, hands etc.) to stimulate energy intake into the human energy field from the universal energy field; restimulating the material to be audited by Creative Processing and other means; and discharging the uncovered energy by yawning. This novel procedure overcomes one huge barrier to solo auditing, namely what to do when the pc goes anaten, as any anaten that appears in a PaulsRobot session can be easily overcome with the built-in procedure. But LRH didn't write about this technique, so to many it could not possibly work.

In January 2007, Paul started adding Objectives to his line-up and has at least eight processes now available with more planned. This is not the same as getting Objectives from a real live auditor, but it may be acceptable to some.

In 2008 more modules were added. Available currently are Core, HeavyDuty, R3X, Morph, False Data Stripping, NotTooShabbyPower, Dipoles, LovedOne, CCHs 1-4, CCH5, CCH6, CCH7, CCH8, CCH9, CCH10, Opening Procedure of 8-C, S-C-S on a Body, and Opening Procedure by Duplication.

It could not be called Scientology, of course. But it does fit into the contentious Standard Tech Derivative category.

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