Pierre Ethier was trained in the Church of Scientology (CO$) up to Class XII Auditor, and audited at the Flag Service Organization (FSO) for 17 years. Between 1981 and 1992, Pierre Ethier was Flag top auditor every single year.

Pierre Ethier spent over 20 years as a staff member of the Church of Scientology studying the religious technology and helping people through religious counseling. Staff members of the Church are volunteer Ministers, who work full time on a charitable volunteer basis without a pay. After his departure from the Church in 1992, Pierre builds a very successful IT career dating back from the beginning of the internet era with the start up of the second largest ISP in the province of Quebec.. Along with his University Degree, he holds a number of current prestigious professional certifications in the IT field.

Pierre Ethier is now an independent scientology auditor who, among other services, delivers the famous “ L “ Rundowns in their powerful original. He speaks fluently English, French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish. Since 2005, Pierre Ethier has been providing advanced Spiritual Counselling.

The partial list of PCs audited by Pierre Ethier is published by the Church of Scientology and consists of roughly 3500 people. It is by no means the complete list of the over 5000 people Pierre has audited at Flag.

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