Ron`s Org Grenchen - Free and Independent Scientology

For over 30 years, the Ron´s Org Grenchen has successfully delivered the original Standard Tech according to L. Ron Hubbard, independently from the Church of Scientology. With seven full-time staff members the Ron´s Org Grenchen is the biggest independent organisation in Western Europe. The Ron´s Org Grenchen is an Advanced Org and delivers the complete Bridge free from suppression with prices affordable by everyone. Starting with Grades and Dianetic auditing up to the levels for operating thetans including the L-Rundowns.

In a safe and pleasant environment, with lots of ARC, people can continue on their way to Clear and Operating Thetan - with love, knowledge and respect. Everyone is given the opportunity to study the original unaltered materials of L. Ron Hubbard free from financial or mental pressure.

An integral part of Scientology is the training. Only by training a lots of auditors and C/Ses, can we guarantee that this unique technology will not get lost. Because of this the Course room can be seen as the heart of the org. Here auditors and case supervisors are getting trained in an safe environment. The entire Academy and all Admin courses can be studied.

Trained Supervisors, all of them trained auditors, look after needs of the students with a lot of ARC. The focus is on the delivery of auditing and training courses.

The Ron`s Org Grenchen is a member of the Ron`s Org Committee (ROC). The Ron`s Org Committee is an association of free and independent Scientologists, who commit to deliver unaltered Standard Tech as per Ron Hubbard only. Right now there are more than 2000 independent Scientologists who are part of this network. Max Hauri is the Chairman of the ROC. For more information about the ROC look under

The Ron´s Org Grenchen is a federation of independent Scientologists, who apply the standard technology of L. Ron Hubbard without suppression. It is no sect or cult. The Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution in Baden-Wuerttemberg asserted that the Ron´s Org is not in connection or association with the church of Scientology and does not pursue goals which are against the constitution. The Ron`s Org Grenchen explicitly differentiates itself from the official and unofficial organizations of the Church of Scientology.

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