A solo auditor is, strictly speaking in Standard Tech, a graduate of a Solo Auditing Course auditing himself or herself on R6EW; the Clearing Course; OT I; New OT I; OT II; OT III or OT III Expanded; the solo auditing part of original OT IV (not New OT IV); original OT V; original OT VI; the solo auditing part of New OT VI or Solo NOTs done while training on the course at the Flag Land Base; the solo auditing part of original OT VII; New OT VII or Solo NOTs audited at home; New OT VIII.

This is distinct from auditing done with another person sitting across the table in a session, sometimes called "dual auditing", but the name is not very common. Usually all auditing is assumed to be with a separate auditor unless the word "solo" is used.

Self Analysis auditing might be considered by some to be "solo auditing", but the term is not used by Scientologists to cover that activity, usually done by beginning Scientologists.

Auditing oneself on a variety of things including Grades processes, as is sometimes done in the wilder parts of the Freezone, is sometimes loosely referred to as "solo auditing", but such terminology is not considered standard.

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