Statistics are a big subject in the CofS.

Every post, department, division and organization in the CofS has a statistic, that is supposed to measure the production of that part.

These are then supposed to be posted and graphed weekly, sometimes daily, analyzed, and actions taken to keep them increasing.

Some of the statistics for a service organization, by division, are:

Division 7Edit

Division 1Edit

  • Letters Out
  • Letters In
  • Bulk Mail Out
  • No. Staff in Normal or above

Division 2Edit

  • Gross Income
  • Gross Booksales
  • No. Books Sold to Individuals
  • No. of Different Types of Promo Pieces produced

Division 3Edit

  • Credit Collections
  • Bills Paid

Division 4Edit

  • Student Points
  • Student Completions
  • Well Done Auditing Hours

Division 5Edit

  • No. Fully Trained and Qualified Staff

Division 6Edit

  • Bodies in the Shop

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