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The Phoenix Lectures is a book about Scientology compiled in 1968 from lectures given by L. Ron Hubbard in Phoenix, Arizona during 1954. Each chapter of the book is an edited transcript of one lecture.

Chapters 1-3 cover the historical background of Scientology as the study of knowledge. This history begins with the Rigveda and continues with Taoism and Buddhism, whose civilising influence reached Europe through Christianity. Hubbard concludes by saying "Wisdom has no great tradition in the western world. But if we are very industrious, it will be up to us to make one."

Chapters 4-16 explain the fundamentals of epistemology and metaphysics as understood in Scientology.

Chapters 17-25 describe various auditing processes used to bring a person into greater awareness of their present time environment. These are known as "objective processes", as distinct from Dianetic auditing which addresses moments of travail in the past.

In 1985, the complete original lectures were released as a set of cassette tapes by Golden Era Productions.

The book is no longer in print and has been replaced by a set of CDs with a transcription of the lectures since 2003.

References Edit

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