This is a table showing all the trademarks beginning with the letter Q ever filed by the CofS . In the case of a design with no words, for example the SEA ORG symbol, the initial letter of the name has been used.

Where the mark is a design or design with words, an image is shown above the table. There is a full gallery of all such marks here.

The other trademarks are available on their respective pages:

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  • A green background indicates the mark is live.
  • A red background indicates the mark is dead.
  • An orange background indicates the mark has expired per the United States Patent and Trademark Office regulations and should be dead, but the USPTO has not yet pulled the trigger.
  • Name is the common name for the mark, usually the one used by the CofS.
  • The G&S codes show the goods and services class(es) that the mark has been registered for. Note the mark is not valid for any class not shown. It is possible for a mark to be live for one class and dead for another.
  • The Reg date is the date the mark was registered with the USPTO.
  • The Reg # is the USPTO registration number.


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