Name: Paul Adams
Type: Individual
Registered as: Dulloldfart
Address: Newcastle, England
Telephone: +44 191 645 0825
Time zone: GMT
E-mail: stress.consultant AT
Websites:,,,,, et al
Hours open: N/A
ED/In charge: N/A
Contact: Paul N. Adams
# F/T staff: N/A
CofS training: see table to left
FZ training: + Class 0-V
CofS auditing: up to New OT IV
FZ auditing: see table to left
12.5 hrs cost: N/A
Level 0 cost: N/A
Services delivered: free PaulsRobot only
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Freezone intellectual properties launched
June 2004 Basic Elements of Standard Tech checklist researched, written and released
Aug 2004 FZ OT2 and 3 Checksheets researched, written and released at
Sept 2004 R3X materials compiled; checksheet written and released at
Mar-Sept 2005 Correspondence Course for Problems of Work researched, written and released
Oct 2005 Full chart of CofS trademarks researched, written and released
Oct 2005 Scienowiki founded and basic framework established
Aug 2006 Free Online Robot Auditor created
Aug 2006 The Yawn Machine created at
Jan 2007 and later PaulsRobot and Yawnguy automated sessions expanded at and YouTube
Oct 2009 RoboCounsellor launched at to mass-deliver conventional counselling modalities
Mar 2010 iCans launched at to promote auditing and training over the Internet
Nov 2011 PaulsRobot3 launched at, CSS3- and HTML5-compliant, is fully downloadable and gives 24/7 free sessions

Scientology® processing completed:
Dianetics Drug Rundown
Dianetics Case Completion
Expanded ARC Straightwire
Expanded Grades 0-IV
Purification Rundown
Method One Word Clearing
Happiness Rundown
Solo Course

Freezone processing completed:

  • R3XD
  • Yawn Machine: R2-60 items; Lifetime Relief

Indie processing completed:

  • Various experimental research sessions while developing new PaulsRobot and RoboCounsellor modules

Scientology® tech training completed:
HAS Course (TRs 0-9)
Success Through Communication Course
Personal Integrity Course
Student Hat
Ministerial Course
NED Course
Mini Course Sup Course and Internship
Mini Word-Clearer Course
Pro TRs Course
New Pro TRs Course
Pro Upper Indoc TRs Course
KSW Tech Course
Pro Metering Course
Hubbard Senior Security Checker Course
Rollback Course
Key to Life Course
Life Orientation Course
Key to Life Delivery Course
Pro Word Clearer Course and Internship
Pro Sup Course and Internship

Freezone tech training completed:

  • Academy Levels 0-IV
  • Class V Retread
  • Class VI Part 1/6

Main Scientology® admin training completed:
Staff Status I, II
Sea Org Product One
OEC Volume 0
Executive Status I
PTS/SP Course
Ethics Specialist Course
Finance Course
Elementary Data Series Evaluator Course
Full hats for:
Dir Disbursements
Flag Banking Officer
Letter Registrar
Dir Tech Services
Solo Tech Sec
FP Member
Word Clearer
Course Admin
Course Supervisor

Scientology® staff history:
Sea Org at Saint Hill 1972-86:
Basic SO Training 1972
Bills Payment Officer 1973-74
Flag Banking Officer 1974-75
Letter Registrar 1976-78
HCO Cope Officer 1978
Flag Banking Officer 1978-79
NOTs DTS 1979-80
AO DTS 1981-82
AO Tech Sec 1983
AO Course Sup 1984-85

Sea Org in Los Angeles 1986-96:
Sec Checker School Sup New World Corps 1986-87
Staff Course Sup/Word Clearer etc. OSAINT 1988-89
Staff Course Sup/Word-Clearer etc. ITO 1989-94
OEC/FEBC/Specialist Courses Sup ITO 1995
RPF 1996, routing out of the SO in June 1996

Non-CofS positions in Scn companies:
Assistant Account Executive at Wiseman & Burke 1996-99
Treasury Data Entry at Nationwide Title Clearing 1999
Claims Adjuster at David Morse & Associates 2000-03

Post-CofS Freezone history:

  • Writing and researching/studying privately in Los Angeles, 12/03-12/04
  • Writing and supervising etc. in Reno, 12/04-04/05
  • Writing and auditing/supervising/studying privately in Los Angeles from mid-2005 to Jan 2006
  • Writing and researching privately in UK from Feb 2006