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Scientology® processing completed:
Introductory Scientology® Auditing
Introductory Dianetics Auditing
Dianetics Auditing (12 hours)
An Introduction to Scientology®
Introductory Lectures:

  • The Parts of the Mind

Marriage Counseling

Freezone processing completed:
Dianetics Auditing

  • TR-0
  • TR-1
  • TR-2
  • TR-3
  • TR-4

Yawn Machine[2]
Expanded Grades 0-IV
Happiness Rundown
Solo Course

Scientology® tech training completed:
Dianetics Extension Course
Hubbard® Dianetics Seminar
Hubbard® Dianetics Audting Course
Field Staff Member Course
Basic Study Manual
Hubbard® Dissemination Course
Life Improvement Courses:

  • Personal Values & Integrity Course
  • How to Improve Relationships with Others Course
  • Starting a Successful Marriage Course
  • How to Maintain a Successful Marriage Course
  • How to Make Work Easier Course

The Personal Efficiency Course Part 1
The Personal Efficiency Course Part 2
Scientology Volunteer Minister Courses:

  • Components of Understanding
  • Assists for Illnesses & Injuries
  • Targets & Goals
  • Marriage
  • Ethics & Conditions
  • Communication
  • The Emotional Tone Scale
  • Answers to Drugs
  • Children
  • The Technology of Study
  • The Dynamics of Existence
  • How to Resolve Conflicts
  • Integrity & Honesty
  • Solutions for a Dangerous Environment
  • Tools for the Workplace
  • The Cause of Suppression
  • The Dynamics of Existence
  • Tools for the Workplace

Hubbard Qualified Scientologist (HQS)
Pro-TRs Course
Student Hat
Class 0 2009

Main Scientology® admin training completed:
Field Staff Member Course
Field Staff Member Specialist Course

Freezone tech training completed:

  • Hubbard Method One Co-Audit Course
  • Hubbard Graduate of Study Tech
  • Pro TR Course
  • Upper Indoc TR Course
  • Pro Metering Course
  • Class 0-IV
  • New Era Dianetics Auditor Course

Standard Clearing Technology (not levels):

  • TRs Course[3]
  • Pro Meter Course[4]
  • Study Manual[5]


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