World Institute of Scientology Enterprises (WISE) is an organization that educates and assists businesses in the use of Scientology management methods and techniques. It uses what it calls "standard admin" which comprises a fairly large volume of information.[1]

WISE applies this information in such a way as to make the Admin Tech usable in the business world, and in turn uses that for dissemination of and recruitment into Scientology.[2]


In the history of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard noticed that the early Churches of Scientology didn't operate successfully with known business practices stating that "They are not business and so fail when they try to operate like one". He then began creating a new system of organizing these churches with the stated purpose of "Disseminating Scientology to the world." This new system was modified continually until circa 1980. In the late 60s, a project began compiling his notes into hard bound volumes that later became known as the Organization Executive Course or OEC. Originally intended as a training program for church executives (hence the name), L. Ron Hubbard later made them available to all church staff and stated that all staff should train on them. This training reportedly was very successful and the church expanded greatly as a result.

However the OEC was stated to work for any kind of organization if understood. Business not connected to the church wishing to improve their own success reportedly began hiring trained church staff in the 70s causing problems in the church. In the 1980s L. Ron Hubbard created WISE with the intention of giving any non-church related organization a means to train their own staff so that Scientology churches could train their staff without fear of losing them to other groups.


WISE headquarters are located at 6331 Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles, California.

The Hubbard College of Administration International, which provides a "Associate of Applied Science Degree of Management and Administration" degree, is located at 320 North Vermont Avenue, Los Angeles, California.

Hubbard Management Consultants are WISE members licensed to sell services, training and courses based on Admin Tech and to encourage their clients to become WISE members.


  1. The information which WISE uses is contained in The Organization Executive Course and Management Series by L. Ron Hubbard, published by Bridge Publications, Inc. c1991 ISBN 0-88404-677-X. It is a large 12 volume set of books.
  2. Dissemination as defined within Scientology is "[..] spreading information on Dianetics and Scientology broadly, using books, tapes and other works by L. Ron Hubbard." [1]

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