Xenu (or Xemu as hand-written in a Class VIII issue) is the chief character in an LRH story line, who, just under 75 million years ago, solved overpopulation via various methods (perhaps genocidal).

It is easy enough to find the details online. This is part of the theory of OT III. It is not being given in detail here because many Scientologists believe LRH's statement that it is dangerous to reveal the details to those whose cases are not set up for it, and although others do not believe this, there is no need to get into a fight over it.

A CofS staff member who has not reached the level of OT III is unlikely to have heard the name. One who has reached that level will have difficulty in talking about it because he has signed a piece of paper saying he will pay a large sum of money if he discloses the contents of this level to anyone not authorized, and the fact that the information is easily available on the Internet does not negate his "agreement". A churchie would likely feel similarly constrained. It is just not done in the church to talk about Xenu or any details of the OT levels in general conversation.

Some Scientologist may flinch at the inclusion of this word in Scienowiki. Well, it is part of the subject, and is not exactly secret any more. Even if one believes every word Hubbard wrote about OT III, the name itself does not have any inherent power of making anyone ill.

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  • Xenu This link gives the story of Xenu for those who are not scared. This editor is one of the writers of the Liberapedia article and has not died or suffered any harm that can be attributed to knowing the story.
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